Fuel prices rose again and reached new highs; Gasoline exceeds 100 rupee mark in Lucknow

Gasoline and Diesel Prices Today: Gasoline and diesel prices hit new records after being hiked for the second day in a row across the country on Wednesday, October 6, 2021. In the nation’s capital, gasoline prices rose 30 paise while that diesel increased by 35 paise.

Following the latest price revision, gasoline in Delhi is now selling at 102.94 rupees a liter while diesel sells for 91.42 rupees. In the financial capital Mumbai, the price of oil now stands at 108.96 rupees while diesel costs 99.17 rupees, data available on the Indian Oil Corporation website showed.

In Lucknow, the price of gasoline for the first time reached the three-digit mark and reached 100.01 rupees one liter on Wednesday.

In India, fuel prices differ from state to state based on local taxes (VAT) and transportation costs. Apart from this, the central government imposes an excise tax on automotive fuels.

MOCs revise gasoline and diesel prices on a daily basis based on the average benchmark fuel price on the international market over the previous 15 days and exchange rates.

In the international market, U.S. oil prices rose for a fifth day on Wednesday to their highest level since 2014 amid global concerns over energy supply amid signs of strain in crude, gas markets. natural and charcoal. Brent crude prices also climbed for a fourth day amid supply concerns, especially after the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its allies, known as OPEC + , decided on Monday to say with their planned production increase rather than boost it further, Reuters news agency reported.

US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil hit $ 79.18 a barrel, the highest since November 10, 2014. The market was up 0.15%, or 12 cents, to $ 79.05 a barrel, at 01:28 GMT. Brent crude added 0.15%, or 12 cents to $ 82.68 a barrel after hitting a three-year high in the previous session, according to the report.

Here’s what you pay for a liter of gasoline and diesel in your city on Wednesday, October 6, 2021:

City Gasoline (Rs / liter) Diesel (Rs / liter)
New Delhi 102.94 91.42
Bombay 108.96 99.17
Calcutta 103.65 94.53
Chennai 100.49 95.93
Bangalore 106.52 97.03
Hyderabad 107.09 99.75
Patna 105.89 97.85
Bhopal 111.45 100.42
Jaipur 109.97 100.80
Lucknow 100.01 91.85
Thiruvananthapuram 105.18 98.35
Source: Indian Petroleum Company