Google will not fund sites, YouTube videos that deny climate change

Alphabet Inc’s Google will ban ads and stop funding media that contradict scientific consensus on climate change, another attempt by the internet giant to root out environmental plots it has nurtured for years.
The new ban applies to ads that Google places online, as well as websites and YouTube videos that serve Google ads. It includes any content that denies human contributions to global warming or treats “climate change as a hoax or scam,” Google said in a blog post Thursday.

Google, the biggest seller of digital ads, has been criticized for letting companies looking to debunk or deny climate change buy search ads. On Google-owned YouTube, inaccurate climate videos have been viewed more than 21 million times and have frequently served ads, according to a 2020 study by nonprofit Avaaz. The report prompted Congress to reprimand Google, which also touted its environmental record.

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Earlier this week, Google released several green features for search, maps, and other services. In recent years, YouTube has tried to stop recommending climate deniers to viewers. Facebook Inc. has taken similar steps on its platforms.

For the new ad rule, Google said it consulted with experts from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The company will begin enforcing the ban in November.