Dog owner flies 520 drones to show a giant bone for the pet’s 10 year birthday

The pet dog Doudou has been such a good boy that his owner wanted to throw a lavish party for his birthday with 520 drones.

The unnamed pet parent rented 520 drones to spell the words: “Happy 10th birthday to Doudou” in Mandarin across the Xiangjiang River in the Chinese city of Changsha.

The Mandarin pronunciation of 520 – the number of drones used – sounds like English for “I love you”.

The flying drones then formed patterns of a birthday cake and gift box containing a bone in the sky.

But unfortunately, the dog Doudou looked untouched by the lavish party.

A video circulating online shows the extravagant show in full splendor, with people singing “Happy Birthday” while wearing Santa hats to entertain the dog, who looks totally uninterested in the ballad.

A woman spent £ 11,700 hiring 520 drones to celebrate her dog’s birthday in southern China (Photo: Newsflare)

The “treatment” is said to have cost as much as £ 11,500 (100,000 yuan).

That South China Morning Post reported that the drones had been specially flown to form Chinese characters wishing the pet happy birthday across the river.

The exhibition took place in China’s south-central Hunan province, which has strict rules for the use of drones, as the area is filled with high-rise apartment blocks.

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The mass of drones cascading into the sky annoyed the local police, who said no permission had been given for such an appearance.

Officers have threatened to shoot similar screens down in the province, but authorities only noticed the drones when the show was over, meaning this proud pet parent managed to escape.

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