Cole Sprouse addresses setbacks from breakup with Riverdale Co-Star

Cole Sprouse addresses the setback he received from fans after his breakup with Riverdale colleague Lili Reinhart, whom he had dated for 3 years.

Cole Sprouse has addressed the backlash he got after his breakup with Riverdale co-star, Lili Reinhart. Sprouse began his career as a child actor, participating in projects such as Friends, Big Daddyand The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. From 2011, however, he took a break from acting, where he graduated with his brother, Dylan, and worked briefly in archeology. The year 2017 marked his return to acting with his role as Jughead in Riverdale.

Riverdale is a TV series adaptation of the popular Archie Comics that premiered on The CW on January 26, 2017. The series follows Archie Andrew (KJ Apa) and his gang of friends as they navigate the dangers of high school while also exploring Riverdale’s dark mysteries. The series has been renewed for season 7, which some Riverdale stars predict will be the last. Sprouse and Reinhart have starred in the series as Jughead and Betty Cooper respectively since the series’ inception in 2017. The two co-stars had been dating for about three years before announcing their split in 2020.


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In an interview with GQ Hype, Sprouse opened up about receiving backlash from his breakup with Reinhart. Sprouse wanted to clarify that his relationship with Reinhart was “as genuine as it getsDespite all the media attention. When they broke up, he felt compelled to announce the split on social media because of the amount of hatred he received from fans, some of whom went on to report him to brands he worked with. The backlash continues To this day, however, Sprouse has revealed that he can not write anything about his current relationship with Ari Fournier without it being reported by followers. Check out his statement below:

Followers report everything about Ari and me as bullying, and it gets taken down right away. Even on my other friends’ accounts, it gets taken down.


The setback that Sprouse has been subjected to is surprising, given that he and Reinhart did their best to keep their relationship private. Aside from the now deleted post where they announced their breakup, the two have almost completely refrained from talking about their relationship or breakup. Meanwhile, Sprouse’s break-up post was very supportive of Reinhart and indicated no lasting hard feelings. The two still star together in Riverdale and have also both continued to branch out in their careers. It does not seem that the previous relationship weighs heavily on their minds, which makes it very strange that Sprouse has received such intense backlash for the breakup.

Although the reasoning behind such a backlash against Sprouse is difficult to understand, it is not a completely isolated incident. In fact, it’s becoming quite common for fans to become overly invested in celebrities, especially among younger stars like Sprouse and Reinhart. Many fans tend to romanticize celebrity relationships and are subsequently crushed when such relationships end. For example, when rumors swirled it Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo broke up, both have been slapped with intense gossip and scrutiny, despite the fact that there is no confirmation the two have ever dated. Due to the romanticization of known relationships, fans do not realize that it is perfectly normal for these relationships to end and for new ones to begin. The backlash Riverdale‘s Sprouse has received is a shocking look into the intense scrutiny that celebrities face, especially when it comes to their private affairs.

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Source: GQ Hype

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