Fire Ring: How to get the watchdog’s big sword

Watchdog’s Greatsword is a colossal weapon that is easy to get and use in the Fire Ring, perfect for any warrior, hero or vagabond building.

Watchdog’s Greatsword is one of the easiest colossal swords to get and use in Elden Ring, and it’s perfect for any building that focuses primarily on strength. While not a special weapon, Watchdog’s Greatsword distinguishes itself by attacking multiple enemies at once with a single slot. The weapon requires players to have their strength stats at 30 and their dexterity at 10, making it an easy weapon for Warrior, Hero and Vagabond builds for use in Elden Ring.

Although Watchdog’s Greatsword only deals physical and critical damage, it significantly increases its user’s defenses against all physical and magical attacks. In addition, Watchdog’s Greatsword can also be added to Ashes of War and upgraded with the Smithing Stones, allowing players to further enhance its power. One of the best Ashes of War that players can apply to the weapon is the Cragblade skill, which, when used as heavy by the blacksmith, provides a strength boost for scaling of 30%.


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Watchdog’s Greatsword can be obtained as a reward when players defeat a sword-wielding watchdog in Giants Mountain Peaks, such as Erdtree Burial Watchdog i Elden Ring. Watchdogs move slowly but attack with a lot of power and speed through their Greatsword and magic attacks. The stain must keep their guard against the watchdog’s slanting attacks, sword blows, slits, shocks and any elemental magical attack they may have, such as fire or frost. Watch dogs can be found in two places, namely the Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs and the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave.

How to get the guard dog’s sword in the Fire Ring

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Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs is a dungeon located east of the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace in Elden Ring. From the Zamor ruins, continue along the path until a group of enemies and the Fire Prelate reach, then use their location as a marker and turn back and to the right to find the entrance. Once inside this one Elden Ring dungeon, continue until an elevator is reached, activate it and then proceed quickly off it, after which another lift is displayed. Take the second lift down to reach two Watchdogs, and Greatsword can be earned as a drop reward from the other.

The Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave is another dungeon located west of the Giants Graeve Post Site of Grace. A Fire Monk will appear shortly after entering the dungeon. Take the path as it approaches, continue towards the windows, and drop down to the next level. Players will have to bring this watchdog to light before it can be defeated, but it can drop Greatsword as a reward before this optional Elden Ring chief is beaten.

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