Delhi CM announces action plan to tackle winter air pollution

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday announced a 10-point “winter action plan” to tackle air pollution in Delhi, which includes training teams to check the burning of garbage, dust and pollution. vehicle emissions.

He claimed that the Center and neighboring states had done nothing to control the burning of stubble by farmers, which would lead to air pollution during the winter season.

Kejriwal called on Central and neighboring Delhi states to provide free bio-decomposer spraying for in situ crop residue management, as his government was doing in the nation’s capital.

Calling on governments to work together to purify the air, he said the Delhi government has formed 75 construction site inspection teams to check for dust pollution and that there will also be special teams. to monitor pollution hot spots in the city.

Measures will also be taken to remedy congestion on 64 identified roads in order to reduce automobile pollution. Pollution under control (PUC) will be strictly followed with the training of 500 teams to control vehicles, he said.

A total of 250 teams have been formed to enforce the city’s garbage-burning ban. In addition, strengthening green war rooms and a mass awareness campaign will be part of the winter action plan, Kejriwal said.

The chief minister said that by following in Delhi’s footsteps, the NCR areas should also ensure the use of CNG-powered vehicles, the use of clean fuel in thermal power plants and other industries, monitoring hot spots and 24-hour power supply to prevent diesel use. generators.

He said that currently air pollution is under control in Delhi, but will start to increase with stubble burning in neighboring states in winter.