Creed 3-set images reveal that Jonathan Majors’ villain training was torn down

New set footage from Creed 3 shows a ripped Jonathan Majors while filming a training scene on the beach for his mysterious villain character.

Set images from Creed 3 reveals a skinny Jonathan Majors while his villainous character trains on a beach. Michael B. Jordan starred in Warner Bros. ‘ 2015 relaunch of Rocky franchise, where he began playing Adonis Creed, son of Rocky’s opponent became friend Apollo Creed. Despite much hesitation in publishing, Creed proved to be a huge hit under Ryan Coogler’s leadership, and it did not take long before franchise plans developed around Jordan. This included him returning to play with Creed II a few years later and the recent development of him also decided to instruct Confession III.


Plot details are largely hidden from what will happen in Creed 3. Jordan’s return comes alongside Tessa Thompson’s return as Bianca, who was engaged to Adonis at the end of Creed II. However, Sylvester Stallone is not expected to return as Rocky Balboa as his time with the franchise seems to have finally come to a conclusion. One of the only details known Creed 3 is for Jonathan Majors to play the villain. Fans have speculated that he could be the son of former villain Clubber Langcontinues the old element of the franchise.

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Production is currently underway Creed 3and new set shots have given a good look at the Majors’ villain. Daily Mail shared a few photos of Majors participating in a training sequence on the beach. He was photographed running on the beach with a resistance parachute strapped to his back. Several other images show the physical transformation the actor underwent to play Creed 3‘s villain as the Majors’ ripped physique is evident through various shirtless images.

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Michael B Jordan as Adonis in Creed 2

Jonathan Majors’ role in Creed 3 is the latest major production he has been a part of, and yet another chance for him to play a villain. The actor made a surprising debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as He Who Remains in Loki season 1 finale. He is ready to repeat the role of the Conqueror Kang Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Majors’ villains report Creed 3 should be incredibly different from his MCU experience, as the actor has teased Jordan’s intimate and different story for the sequel.

These Creed 3 set of images may not provide any new details about the identity of the Majors’ character, but they clearly establish the physical threat he will pose to Adonis Creed in the ring. His cracked physique reflects Jordan’s own transformation to lead Creed franchise. There was never any doubt about the Majors’ acting ability to play convincingly Creed 3‘s villain, but now it seems he also has the physical tools to pose a threat to Adonis’ title as Heavyweight Champion. Instead of potentially switching divisions again, Major’s appearance indicates that Creed 3 will deliver yet another heavyweight fight.

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Source: Daily Mail

  • Creed III (2022)Release Date: November 23, 2022


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