Fantastic Four’s huge Galactus twist is an obvious lie

As Watcher reportedly reveals the final twist of Fantastic Four’s original battle with Galactus, Marvel fans have their doubts.

Warning: contains spoilers for Reckoning War: Trial of the Watcher # 1!

The Watcher has just learned a devastating fact about Galactus and his original clash with Fantastic four – one that can not be true in the Marvel canon. Since the first issue of What if…?, both Watcher and Fantastic Four have been closely intertwined with the series and its alternative universe concept. Original editions of What if…? included Watcher, which showed readers what could have happened if events in the Marvel universe had gone a little differently. Nevertheless, a recent use of the concept to show an alternative result for his role in stopping Galactus is a clear lie.


IN The Reckoning War: Trial of the Watcher by Dan Slott and Javier Rodriguez, Watchers that Marvel readers know and love – Uatu – are trying to warn its fellow Watchers of the Reckoning, a collection of alien warriors who supply enemy alien races with Watcher technology to trigger interstellar warfare. Instead of heeding his warnings, the other observers arrest him and plan to hold him accountable for several cases of interference in the earth’s affairs. As part of their case against Uatu, the Watchers strap him to the seat of all knowledge to access the top of all reality – where the earth’s Watcher learns that things would have been better if he had left the Fantastic Four to meet Galactus alone.

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The decor shows Uatu one What if…? style alternative world, where Uatu chose not to get involved in the infamous “Coming of Galactus” and allowed the Fantastic Four themselves to deal with the crisis. While the event mutilates each member of the team, Reed manages to create his own “Ultimate Nullifier”, which kills Galactus. After the threat is over, Reed uses this new technology to transform the Earth’s environment and infrastructure into a veritable utopia. Uatu is left devastated by this revelation. There’s only one problem: that’s obviously not true.

Fantastic Four Galactus

The idea that Reed could have created this utopian technology during the Galactus incident and yet never reached it in the mainstream canon is ridiculous. Reed has observed the multiverse with almost as frequent a frequency as Uatu himself, and even came into conflict with a coalition of his variants that traveled between realities and corrected the clock on a cosmic scale. The idea that Reed Richards would not have used his interdimensional bridge to study solutions to Galactus despite colliding many times is wildly unlikely. Reed has even directly asserted the power of Galactus in the past, which has given him unique insights that still did not lead to this breakthrough.

Even if one gives the idea that this scenario would have happened, this new timeline is still short-sighted and would have judged the universe. World shown to Uatu involves Reed murdered Galactus. Without the Devourer of Worlds, the universe loses one of its primary agents of interstellar balance, leaving it at the mercy of forces such as Abraxas, Annihilation Wave, and the Black Winter, as it completes the cycle of creation (in which Galactus plays a significant role.) The truth is , that Galactus is a necessary factor in the Marvel universe, and to remove him from existence would judge both the Earth and reality itself.

galactus iagttageren uatu

The only real explanation for this What if…?-style the scenario is that it is a brand built by Uatus prosecutors to justify their famous code of non-intervention. The idea that the Fantastic Four would have been able to transform the Earth into a utopia after murder Galactus without consequences has no relation to the Marvel cannon, and it is highly unlikely that the company is willing to invalidate such an iconic story for the sake of an admittedly funny one-shot. About this revelation about Galactus turns out to be true or not, the events of Uatu’s trial leave Fantastic four without one of their most resourceful allies as they face one of the greatest threats they have ever faced.

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