Each character who also appeared in the Dark Knight trilogy

2022s Batman, DC and Warner Bros. ‘ latest Caped Crusader reboot, shares more characters with Dark Knight trilogy. Like James Bond, Dracula or Peter Pan, Batman is a character who is apparently destined to survive any change in the trajectory of pop culture. Gotham City’s Guardian Protector is without a doubt the greatest superhero of all time and has a very eventful story on film, for better or worse. Regardless of the ups and downs, consumers’ appetite for Batman stories never really seems to wane.

Before Pattinson, Batman was portrayed on screen by Ben Affleck, who was a notoriously controversial choice when he first landed the role, but eventually won millions of fans. Affleck first played the role in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justicethen returned the following year for Justice League, as cut by Joss Whedon. Despite receiving positive reviews for his performance, Affleck’s time as Batman ended almost as quickly as it started, with the actor bending over from a planned solo project and leaving the role. Or at least that was how it looked until Affleck shocked fans by logging on to return to Lightning solo film along with the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman.


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With DCEU’s older version of Batman still surprisingly marching forward, DC’s next rendition has arrived in Batman, starring Robert Pattinson. Although Affleck’s Batman is still on stage, it’s hard not to compare any new performances to the iconic version of Batman created by Christian Bale’s appearance in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Here is everyone Dark Knight characters that Batman equities.

Batman / Bruce Wayne

Pattinson Bale Batman

Clearly, billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and his superhero alter ego Batman are the protagonists of both Batman and Dark Knight trilogy. While fans got to witness Christian Bales Bruce Wayne evolve into Batman through Batman beginsthen act like a more tanned Caped Crusader in The Black Knight, Batman divides the difference between these periods. Robert Pattinson’s Batman is only in its second year as a masked vigilante in Gotham City, so while the film cleverly does not focus on once again retelling Batman’s origin story, Pattinson’s Batman is not yet another full-fledged hero either.

Pattinson’s Batman is generally also darker and gloomier than Bales and apparently less in control. Pattinson’s Batman looks like he could fly off the handle at any time, making him more of an unpredictable character. Batman also gives more play to the titular hero’s status as a great detective as well, though it’s clear he can still beat up the villains when the need arises.

Catwoman / Selina Kyle

Anne Hathaway and Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman

Continuing the theme of Gotham City’s heroes and villains not yet fully formed, Selina Kyle (Zoe Kravitz) is not quite Catwoman when Batman begins. She is not covered from head to toe in black leather and is more of a little thief. But since Selina is taking her leave from Gotham City on a motorcycle, she has taken a big step towards becoming a complete Catwoman before Batman‘s credits roll.

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The latest versions of Catwoman have made her more of a morally conflict-ridden antihero than a direct villain, Anne Hathaway’s portrayal in The dark rider rises included, and Kravitz’s Batman character is again of that character. While some fans of the Cat Enemy might wish her more evil side would come out again on film, it looks like she’s on her way to yet another love story with Bruce so far.

James Gordon

One of the first signs of it Batman probably would not be part of the established DCEU, even as a prequel to it, came up with the casting of Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon. While characters that race in different iterations on screen have certainly become more and more common, it’s much less likely to happen in the middle of the same franchise. Gordon, of course, has always been played by white actors in the past, including Gary Oldman in Dark Knight trilogy.

Being black this time did not really seem to change Gordon’s characteristics, but it certainly could have been, as it could have been even harder for a black lawyer to stand up and try to push back against Gotham’s notoriously corrupt political forces. , than it was for Oldman’s version. For better or worse, Reeves chose not to go that route as Gordon’s race was not really with, though Gordon’s loyalty to Batman has him determined on the road with his superiors early.

Alfred Pennyworth

batman alfred warning dark knight rises similar

Bruce Wayne’s butler and surrogate father Alfred Pennyworth reappeared Batman, this time played by Andy Serkis. Serkis said in pre-release interviews that a large part of Batman would be the emotional connection between Alfred and Bruce, and despite Pattinson’s more evocative bid for Batman, it held true. As has happened in many other films, an attempt to harm Alfred Bruce’s protective side brought out and revealed the deep bond he has with the man who taught him so much.

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Alfred, played by Michael Caine in Dark Knight the trilogy, was largely a person that Bales Bruce looked to for advice and guidance, and to possibly check on him if he got too engrossed in his other person and the power that comes with it. With Pattinson’s younger, darker Batman not so focused on the idea of ​​avenging his parents ‘murder this time as he cleans up the streets of Gotham, Serkis’ Alfred fell into that role with his Batman character too, trying to warn Bruce against going too far down the rabbit hole.

the Joker

Heath Ledger as the joker

One Dark Knight character to perform in Batman without being announced in advance was none other than The Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker. The sadistic clown was, of course, played by the late Heath Ledger in Nolan’s The Black Knight, who received a posthumous Oscar for his work. Ledgers Joker shaped himself into an agent of chaos, and a person who was out to turn the world upside down. It’s hard to say what kind Joker, as Barry Keoghan’s version in Batman will be when he made only a brief but memorable cameo appearance in Batman‘s post-credits scene.

Carmine Falcone

Another character in both Batman and Dark Knight the trilogy is Carmine Falcone, Gotham City’s master of organized crime. John Turturro plays Falcone this time, while Tom Wilkinson recorded the character Batman begins. Although Falcone is not a supervillain, it made sense for him to be included here, given Reeves’ often stated intention to make a more grounded detective story about the persistent corruption in Gotham.

Falcone’s latest live-action portrayal on FOX’s Gotham The TV show made him far more of an anti-hero than an arch-villain. While still a notorious criminal, he had at least some apparent sense of honor, and he could be reasoned with to some degree. This is in contrast to Wilkinson’s slimy version i Batman begins, who let Bruce Wayne live after being confronted largely just to make clear how little the latter’s threats of revenge bothered him. Turturros Falcone ind Batman brought the character back to his roots in a way similar to Wilkinson’s take, making him an irrevocable monster.

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