Fire Ring: How to get the spell Scarab

To get the Incantation Scarab helmet in the Elden Ring, Tarnished must solve the painting puzzle in Artist’s Shack of East Limgrave.

Incantation Scarab is a helmet in Elden Ring which works in the same way as the Glintstone Scarab, but instead of reducing FP costs to Sorceries, the main piece lowers mana consumption for Incantations. However, this buff comes at the cost of reduced damage denial, resulting in more damage received from enemies. Still, adventurers who are adept at dodging-rolling and avoiding attacks will find great benefit in this Spell-related rowing in Elden Ring.

To acquire the Incantation Scarab, travelers must first explore and solve the riddle of the Homing Instinct painting in the artist’s cabin. The location of the cottage is in the northeast of Limgrave, on the east side of the river from Lake Agheel. Tarnished can reach Artist’s Shack by traveling north from Church of Elleh and riding east from Gatefront Ruins. Then head north after crossing the walkway and take the off-road path to the cottage. Upon arrival, the player can interact with the painting to create the Incantation Scarab.


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Incantation Scarab is located in the area below Lake Agheel, southwest of Dragon burned ruins in Elden Ring. Tarnished can easily reach this place by quickly traveling to The First Step Site of Grace and heading directly east. Pay attention to the Giants Bats as you hike through the rugged terrain.

Incantation Scarab’s Placement in the Fire Ring

Incantation Scarab Placement in the Fire Ring

Look for a group of tombstones next to a large collapsed arch. The ghost artist Homing Instinct Painting will briefly appear before disappearing into the wind, leaving the Incantation Scarab. As mentioned above, the scarab helmet will increase the amount of damage taken from enemies. As a result, low-level Faith Spell users wishing to wear this unique-looking headgear are advised to equip a defensive construction to mitigate the loss of defensive stats. It should also be noted that some in Elden Ring Community has mentioned that Incantation Scarab is intercepted and does not reduce the FP cost of Spells. While this dilemma may not be the case for all callers, it is a necessary detail to consider and inspect.

Travelers who have not yet explored large parts of the world may not find much use of Incantation Scarab due to the lack of useful Incantations. Fortunately, when the player has gotten enough through the world, either by traveling to multiple places of grace or defeating Margit, Melina will visit the main character and teleport them to the Roundtable Hold. Within this hub location, Tarnished can purchase new spells from Brother Corhyn, enabling Incantation Scarab to become one more practical equipment piece in Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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