Farmers get hit in the streets, their crops in the markets: Bhupinder Singh Hooda

Former chief minister and opposition leader Bhupinder Singh Hooda said on Sunday that the BJP-JJP alliance government in Haryana had so far failed to deliver on promises made in its manifesto or in the common minimum program, even after two years in office.

Addressing the “Vipaksh Aapke Samaksh” program in Karnal, Hooda said the time had come to establish direct contact with the people and announced that his next mass contact program would be held in Jind. Addressing the BJP-JJP government, Hooda said, “More time cannot be given to the government formed out of mere opportunism and selfishness. That is why Congress has decided that it will henceforth address the public in every district and constituency of the Assembly and establish direct communication with the people. “

According to Hooda associates, more than four dozen MPs and former MPs were in Karnal’s program on Sunday. Farmers, workers, traders, workers, transporters and people from different sections who reached the program presented their problems to the Leader of the Opposition. After listening to them, Hooda said that today no section of the state is happy with the coalition government.

Referring to the police charges on farmers in Karnal and the problems of supplying paddy to mandis, Hooda said: “Today farmers are beaten on the road with government sticks as their crops are threshed on the road. the market. I myself have observed in the state mandis that the paddy supply has not yet started smoothly despite the repeated change of dates by the government. Farmers are forced to keep their paddy on the roads because their harvest is not taken from the market, and farmers do not receive MSP or payment. “

Hooda said the government was imposing unnecessary conditions on farmers like portal, registration, scheduling and a supply limit of only 25 quintals per acre when there were no conditions to harass farmers during the government of Congress. “When our government is formed again, farmers will be free from all this hassle. The system of buying and paying for grain from each farmer will be adopted again, ”he said.