D&D players can now create fairy, owl people and rabbit people

Dungeons & Dragons players can now create Fairy, Hobgoblin, Owlfolk and Rabbitfolk characters thanks to new playtest material from Unearthed Arcana.

The latest Excavated Arcana article to Dungeons & Dragons has added new playable breeds that are native to Feywild, including Fairy, Hobgoblin of the Feywild, Owlfolk, and Rabbitfolk. D&D lets players create characters from a variety of fictional races, some of which are fantasy staples, like the Minotaurs from Theros. There are new ones D&D races added in many of the rulebooks to 5E, to let players create the most amazing characters possible.

The standard range of D&D race used to look like a casting call from Lord of the Rings, but the series gradually incorporated more bizarre races into Player Handbook, as Dragonborn and Tiefling. As time went on in each edition’s life cycle, each edition added more and more playable races, and the new races of D&D 5e is no exception. The hard limit of statistical upgrades and the fact that many games use the standard dice to create characters means the races are pretty balanced, so DMs generally do not have to worry about new additions to lore ruining their campaign.


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The official D&D The website has a number of articles called Excavated Arcana, which includes play test material that is being refined for publication. The previous article added Dhampirs and Frankenstein monsters to D&D, and the latest Excavated Arcana has added four mysterious breeds from Feywild, including the long-awaited ones D&D 5th Rabbitfolk.

D & D’s new Feywild races: Fairies, Hobgoblins, Owlfolk and Rabbitfolk

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The new Feywild races are not classified as Custom Lineages, but players can still move their statistical bonus points around how they choose. The first race is Fairy, which are small creatures with the ability to fly. Fairies can cast Druidcraft and Faerie Fire at will, as well as squeezing through 1-inch narrow spaces. Hobgoblins of the Feywild has Fey Ancestry features from other breeds, as well as a selection of bonuses they can give to other characters through the Help action. Owls share ancestry with giant owls and give them soft wings on their backs. Owl people can also innately sense magic and are skilled aviators. That D&D 5E Rabbit people have long feet and fur, the former of which allows them to perform mighty jumps so that they can escape enemies.

The final versions of The Unearthed Arcana Races

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The new ones ran in D&D 5E is later printed in official books. The Fairy and the Rabbitfolk later appeared in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, where is Rabbit people were renamed Harengon. The owl people later appeared in Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos, where they were renamed Owlin. Those people who want to use the final versions of these breeds should check out these books, especially if they want to use their characters in official D&D Adventure League events. The Hobgoblins of the Feywild have not yet appeared in a print supplement, but they are likely to be part of the upcoming Mordenkainen presents: Multiverse of Monsters.

That new rules for D&D race introduced in Tasha’s kettle of everything has opened the door to all sorts of interesting character opportunities like these. That D&D Rabbit People are some of the most interesting additions to the game’s history. This raises the question of what other new breeds are coming to D&D 5E in the future, which Dungeons & Dragons multiverse continues to expand?

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Source: Excavated Arcana

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