Former IAF officer has struggled to register land title for over 25 years, now son is launching digital campaign

82-year-old former Indian Air Force officer has been trying unsuccessfully to get a khata (land title) registered in his name for over 25 years and his son has now resorted to the media as a last resort social to draw attention to the issue.

Krishnamurthy S, a veteran, had acquired the half acre land from an individual in the village of Vaderahalli north of Bengaluru in 1995. After registering the deed of sale at the office of the Deputy Registrar, he failed to obtain the land title registered in his Name. He ran from pillar to pillar spending his life savings on touts and agents who promised to save the documents.

In 2017, his son Mohan K moved the High Court to Karnataka which in turn tasked the Deputy Commissioner (DC) office of Bengaluru to review and decide the case. “It is also specified that if an investigation is to be opened into the case, the authorities concerned are required to open it within four weeks from today and the same will be concluded within six months”, indicates the ordinance of November 2017.

Nonetheless, the matter remains open with the DC office. Krishnamurthy later developed Parkinson’s disease and was unable to pursue the case.

During this time, some inhabitants invaded the territory. Speaking to The Indian Express, Mohan said: “Over the past year, a review of the revenue records and the Tax Court Case Monitoring System (RCCMS) shows that a few cases similar to Vaderahalli have been tried and khata recorded by officials. However, there is no update on the Krishnamurthy case. In the meantime, some locals have encroached on the land and removed the roof of the shed marking the property and are also using it as a shelter for buffaloes.

Mohan said agents approached him asking for 10-15% of the land’s “current market value” for tax officials to settle the case and register the khata. “All of this makes me wonder if there are any honest officers in the revenue department,” he remarked.

Mohan has now launched a social media campaign highlighting the issue with a petition on Over the past few days, the campaign has garnered nearly 500 signatures of support. The petition calls on Revenue Minister R Ashok to order officials at the Bengaluru DC office to look into the matter as soon as possible.

“The registration has been on hold for almost 25 years for a technical reason that officials have not been able to explain. Please ask DC office officials to review and resolve the matter as soon as possible. After all, Justice delayed is Justice denied, ”he pleaded.