Far Cry’s beautiful wildlife deserves better than existing for murder

The Far Cry series has some of the most beautifully designed and animated animals in the entire game, and they should be used better.

That Far Cry the series features some of the most beautiful depictions of wildlife throughout the game, and unfortunately, the only role of these animals is usually to die in the player’s hands. The wonderfully crafted models of the animals as they wander along the series’ characteristically beautiful landscapes are truly an impressive sight to behold, which makes their frequent deaths feel even more tragic.

Despite the considerable effort put into bringing the animals off Far Cry to life, in the game they exist with little purpose other than to be beautiful decorations at best, or at worst the targets of violence (outside the few animal companions). Hunting has long been part of the series, with Far Cry 6 offers plenty of fishing spots also, and these things make sense as a mechanic given the survival and craft mechanics that are at the core of the gameplay. But since the animals are such a beautiful part of the game, it’s sad that there is nothing else to do with them and that other craft elements have not been more highlighted. It is still possible to reverse this trend.


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It is still possible for the series to reverse this trend. Far Cry games have in the past made it possible to interact with animals more positively, be it by petting dogs or taming wild animals with bait, and this can be extended to more a feature in future contributions. By becoming friends with wild animals, the player can get additional perks. Animals such as boars or wolves can help the player fight enemies or help patrol geographical areas. Far Cry 6s Amigos is a good start to a better human-animal relationship, and other rewards could be added to become friends with a larger subset of wildlife, such as the addition of outfits and other cosmetic rewards with wildlife themes.

Far Cry’s beautiful animals deserve much more respect

Far Cry has some amazing animals and it's a shame they do so little with them.

Far Cry could also incorporate several ways to weave the game’s wildlife into the gameplay. For example, a future game could have a side activity where the protagonist is tasked with photographing animals for an ally who wants to catalog the country’s wildlife, and rewarding them with gifts for doing so. Likewise, there may be missions that specifically bring the player through parts of the game world that give them an excellent overview of the wildlife inside. Far Cry’s campaign stories like Enjoy dawn has come under criticism, but they could still come up with good reasons to let the player sightsee between moments of action and gun play. For example, sneaking through a rainforest teeming with birds flying through the trees will give players a chance to pull a camera forward to a photo moment regardless of their main goal. Ubisoft took the time to make the world beautiful, so it could also do more to ensure that the player will appreciate it.

This is not to say it Far Cry must completely get rid of its hunting mechanics. The series has its roots in the survival genre, and it is unlikely to lose sight of that. Survival games and hunting are naturally intertwined, and it becomes difficult to escape. The hunt for food and supplies will undoubtedly remain a part of Far Cry series, especially because some fear Far Cry 6s emphasis on craftsmanship rather than hunting causes the series to lose its roots. The problem is not that hunting is present in the game, but rather that the exquisitely designed animals serve no other purpose than to become craft materials.

Far Cry is a series that creates some of the most beautiful virtual wildlife that can be seen in games, and more emphasis should be placed on ensuring that players can take the time to appreciate it. Giving players more opportunities to interact with the game’s animals beyond just killing them can add new layers to the experience. With a few changes in this direction, the next Far Cry could be even more of an enchanting journey.

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