Genshin Impact: When Yae Miko May Be Playable

miHoYo has apparently confirmed Yae Miko as a playable character in Genshin Impact 2.5. Here’s when players can expect to see her release date.

Version 2.4 of Genshin impact will be released soon, and developer miHoYo seems to be already teasing new characters for version 2.5, including Yae Miko. Fans have been waiting anxiously Yae Miko’s release date in Genshin impact for quite some time. Apart from a few brief appearances in the Inazuma content, however, she has remained quite elusive.

For players who want to recruit Yae Miko to their team, the wait is not quite over – but she seems to be closer to being released in the game. Yae Miko is an Electro user at Yae Publishing House in Inazuma. The character originally appeared online thanks to a datamine in 2020, and she has long been rumored Genshin impact updates ever since. Speculation reached a fever level in 2021 when Yae Miko was part of the version 2.0 livestream; however, she was not playable yet.


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As recently as December 2020, alleged leaks pointed to Yae Miko is with Genshin impact 2.5. With several characters already confirmed for the January 2022 version 2.4 update, this seems like a plausible time for her to release. Despite taking a bit of a back seat in Inazuma’s history, Yae Miko has remained a popular character that fans have hoped to see in the game. Now it seems that fans happily have the official confirmation they have been waiting for.

Genshin Influence: When Yae Miko’s banner release date probably is

The official social media stands for Genshin impact has apparently confirmed Yae Miko to version 2.5 now. A new photo of Yae Miko was shared last week, and this follows the way miHoYo teases characters about an update in advance. With version 2.4 released this week, it would follow the studio’s typical release schedule to show future characters. While the post stopped right to confirm Yae Miko for Genshin impact 2.5, the subtitle is clear – and that’s been the way miHoYo has revealed new characters in the last six months or so.

Assuming she’s playable in version 2.5, this would mean that Yae Miko’s release date is around February 16, 2022. This would be when Genshin impact 2.5 goes live, in line with the game’s usual six-week release schedule. However, it is possible that Yae Mikos Banner will not be released until halfway through the update, which is something miHoYo has done with other new characters in previous updates.

Until fans get official confirmation, all indications are that Yae Miko can be recorded Genshin impact 2.5. This means that they should expect to find her in the game around mid-February – and no later than the beginning of March (halfway through the update). In the meantime, Genshin impact 2.4 introduces new characters and events this week that should keep players busy.

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