ED “money laundering” risks confronting Gawali with its help

The Law Enforcement Directorate (ED) is likely to confront Shiv Sena MP Bhawana Gawali with her aide Saeed Khan, who was arrested by the agency earlier this week, in connection with a money laundering. presumed money in a public trust.

The chief executive on Friday requested Khan’s custody, saying he had given elusive answers while in detention and that he was to be confronted with “people who may be accused” who were summoned on Monday. The agency summoned Gawali on Monday.

The ED claimed that although an FIR was filed last year by Gawali as chairman of public trust Mahila Utkarsha Pratishthan, alleging embezzlement to the tune of Rs 7 crore by one of its directors , it was a costume by the accused to save themselves. . It was claimed that the alleged embezzlement took place in July 2019, and there was no explanation as to why the FIR was not filed until July 2020 by Gawali.

The ED alleged that the public trust had been converted into a corporation under the Companies Act and that Gawali, his mother Shalinitai and Khan had been appointed directors for their benefit. The ED claimed that when asked about these aspects, Khan feigned ignorance and said Gawali would be the right person to answer them.

“He (Khan) avoids questions, turns away from these problems. It is only when he is confronted with others that the facts of the case can be discovered, ”Special Prosecutor Sunil Gonsalves told the court.

Khan’s attorney, Inderpal Singh, told the court that the ED shelters those who have been named as accused in the planned offense recorded by the Maharashtra police. Singh argued that although Gawali was the plaintiff in the case against 12 people, including the public trust trustees who allegedly misappropriated funds, the ED has remained silent on the allegations against them. He said the investigators “were operating at the pace of the Center”. Singh added that ED was not allowed to go beyond the planned offense recorded by the police.

Special Judge MG Deshpande said the ED should be given the opportunity to investigate further and granted custody to ED Khan until October 5.