CODA Cast & Character Guide

Coming-of-age drama CODA’s cast, led by Emilia Jones and deaf actors such as Troy Kotsur and Marlee Matlin, has received awards and praise.

The growing drama CODA has a talented cast that has gained considerable recognition. The film is especially known for featuring several deaf actors in key roles as part of the Rossi family. That CODA the cast is a mix of upcoming actors and veterans who finally get a chance to shine.

Directed by Sian Heder, CODA is centered around the teenager Ruby Rossi, the hearing child of two deaf adults. Ruby is torn between her passion for music and her role as the family’s interpreter and bridge to the hearing world. Adapted from a French film, CODA got some buzz when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival before it was later released for streaming on Apple TV +. In addition to receiving positive reviews, Coda became a surprising Oscar nomineewhere some of its supporting role also gets nominations for awards.


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CODAs cast is led by Emilia Jones. However, much critical attention has also been paid to the way the film provides a rare opportunity for talented deaf actors. Here is an overview of who is who with CODAand where you might know the actors from.

Emilia Jones as Ruby Rossi

Emilia Jones and CODA

Emilia Jones plays the central role as Ruby, a high school senior who also works part-time on her family’s fishing boat. Jones is a British actress who appeared as a child in series such as Doctor Who and Utopia. She is also known for playing Kinsey Locke in Netflix’s Locke and key.

Troy Kotsur as Frank Rossi

Frank is watching in CODA.

Frank is Emilia’s father, a pig fisherman who often encounters his daughter. Plays a key role in CODAs emotional ending, Kotsur has received universal praise for his performance, including a nomination for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Kotsur has been a veteran in deaf theater since the 1990s, and has also had small roles in TV series such as. Scrubs and The Mandalorian.

Marlee Matlin as Jackie Rossi

Jackie is Ruby’s understanding but often violent mother, played by Marlee Matlin. Matlin is one of America’s most famous deaf actresses. She previously won an Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role in 1986 for her role in the drama Children of a minor godand has also had guest roles in popular TV series right from Seinfeld to Law and order: Special sacrificial units.

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Daniel Durant as Leo Rossi

Also helps bring CODA‘s original story to life is Daniel Durant as Ruby’s brother Leo. Leo also works on the family fishing boat and often encounters Ruby. Durant’s breakout role was on the young adult series Swapped at birth, where he played Matthew. He also had a guest role on Netflix You.

Coda Supporting Cast & Characters

Amy Forsyth, Daniel Durant, Marlee Matlin and Troy Kotsur in CODA

Ferdia Walsh-Peelo as Miles: Miles is a fellow student in music, which Ruby is paired with for the correcital and develops feelings for. Walsh-Pedro has previously played King Alfred on vikings and Conor ind Sing Street.

Eugenio Derbez as Bernardo “Mr. V.” Villalobos: Mr. V is Ruby’s supportive choir leader. Derbez is best known for appearing in Spanish-language productions, including his films Instructions not attached.

Amy Forsyth as Gertie: Gertie is Ruby’s best friend, who is also in love with Leo. Forsyth has had regular roles in several TV series, including The gilded age and The path.

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