Give me God of War difficulty (tips, tricks and strategies)

Give Me God of War is the most challenging difficulty level in God of War (2018), which requires players to focus on significant upgrades and skills.

god of war has four different levels of difficulty that cater to everyone’s style of play, but no level of difficulty even comes close to Give me the god of war possibility. While players can cycle through and change their level of difficulty in the game for the first three god of war opportunities, the Give me the god of war setting prevents players from being able to lower the difficulty level of the game. If players choose to experience god of war history with Kratos and Atreus at the most difficult level they will have to complete the whole story on this difficulty level or start a new game if it turns out to be too much of a challenge.

Before you begin God of War (2018) on it Give me the god of war difficulty level, players should really experience the game at a lower difficulty level. Give me the god of war can prove to be repetitive in many combat situations, which often takes away from god of war story. Players will no doubt die again and again on this difficulty level, which can lead to a disconnection from the story for those who have not yet played through it.


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Primarily, Give me the god of war requires players to rely heavily on the throwing abilities of the Leviathan ax to defeat large groups of enemies. Some of best god of war skills to upgrade first still applies to Give me the god of war setting, but players will primarily focus on the Leviathan Ax and Guardian Shield upgrades in the beginning. The freeze-throw, freeze-out, and block-break skills are the perfect choices to upgrade first, as they strengthen the Leviathan ax’s ability to freeze and deal damage in the power range and break the enemy’s guard.

How to Beat God Of War on “Give Me God Of War”

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During meetings where players fight against both distance enemies and close enemies, it is best to take the distance enemies out first. Although their attacks are often stronger, distant enemies typically have weaker defenses, making them easier to eliminate early. For large groups of melee-focused enemies, focus on one enemy at a time by using frequently Leviathan Ax Throw upgrades in god of war. Give me the god of war enemies will quickly regenerate their health and increase their power level after a few hits, making them so much more challenging to defeat if players choose to attack multiple enemies without finishing them.

Parrying is absolutely crucial in Give me the god of war also, as the mechanic allows Kratos to strike back any opponent in a given area. Even holding down the lock button does not provide much help, as another enemy is usually nearby for a follow-up attack. The enemies hit harder Give me the god of war, and therefore it is important that players can master the timing of a Guardian Shield pairing early.

Finally, there are many important god of war begins tips and tricks that still applies to Give me the god of war difficulty. Loot as much as possible and explore all areas to earn more XP and Hacksilver. The more XP players receive, the faster they will be able to invest in more ability upgrades. Likewise, the more Hacksilver players can get in god of war, the more gear upgrades players will be able to purchase for both Kratos and Atreus during their Give me the god of war playback.

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god of war is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and will be available for PC on January 14, 2022.

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