Deidara becomes art in new gender-reversed cosplay

Reddit user GioAugust creates an amazing and explosive cosplay of the classic Naruto villain Deidara that highlights the character’s love of art.

A new cosplay of Naruto‘s Deidara perfectly captures the villain’s slogan: art is an explosion! Reddit is home to a myriad of community-based forums, and many cosplayers take advantage of the platform to showcase their costumed interpretations while also celebrating the characters and series they love. This time, Deidara steals the show.

Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto is a manga about a young ninja whose dream is to become Hokage, the leader and protector of his village, set in a fictional world based on Japanese culture and myths. The titular character faces many obstacles and enemies on his quest, including a powerful organization rogue ninja known as Akatsuki. Deidara is a member of Akatsuki and has the bizarre ability to create articulated bombs of specially detonating clay by using his mouth in the palms.


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Posted on Reddit by user August is a side-by-side image showing a gendered version of the bomb-throwing villain in Akatsuki’s signature suit; black robes adorned with red clouds. To the left, Deidara tilts her head back and holds up her hand (probably in the process of making a bomb?) As she stares into the camera. To the right, she maintains a posture that looks calmer and more cohesive, even though her gaze is still directed at the camera, suggesting that the one she is looking at is a force to be reckoned with.

In it Naruto manga, Deidara is a strong and cunning enemy who likes to fight against dirt. He is able to defeat on his own Kazekage Gaara, leader of Hidden Sand Village, by forcing him to sacrifice himself for the people of his village. Deidara’s ultimate attack is Naruto similar to an atomic bomb capable of wiping out all life within a large radius. His artistic creations are also more than just bombs. He can use them to fly, reconstruct areas and even deliver packages.

Although Deidara is a minor villain in the grand scheme of the plot Naruto, he certainly makes his mark as one iconic member of Akatsuki. GioAugust highlights this in an impressive cosplay that depicts both the artistic and sinister side of the character. Sure, if Naruto’s Deidara himself should see this production, he would proudly proclaim that it really is art.

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