Dance video sparks argument, minister calls for prosecution against Bada Imambara staff

A video of a woman dancing at Bada Imambara in Lucknow sparked controversy as Minority Social Affairs Minister Mohsin Raza wrote to the district magistrate on Saturday, demanding action against monument staff who authorized the act. A prominent Shia cleric has demanded that tourists be banned from entering Bada Imambara, one of Lucknow’s biggest attractions.

The video, widely shared on social media Friday and Saturday, shows a woman in a black dress dancing to a Marathi song.

“There is a viral dance video in Bada Imambara under the Husainabad Trust. Singing, dancing and any kind of obscene behavior are prohibited in such a holy place. It is the moral responsibility of the security guards and guides stationed at Bada Imambara and other appointed officials to ensure that the sanctity of the holy place is preserved and that no untoward incidents occur in the future ” Raza said in the letter.

He asked the DM to initiate proceedings against the officials responsible after an investigation and to inform him as soon as possible of the action taken. An imambara is mainly used for mourning congregations.

All-India Shia Personal Law Board General Secretary Maulana Yasoob Abbas, in a video statement, said no tourists should be allowed in Bada Imambara because it is a religious place.

“The way this woman dances inside Bada Imambara is highly reprehensible. On behalf of the All India Shia Personal Law Board, I condemn this incident. There should be an immediate ban on tourists to the site which is an imambara and not a tourist spot, ”he said.

Another Shia cleric, Maulana Saif Abbas, said an imambara was not a place to sing and dance. “The whole episode is very unfortunate and is highly condemnable. Even in the past, we have received several videos of this type in which… similar acts are performed. We have informed the administration that this is a religious place and not a tourist place. But such incidents still happen. It has caused anger in the community. An imambara is not a place of song and dance, “Abbas said.