Every celebrity cameo in the bubble explained

Judd Apatows The Bubble, a meta-film about COVID protocols and franchises, features several cameo appearances by celebrities, including John Cena.

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for Bubbles.

Netflix’s Bubbles offers several celebrities for its metafilm-creating story, with some actors even appearing as themselves. Directed by Judd Apatow, Netflix’s comedy Bubbles sees the cast of the fictional Cliff Beasts action franchise – a parody of Jurassic Park franchise – agree on the production of the sixth film in the series, even if they are captured within the framework of “bubble”To avoid COVID-19 exposure. Together with the film production team and Cliff Beasts 6 cast, Bubbless characters include various cameos of celebrities, with creatively appropriate ways to include them in the story.


Big franchises are known for having special celebrity cameos, so it’s no surprise that Judd Apatow recruited a number of notable franchise actors for cameos in his parody film with metafilm series. As expected, more of bubble ‘s cameo scenes also feature the characters that refer to or connect to the big franchises that such actors are especially a part of in the real world. At the same time, to increase the methane nature of Bubbless premise, actors starring in Netflix’s 2022 films such as Pedro Pascal, Keegan-Michael Key and Spicy Milkshake‘s Karen Gillan has also previously starred in franchises, making them the perfect choice to tell about the fictional battle behind the scenes Cliff Beasts movie.

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Plays on the absurdity of the film, some of Bubbles‘s celebrity cameos also make little or no sense in the story. From CGI inclusions to a private virtual concert, the celebrities that came to Bubbles make the strange experience by filming Cliff Beasts 6 i “bubble”So much the more bizarre. Here’s an overview of every celebrity cameo on Netflix Bubblesand how they are integrated into the meta-pandemic franchise story.

John Cena

John Cena The Bubble Cameo

As one of the most popular franchise actors in Hollywood, it should come as no surprise that WWE wrestler John Cena makes a quick cameo in Bubbles. Instead of acting like himself, John Cena plays Steve, Cliff Beasts 6‘s stunt coordinator and apparently father of Crystal’s production friend, Carla. As befits the movie, Cena’s Bubbles cameo sees him almost describe the stunt choreography to Cliff Beasts 6is cast after having a COVID-19 scare. With his video feed wrong and an extra holding his tablet on a stick to move him around the room, the stunt coordinator’s lesson via quarantine does not go as planned. Cena was also a timely choice to enter Bubbles given his roles in major franchises such as DCEU, Fast and furiousand Transform.

Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley The Bubble Cameo

Although the actress has only appeared in a few roles since Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerDaisy Ridley makes an exciting cameo in Bubbles. That Star wars Franchise actress acts as Kate, Dieter (Pedro Pascal)’s virtual fitness trainer, with whom he imagines having sex while in his room. By the exit of BubblesDaisy Ridley’s Kate appears in person at the premiere of the documentary about the creation of Cliff Beasts 6, though she seems largely confused by her presence. Ridley’s cameo opposite Pedro Pascal will satisfy many people’s crossover desires Star wars fans, as theories about her character Rey connecting with his The Mandalorian character has become commonplace.

James McAvoy

James McAvoy The Bubble Cameo

Scottish actor James McAvoy appears as himself towards the end of Netflix’s Bubbles. As Karen Gillan’s character Carol runs away from the set Cliff Beasts 6 To escape its suffocating limitations, James McAvoy suddenly appears and runs after her, after which he successfully tackles her to the ground. McAvoy reveals that he was confused as to why she was running, and is then offended when she makes a joke about referring to him as “Professor X“The actor then defends his career by saying that he has played many other roles than Professor X in X men franchise, which is actually appropriate for real-world conversations that theorize his return to character.

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Beck The Bubble Cameo

Grammy-winning musician Beck also came along as himself Bubbleswhere the artist even performs a song for the cast Cliff Beasts 6. After Bubbles‘s characters get the flu and are considering shutting down production, study leader Paula (Saturday night Directis Kate McKinnon), decides to arrange an event to show the studio’s appreciation that the cast continues to make the film. Paula reveals that she has recruited musician Beck to sing “Ladies Night” in a livestream concert for the cast, where his private virtual performance is projected on the side of the hotel.

John Lithgow

John Lithgow The Bubble Cameo

Actor John Lithgow makes a short cameo in Bubbles as another study leader enjoying a lavish vacation while begging the cast Cliff Beasts 6 to continue making the film. Lithgows Bubbles The character Tom appears only briefly, with a Zoom call on Fiji’s beaches, before abruptly ending his video feed. Along with having been a part of film series like planet of the Apes and ShrekJohn Lithgow’s recording in Bubbles prior to his collaboration with director Judd Apatow in Comedy from 2012 This is 40.

Benedict Cumberbatch (Sorts)

Benedict Cumberbatch The Bubble CGI

While Benedict Cumberbatch does not even show up Bubbles, it makes his face determined. When the cast and crew of Cliff Beasts 6 decides to get high together, the Netflix movie from 2022 sees the characters hallucinating each other’s faces change via CGI technology. At one point, health officer Gunther turns into Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise actor Benedict Cumberbatch, where the characters even tell him that “stop being Benedict Cumberbatch. “Apatows Bubbles then Benedict sees Cumberbatch CGI say he is “Doctor Strange, ”But it is still said in Gunther’s voice. Although Cumberbatch was not physically in Netflix’s Bubbles for a cameo, his resemblance was very present for one of the film’s strangest scenes.

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