Gentefied canceled by Netflix after two seasons

Gentefied, the half-hour comedy that follows three Mexican-American cousins ​​and their grandfather, will not be renewed by Netflix for a third season.

After just two seasons, Netflix has canceled Gentefieret. The half-hour comedy is created by Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez with actress America Ferrera acts as executive producer. The series takes place in Los Angeles and follows three Mexican-American cousins ​​and their grandfather in the pursuit of the American dream, which is threatened by various challenges.

Deadline has reported that the streamer announced Gentefieret will not be picked up for a third season. The second season, which premiered in November 2021, did not appear in Netflix’s Top 10, which was probably a contributing factor in their decision to cancel the series. Netflix typically rates their originals based on viewership and price; which means they’re looking at whether there are enough viewers to justify producing another season of a show.



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While Gentefieret season 2 may not have gotten the attention that Netflix was hoping for, the first season created a ton of buzz among critics. It was nominated for a Peabody Award and three Imagen Foundation Awards. Despite the cancellation news, the visionaries behind the show are busy with other projects. Chávez has a multi-year collective agreement with 20th Television, where she will create her own dramas and comedies. She also adapted the book “I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter” into a movie that will be directed by Ferrera and released on Netflix. Lemus will direct and produce The CW’s upcoming Hipster Death Rattle.

Gentefieret‘s cancellation is disappointing; there was no program like that on the air and the story was not finished at the end of season 2. The news felt reminiscent of when One day at a time was canceled on Netflix. It’s amazing when shows like Gentefieret are picked up, but with quick cancellations they are not given the opportunity to grow. There are plenty of shows that originally flew under the radar but which later developed a passionate fan base. Schitt’s Creek is a great example of this and that show ran for six seasons. Hopefully, Netflix takes note of viewers’ reactions and shows e.g. Gentefieret and One day at a time can be saved.

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Source: Deadline

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