Fire Ring: How to solve the converted tower puzzle

Elden Ring players have access to a host of moves that are mostly used to communicate with other players but may also have some hidden applications. Although motion has been present in FromSoftware games since the original Demons’ soulsthey have mostly been used exclusively as a form of emotion. Elden Ring, however, adds a new pragmatic layer to this mechanic by transforming a unique emote into a key that allows players to climb the otherwise inaccessible Converted Towers. Although unlocking the Fringe Tower will also require a special rudder that players will have to find at the Academy of Raya Lucaria.


Elden Ring players will start the game with a very decent selection of possible moves and will quickly discover that they can get many more as the game progresses. It is not always straightforward to unlock these emotions, as they can be acquired as quest rewards, found out in the world, or by performing certain contextual actions. As a general rule, players should aim to get their fingers in as many emotions as possible as they never know when they may come in handy.

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To reach the top of the converted tower and the converted fringe tower, players must receive the Erudition gesture from an NPC in Liurnia of the Lakes named Tophs and a Glintstone crown from the Academy of Raya Lucaria. This Elden Ring NPC can be found just as players leave Stormveil Castle inside the dilapidated Church of Irith. Talking to him will reveal that he used to be a student at the academy and looking for a way back. To do so, he must use a Glintstone key that players will be able to find by going to the academy themselves.

Where to find the Glinstone key in the Fire Ring

Elden Ring Glintstone Key Map Location Academy

To get the gesture from Tophs, players must find two Glintstone keys: one to be used to enter the Academy of Raya Lucaria, and an extra that can be given to the NPC. The first key can be found west of the academy, hidden behind the Glintstone Dragon Smarag. Players may want to avoid this boss fights in Elden Ring, as it can be pretty hard early in the game, and instead just grab the Glintstone key behind the dragon and run away. After receiving the item, players can then go directly to one of the gates of the academy or take the portal in the Laskyar Ruins to be teleported to the main gate.

Thereafter, players must normally walk through the academy until they defeat the Red Wolf of Radagon boss in the debate room. From there, players must leave the room and go left to climb up a crumbling wall where two enemies will sling magic at the top. Continue to the left of these wands and jump down some stairs where at the top there will be another similar enemy. Once again, go past the enemy and to the left to jump up on the rooftops where there are two more of Elden Rings enemies waiting to attack the player and climb the ladder to reach the top of a tower. Players should be careful to go through this next area as a spell and three flying enemies will attempt to attack them.

After defeating or avoiding the ambush attacks, players must walk around the tower at the end of the path and go to the right to jump down on the roofs. Players must then jump down three times in quick succession until they see a Marionette Soldier resting against a tower down their right side. Then go to where the knight is and jump down each side to reach the bottom ledge of that tower. Continue around it to jump into the next building that looks like a church, and quickly find an open window on both sides while avoiding more of Elden Rings flying enemies. While on the rafters, players should look down to look for a chandelier holding a corpse with an object. Hop up on that chandelier and grab that item to grab the second and unused Glintstone Key.

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How to use the Erudition gesture in the Fire Ring

Elden Ring Fringe Converted Tower Map Location

After acquiring the extra Glintsone key and giving it to Tophs, players will achieve the Erudition gesture, which puts them much closer to solving the Fringe Tower puzzle. However, to break the magic seal, players must also need a special rudder called a Glintsone Crown. There are several types of Glintstone crowns and any will be sufficient to break the seal. It is possible that players who have gone through the academy may have chosen one by accident, as these are often dropped by magic caster enemies. But suppose players have no one in their inventory and are unlucky with the fall rates. In that case, they can easily get one in Elden Ring at the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

Starting from the Debate Parlor Site of Grace, where players battled the red dog, they had to go out again and climb up the crumbling wall to their left. Go left at the top, where the two spell-shaped enemies are, and then jump down some stairs. Go to the top where another enemy should be and hop up on the rooftops on the left. Instead of going forward to meet the two Marionette Soldiers, immediately turn right and hop down again on some bushes. Hidden behind them is a crystal crab that players can kill to plunder Karolo’s Glintstone crown. Return to the magic seal of the Fringe Converted Tower, equip the crown and perform the Erudition gesture in front of it. After a few seconds, the top of the crown will glow, the magic will disappear, and players will be able to climb to the top, where they will find two of Elden Rings Magic: Cannon of Haima and Gavel of Haima.

How to reach the top of the rebuilt tower in the Fire Ring

Fire Ring Converted Tower Map Location

The converted tower can be accessed in the same way as its Fringe counterpart. However, players do not need the Glinstone crown, as simply performing the Erudition gesture in front of the large statue will be enough to make a magic ladder appear. Alternatively, players can also reach the top without even requiring gestures by climbing the ruins around the tower. Continuing to the back will allow players to jump into the building and enter through the balcony. At the top they find a coffin with a Memory Stone, which will increase the number of Sorcery or Spells that players can remember in Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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