GTA Online: All Secret Car and Vehicle Locations

Grand Theft Auto Online lets players take a joyride through Los Santos with well over 300 different vehicles ranging from monster trucks to fooled supercars. The many different cars that are found in GTA online is a motorheads dream, but raising enough money to buy a smart ride can take a while for anyone new GTA 5‘s multiplayer mode. Fortunately, Rockstar has saved lots of free cars across GTA online‘s cards that players can claim.

Of course, players can steal everything best GTAO vehicles they encounter on the streets of Los Santos, but a majority of them have nothing special that separates them. On the other hand, secret cars are unique vehicles that users can earn by tripping over them or completing a challenge to unlock them. Many of these are unique, then GTA online players would like to track them down to expand their car collection further.


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Remember, the only way to ensure that these secret cars can not be stolen or suffer irreparable damage is to insure them with Los Santos Customs. Most of the following vehicles require considerable effort or luck to find, so it is a must to insure them if players want to roam the wild streets of Los Santos. Here are all the hidden cars that can be found in GTA online.

GTA Online Secret Cars: Nagasaki Blazer

GTA Online: All Secret Car and Vehicle Locations Nagasaki Blazer

The Nagasaki Blazer is a unique ATV in GTA Online, and it is surprisingly easy to acquire. Players can either pay $ 8,000 at the store on their mobile phone or chase after it in the Sandy Shores neighborhood (home to others) GTA online hidden places) found on the northeast side of the map, directly below the Alamo Sea.

GTA Online Secret Cars: Rusted Tractor

GTA Online: All Secret Car Locations Rusted Tractor

The rusty tractor looks so decrepit that it may seem like it can not be driven, but the corroded jalopy is fully functional. GTA online players will find this close to El Gordo Lighthouse, directly east of Grapeseed. It will be parked in a bush in front of the country house near the lighthouse. The vehicle is on a spawn timer, so players will have to wait for it to reappear if someone else already drove off with it earlier. Its appearance does not lie; it will not go much faster than a bicycle.

GTA Online Secret Cars: Modded SandKing XL

GTA Online: All Secret Car and Vehicle Locations Modded Sandking XL

This off-road monster can either be purchased or found in the parking lot at Larry’s RV Sales, located west of Bolingbroke Penitentiary just south of Sandy Shores. There’s a trick to getting the modified version of the truck to spawn. Players must drive into Larry’s parking lot in a regular SandKing XL ($ 45,000 at anytime between 10.00 and 17.00 in the game.

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GTA Online Secret Cars: Space Docker

GTA Online: All Secret Car and Vehicle Locations Space Docker

This mod-out dune buggy used to be impossible to get into GTA online. It can now be claimed as a bonus reward after reaching sponsor level 500 in the demolition derby, even during Arena war in GTA online. Unlocking the vehicle can take hundreds of hours, but it is among one of the most flashy cars on this list.

GTA Online Secret Cars: Dubsta 2

GTA Online: All Secret Car and Vehicle Locations Dubsta 2 Location

This Mercedes G-Class lookalike is extremely rare and demanding GTA online players have to wait for it to spawn in a certain street near the Vinewood Hills shown above. The vehicle only appears between 8:00 and 12:00 in the game.

GTA Online Secret Cars: Obey Tailgater

GTA Online: All Secret Car and Vehicle Locations Tailgater

The luxury sedan rarely spawns in the Los Santos Gol Club parking lot, located on the northwestern border of the city near the Vinewood Hills. Simeon Yetarian has a chance to send text messages to players about the vehicle, which is the simplest way to acquire one without constantly checking the golf club.

GTA Online Secret Cars: Canis Bodhi

GTA Online: All Secret Car and Vehicle Locations Canis Bodhi Locaiton

This worn-out pickup can either be purchased from the store for $ 25,000 or found along the highway on the northwestern part of the map seen above. The vehicle can only be seen at the place when users actively complete “Dirt Road” GTA online mission.

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GTA Online Secret Cars: Canis Mesa

GTA Online: All Secret Car and Vehicle Locations Canis Mesa

Canis Mesa requires another player’s help to loot. They have to pay $ 7,500 to beat their friend so Merryweather mercenaries can hunt them down. The Mercers arrive driving Canis Mesa, which players can steal and drive in.

GTA Online Secret Cars: Impress Phoenix

GTA Online: All Secret Car and Vehicle Locations Imponte Phoenix

Imponte Phoneix can spawn in several places across Los Santos, including Maze Bank, Cypress Flats and the airport terminal. The latter is the easiest to check often, as it is close to the drop-off point for Simeon’s missions.

GTA Online Secret Cars: Declass Asea

GTA Online: All Secret Car and Vehicle Locations

Only new characters can acquire Declasse Asea for free. GTA online will cause players to race right at the start of the game. One of the cars they will be able to choose for the circuit is the Declasse Asea, which they will have to keep after the tutorial so they can drive it to Los Santos Customs. Alternatively, it can be purchased at the store for $ 12,000.

GTA Online Secret Cars: Custom Bravado Rumpo

GTA Online: All Secret Car and Vehicle Locations Rumpo

A customizable version of this van can be purchased for $ 130,000, but possibly GTA online player with VIP status can request one for a fraction of the price. All they have to do is open the interaction menu and select VIP vehicles. It will send a matte black Rumpo to them for only $ 7,000.

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GTA Online Secret Cars: FIB Buffalo

GTA Online: All Secret Car and Vehicle Locations FIB Buffalo

Players typically cannot keep law enforcement vehicles inside GTA online, but FIB Buffalo is the exception. The car will spawn in the Los Santos National Airport suspension during the VIP mission Hostile Takeover. It will also appear as part of the Time to Get Away and Heist Prep: Hacking Device missions. Players do not have to go looking for it because it will just draw on them. However, they must remember to steal it.

GTA Online Secret Cars: Super Enus Diamond Car

GTA Online: All Secret Car and Vehicle Locations FIB Diamond Car

The diamond car is the spit image of a Rolls-Royce Phantom and is one of the most expensive cars in GTA online. Like the Rumpo, VIP players can request it for only $ 5,000, which is much more affordable than its $ 250,000 price tag.

GTA Online Secret Cars: Chevel Surge

GTA Secret Cars Chevel Surge

Chevel Surge can be found outside the Video Alcove Store. However, the car will only spawn between 6:00 and 9:30.

GTA Online Secret Cars: Declasse Tornado – Mariachi Variant

GTA Secret Cars GTA Online Secret Cars Declasse Tornado Mariachi Variant

To get the Mariachi version of Tornado, GTA online players must first reach a mountain top at 19.00 From there, players must use a sniper rifle and look for a Mariachi Declasse Tornado being chased by police. Players must then shoot the people in the car and steal it or call Lester to pick it up. Then players can take the vehicle to Los Santos Customs and put a tracker on it. It is worth pointing out that the Mariachi Tornado cannot be stored, however players can place it in their garage.

It is also worth mentioning GTA online players can get some of these rarer cars faster. If the car players want is on Simeon’s list, it has a better chance of spawning. If GTA online players driving a car of the same manufacturer, it also has a better chance of spawning. Players can simply keep changing lobbies until the car they want spawns.

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