Delhi: Soon, driver’s licenses to have QR codes

Driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates in Delhi will soon be equipped with QR codes to help link and validate information with Sarathi and Vahan web databases.

“The new driver’s license will have an advanced microchip with features such as Quick Response Code (QR) and Near Field Communication (NFC). The new RC will have the owner’s name on the front while the chip and QR code will be integrated on the back of the card, ”said a statement issued by the government.

QR codes, the government said, will completely remove the requirement for any manual intervention.

“The QR code also has the added benefit of acting as a security feature on the smart card. The department will be able to keep the license holder’s records and penalties for up to 10 years in the VAHAN database as soon as a driver / owner’s smart card is confiscated. The new DLs will also help the government keep records of disabled drivers, any modifications to vehicles, emission standards and the organ donation person’s declaration, ”the statement said.