Gujarat BJP is at its lowest self-confidence: Manish Sisodia

Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia attacked the BJP-led government of Gujarat on Wednesday for allegedly “hiding” Covid death figures in the state. He said the ruling party is at its lowest level of confidence at the moment.

Sisodia was in Gujarat on Wednesday for a one-day campaign for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) ahead of the next Gandhinagar municipal elections scheduled for October 3. He organized a “Jan Samvad” campaign at GIFT City in Gandhinagar and later conducted a one-hour roadshow in Pethapur to solicit candidates for his party.

Yuvrajsinh Jadeja, the youth leader at the forefront of last year’s movement to have the government’s review of the non-secretarial clerk / assistant government post canceled due to paper leakage, joined the AAP in the presence of Sisodia.

GMC polls have traditionally seen a contest between the BJP and Congress. However, this year the AAP is also trying its luck, following its impressive performance in the Surat Municipal Company elections, in which it won 27 seats.

“The Delhi government worked honestly during the first and second waves. We did not hide the death figures from Covid, we accepted it. The BJP hid death figures in every state it was in power. We have erased each death and the data can be cross-checked with Delhi municipalities, hospitals and crematoriums. Data on deaths in Gujarat do not match in one city. Even in Gandhinagar, the death data is falsified at a high level, ”said the head of the AAP.

He noted that the government would only grant benefits to families of people identified as victims of Covid. “A person who has lost a loved one expects the government to not hide the death figures. It’s the least they can hope for from the government, but the BJP has failed even at that, ”Sisodia said.

“Right now, the BJP is at its lowest in self-confidence. When former Chief Minister Vijay Rupani completed his five years, large banners and posters were placed across the state congratulating him on the successful governance. Within five days, however, the “successful five-year government” collapsed and the entire cabinet of ministers was changed. The BJP has now realized that despite being in power in the Center and in the State, they will not be able to defeat us, ”he added.

Delhi’s deputy chief minister expressed confidence that the AAP will make an impressive debut in the GMC polls. “The way the people of Delhi have trusted the AAP by leaving the BJP and Congress behind, I can feel the same (will happen) in Gujarat. People have lost all faith in the BJP. The people of Gandhinagar had given Congress a chance in the past; however, he also deceived them. People are watching us with great expectations. How our 27 new advisers have won and worked for the people is indicative of the crushing defeat the BJP is heading towards in Gujarat. The Gandhinagar elections will be indicative of a big change ahead of the Vidhan Sabha elections, ”Sisodia added.

Later, at a press conference, Sisodia ruled out the possibility of a post-election alliance with Congress even if he failed to secure a majority after the year’s Gujarat Assembly elections. next. “Neither Congress nor the BJP does the kind of politics the AAP does. We will therefore not align, ”he said. Asked about the caste equations in Gujarat politics, Sisodia said, “We seek people’s votes on the basis of work and not on caste or religion.