Ethan Hawke comments on Possible Moon Knight season 2

Although Moon Knight is currently ranked as a limited series, star Ethan Hawke is considering the possibility of a season 2 or other sequel.

Ethan Hawke entertains the idea of ​​a potential Knights of the Moon season 2, or another form of sequel. Starting next week, Hawke will be the latest A-list to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Disney + series Knights of the Moon. He plays Arthur Harrow, the villain to Oscar Isaacs hero Marc Spector. Marc, a mercenary living with dissociative identity disorder, has been blessed by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu; he has powers that he can use to fight crime. Beyond that, plot specifications for Knights of the Moon still held tightly under wraps.

As with previous Marvel shows made for Disney +, Knights of the Moon was created with the intention of expanding the MCU further. However, this series also differs from those that came before because it is the first to focus on a new hero. It seems likely that Isaacs Marc will continue to interact with other areas of the MCU, but Marvel has so far kept quiet about how that will happen. The only thing that stands out right now is this Knights of the Moon was created as a limited series; the first of 6 episodes comes on March 30th.


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Although there has not been much to suggest it Knights of the Moon could receive another season, Hawke commented on the possibility of one in a recent interview with IGN. When specifically asked if he and Isaac would be willing to return to their characters in the future, or if they treated Knights of the Moon as a one-shot, Hawke said he could imagine it would go both ways. He also hinted that the series could open wider avenues right after a season 2. Hawke said:

“The good news is that it may be both. It lives and breathes by itself, it functions as a limited series – and if people are committed and enthusiastic about it, then it could be the origin story of a bigger thing.”

Moon Knight Arthur Harrow Ethan Hawke

So far, only two Marvel Disney + shows have been confirmed to return for season 2: Loki and the animated one What if…?. If Knights of the Moon originally created as a limited series, it probably tells a contained story (or as contained as the MCU ever becomes) that may not require more episodes. Instead, it will likely pave the way for Marc to appear elsewhere in the franchise. Isaac has already said he would like to play Moon Knight againand with the MCU shifting its focus to darker, more mysterious territory, the character could continue to define this new side of the franchise.

Most likely, Knights of the Moon‘s future will not be clear until after the first season is over. Marvel loves to keep its plans close to the West, and if the series leaves some threads hanging, it does not make sense to discuss what awaits before the audience has seen it all. As Hawke suggested, Knights of the Moon could actually be more of an origin story for a larger item. This may mean that even if a season 2 is not in the cards, the series could become the basis for something bigger in MCU. Fans will have to Tune in Knights of the Moon to find out the whole story.

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Knights of the Moon premieres Wednesday, March 30 at Disney +.

Source: IGN

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