Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone on her relationship with ex Russell Peters: “We messed it up, I’m still angry to this day …”

Actor Sunny Leone has revealed she was dating comedian Russell Peters several years ago, but it only lasted a “hot second.” She added that the two had been close friends for a long time and their friendship became more complicated after they started dating.

During his season two episode of One Mic Stand, Sunny told comedians Sapan Verma and Neeti Palta, “I dated a comedian but it was like, for a hot second. long. ”She mentioned that she was talking about Russell.

“We ruined everything. I mean we were friends for years, why the hell would we start dating? It was the worst thing we could have done and I am still angry to this day because we would still be such good friends, ”she added. Neeti asked Sunny if she was in any of Russell’s jokes, to which she replied, “I heard that I was part of a few of his jokes.”

In an interview with the Hindustan Times in 2013, Russell opened up about his relationship with Sunny and called her a “real sweetheart.” He said, “Yeah, we dated. That was five and a half years ago. It was a wonderful time. She’s a real darling, you know.

Season 2 of One Mic Stand was Sunny’s first attempt at becoming a comedian. Speaking about the opportunity, she said in a statement, “I loved stand-up comedy and also watched several shows here and abroad. Seeing a comedian perform on stage feels so easy and natural. The reality of how hard it is to connect with audiences and get them cracking up on every joke is something I’ve learned very closely now. “

Sunny is married to Daniel Weber and the couple have three children, six-year-old daughter Nisha and three-year-old twins Noah and Asher. Sunny often shares photos and videos of her family on Instagram, including her famous Daniel pranks.

Tabbar review: Pavan Malhotra pulls off every frame in this captivating series

Distribution of tabbars: Pavan Malhotra, Supriya Pathak, Ranvir Shorey, Gagan Arora, Sahil Mehta, Paramvir Singh Cheema, Nupur Nagpal, Kanwaljeet Singh

Tabbar director: Ajitpal Singh

How far will an essentially human and law-abiding man go when an unexpected situation strikes in his face, threatening the life of his family? ‘Tabbar’, which means ‘family’ in Punjabi, grapples with this conundrum in this eight-part Sony Liv web series, which still remains captivating even if it skips over the occasional overdone situation, or offers an overly practical, contrived, confusing solution to what appears to be an intractable problem. What helps us to put these little worries aside, after having taken note of them, is the strong narration that constantly returns to its strong points, and the large ensemble that ‘Tabbar’ brings together, topped by Pavan Malhotra who masters each scene.

Heavy use and abuse of drugs (‘peela’) in Punjab. The rich and powerful who are the conduits to the dealers and sellers. And the innocent people stuck in between. Ajitpal Singh, the director of the wonderful ‘Fire In The Mountains’ throws himself headlong into a jumble of genres: crime, thriller, family drama. Given that Singh’s first feature film was such a calm yet powerful observation piece with almost documentary truths, I was curious how he would fare with something that is so much more, for lack of a better one. word, mainstream.

Pavan Malhotra in a Tabbar still.

Singh highlights his deep knowledge of the environment and creates felt characters. Omkar and his wife Sargun (Supriya Pathak) live in a humble house with their two sons, the eldest (Gagan Arora) who is in Delhi, apparently studying for competitions, and whose impulsive action alone sends the family in a rabbit hole, and the youngest (Sahil Mehta) trying to find a way out of his cramped situation. The nameplate on the outside has the words “Happy House,” and you keep coming back to it as an ironic counterpoint throughout the series: How happy can its inhabitants be when an accidental murder changes everything?

No problem in the accents makes the actors sound good. Ranvir Shorey appears as Ajit Sodhi, a wealthy businessman who spends his time worrying about the disappearance of his wayward younger brother. Sodhi has political ambitions and a grizzled sympathizer (Kanwaljeet) to show him the ropes. The parallels between this seemingly everything family and this one whose sons struggle to improve their status, rightly or wrongly, both trying to cope with the loss of a way of life, give the series a chance to ‘deepen the drug angle, with a very “Udta Punjab” vibe.

When he tries to explore the dealings of dealers in their dens, or take a close look at the drug chain, ‘Tabbar’ gets lost. He does best when he stays close to families and family matters. Omkar’s troubled relationship with his older brother and cop son (Paramveer Singh Cheema) is going well, even if a romance starring a young girl (Nupur Nagpal) seems a bit undercooked. The feuds between Omkar’s sons seem real, and the close bond between him and his wife (Supriya Pathak is as punchy as ever, even in her most gloomy) forms the glue of this family.

And we stick with it, wanting to know more. Will the innocent survive? Can parents and siblings really ignore the misdeeds of a beloved family member? And is anyone free from complicity when it comes to larger societal issues? You are left to think, even if you revel in the performances. At a time when things are going as badly as they can get, Malhotra gets up from a drinking table and, totally unexpectedly, goes into something that looks like a dance: it’s a moment. There is acceptance, resolution and a way out. It is not all a dead end.

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Squid Game actor Anupam Tripathi on the show’s immense popularity: “I was not prepared”

South Korean-based Indian-born actor Anupam Tripathi, who became a world-famous name thanks to Netflix’s survival drama Squid game said he was surprised by the immense popularity of the show. Tripathi plays Ali in the Netflix series.

The show, which has become a global phenomenon, is a creation of Hwang Dong-hyuk and is about a Hunger Games-type competition that attracts ordinary people in debt and promises them a lot of money by winning. But the consequences of the loss are deadly – literally. Anyone who doesn’t move on to the next round ends up dying.

Speaking to Variety, the actor, who grew up in New Delhi, said: “We thought it would be well received, but when it became a phenomenon and a sensation, it wasn’t expected – I didn’t. was not prepared. “

Anupam added that its popularity skyrocketed after the show premiered. “I still remember, September 17th, 2021 at 4pm my life was fine, but after 5pm it got huge, gigantic – all of a sudden everyone messaged me and it was ‘Ali’, ‘Ali’, “he said.

Anupam’s character Ali is a poor immigrant from Pakistan who participates in the competition to provide for his family after his employer denies him payment for his services. The actor also revealed how he prepared for the role. He said that when he was picked he didn’t have the right body shape and had to put on weight, as Ali is known on the show for his strength. “I put on 5 or 6 pounds and at least looked like someone with power,” he revealed.

Anupam’s “ultimate dream” is to perform in India as he told the post: “I’ve done theater only in India, but I want to see and explore how I’m going to do it in my own language. I would like to express myself there. It’s my ultimate dream – to perform in front of my own home and my own audience. “

Scam 1992, hansal mehta, pratik gandhi
Hansal Mehta thanks universe as 1992 Scam ends one year, shares never-before-seen BTS photos

Director Hansal mehta took to Twitter on Saturday to celebrate the first anniversary of his famous 1992 Sony LIV Scam web series. He shared a post on Twitter, in which he highlighted the huge nature of the production. He revealed that the series was developed over 2.5 years, that its screenplay spanned over 560 pages, that filming took over 85 days and post-production took 8 months.

Mehta said he was grateful for the success of the series, which received “overwhelming love from millions of people.”

His tweet read: “Over 2.5 years of development, over 560 pages of script, over 85 days of filming and almost 8 months of post-production. The efforts of more than 100 people, the overwhelming love of millions of people. 1 year since he started broadcasting. Thanks the team. Thank you audience. Thank the universe. 1 year of # Scam1992.

The series directed by Pratik Gandhi recently caused a stir at the Asian Academy Creative Awards, winning Best Drama Series and Best Director.

Scam 1992 tells the story of stock broker Harshad Mehta who orchestrated the Rs 5,000 crore securities scandal of 1992, which led to the revelation of numerous flaws in the functioning of the stock market and banks. It was an adaptation of the book The Scam: Who Won, Who Lost, Who Got Away by financial journalists Sucheta Dalal and Debashish Basu.

A sequel series titled Scam 2003: The Curious Case of Abdul Karim Telgi was previously announced by the OTT platform. Hansal Mehta will lead the project.

Indian Express film critic Shubhra Gupta hannouncement gave the series a positive review, calling it a “gripping uplifting tale.”She wrote: “The series directed by Hansal Mehta (Jai Mehta gets co-directing credit) does a clever balancing act, never swings into adulation of Harshad, nor shows him as an outright villain. What we get is a full bodied, fully fleshed out, complex individual, so much of a man of his time, place, circumstances, and skill set, and for that alone this series is a winner.

Squid Game
Korean wave sweeps India with Squid Game, Crash Landing On You, BTS and more

We love their teary soaps and sweet romances, thrillers and intense cinema, their music and increasingly even their food. The ‘K’ way of life is dominated by middle and upper class India, a ‘we love everything in South Korea’ movement led primarily by its small screen entertainment industry that has found the most unlikely devotees here.

There is even a word for this South Korean cultural phenomenon: hallyu.

In February 2020, Parasite director Bong Joon-ho urged viewers to overcome the “one-inch-high subtitle barrier” in his Oscar acceptance speech. Less than two years later, almost as if India was listening to it, the hallyu wave swept through the country through shows such as Crash Landing on You and Vincenzo, music from the boyband BTS and also movies.

The OTT boom brought on by the pandemic brought hallyu 2.0 with it as many Indian watchers went beyond their basic regimen of US, Nordic and Indian broadcasts to experience K-dramas.

Viewing of K-dramas on Netflix in India increased by more than 370% in 2020 compared to 2019, a spokesperson for the OTT platform said.

From the cerebral advocate in search of quality entertainment to the elderly participant of soap operas, the shows have found plenty of fans.

A look at Netflix’s Top 10 category shows the breakthroughs Korean shows have made in India with Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae-soo’s Squid Game and Kim Seon-ho and Shin Min-a-starrer the romantic drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is consistently on the list.

Squid Game, a survival show like The Hunger Games inspired by Korean children’s games, is on its way to becoming the greatest show in Netflix history, Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix said this week.

Since he started working with Korean filmmakers and talent in 2016, the streamer has presented more than 80 original Korean shows and films to its members around the world and has subscribed to K content in 30 languages, the gate said. -speak.

Kingdom Season 2, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, and Crash Landing are some of the series that regularly make the Top 10 list on Netflix in India. And over 22 million households have tuned it in for Korean horror TV series Sweet Home

That’s why Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin from the hugely popular Crash Landing on You, a smooth, smooth romance between a North Korean officer and a South Korean heiress, and actors Song Joong-ki, Park Bo-gum have become big stars in India alongside others like Song Hye-kyo and Bae Suzy.

K-drama fans are also addicted to Rakuten Viki, a streaming service with over 15 million users worldwide.

“It has been an exciting time for us, especially as Rakuten Viki is home to the largest collection of K-drama on any streaming platform,” said Sarah Kim, Senior Vice President of Content Business & Regional GM (Asia) , to PTI in a press release.

“We find that people are hungry for Asian content, especially K-dramas, for its unique storytelling and twists, and because it offers a different production quality compared to American and Western content,” he said. she declared.

The love for all things South Korea is such that many fans overcame the “subtitle barrier” and included Korean words such as “noona et oppa” (older sister and brother), “namja -chingoo ”(boyfriend),“ yoja-chingoo ”(girlfriend) and“ sarang-hae ”(I love you) and many other words and expressions from their daily vocabulary.

Globally, too, the language is making waves with the Oxford English Dictionary which recently added 26 Korean words including K-drama, hallyu and kimbap to the dictionary.

“We are all riding the crest of the Korean wave,” the BBC said, citing OED in a statement.

Closer to home, the Korean Cultural Center India has started three-month online Korean courses and the 1,200 places filled up within two to three minutes of opening for registration, said KCCI director Hwang. Il-yong.

“Creating unique stories from normal, familiar life stories can be the power of K-dramas, and this can be one of the main reasons K content is becoming more and more popular globally. . The stories of normal and ordinary people can be universally accepted without resistance or barriers, ”Hwang said.

To introduce Indians to the world of K-pop, KCCI is also organizing a K-pop competition in India as well as a K-pop academy.

To meet the growing demand, Jawaharlal Nehru University is also organizing a Korean teacher training course as well as a regular subject in collaboration with KCCI.

According to Young-Geul Choi, director of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in New Delhi, the popularity of K content exploded during the pandemic, but the first K wave emerged in the northeast in 2000 when teenagers became fascinated. by Korean way of life.

“India is now one of the top countries in terms of the number of streaming and viewing of K-Pop or K-drama content. We often get requests from consumers on our social media sites asking how to visit K-drama filming sites or K-pop exhibition spaces or where to buy official merchandise, ”he said.

Along with entertainment comes culture, lifestyle and fashion influence, which hallyu fans now want to embrace in their lives, Choi said.

Family Man star Priyamani remembers how she went from English, Turkish and Belgian series to Korean series.

She stumbled across The Bride of Habaek, along with Shin Se-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk, late last year. She found the mystery and fantasy element “cute”, but it was the hit series Descendants of the Sun, starring Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo, that sparked her “love affair” with K-dramas.

“I am a big fan of Song Joong-ki. I don’t have his posters and things like that on my wall but I just admire him. I immediately fell in love with him and the character he played. After Descendants of the Sun, I continued to watch and watch a lot of series. Touchwood, my love is still going strong.

“What I found is that these shows are very relevant. You can identify with the culture and tradition as they are also very family oriented like us (Indians). You can connect to these stories even if it is a fantasy or a romance. Acting is also extremely real, ”the actor said.

Priyamani believes K-drama fans already have cities like Seoul, Busan or Daegu on their travel list.

Many people were already watching these dramas even before the pandemic, added Divya Jaladi, training manager at Guntur.

“The craze has been around for a long time now, but the pandemic has definitely given it a boost. People were bored, there wasn’t a lot of content on the TV channels. K-Dramas are a little different… There is a kind of guilty pleasure in them ”, Jaladi, 37 years old.

Ambitious storylines like a rich man meets a poor woman or storylines set in a fantasy world also help.

“Sometimes you wish for yourself something like this would happen to me. It’s very fantastic and usually doesn’t happen (in real life). Also, you don’t often see very beautiful people on the screen.

House Of The Dragon
House Of The Dragon teaser: Game of Thrones spin-off dates back 200 years before “the fall of the throne”

The Game of Thrones season 8 finale may have disappointed viewers, but there might be hope for redemption. HBO Max released the first teaser for House Of The Dragon on Tuesday, which is a spin-off of the fantasy series, based on the books by George RR Martin. The new series takes place 200 years before “the fall of the throne”.

“Gods, Kings, Fire and Blood,” Matt Smith’s character Prince Daemon Targaryen declares in a voiceover as we see swift shots of the sea, battles, and plans for new characters. “Dreams didn’t make us kings, dragons did,” he concludes, as the one-minute teaser cuts through the logo and title, which shows the Game of Thrones branding.

House of the Dragon is co-created by Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik, who will also direct several episodes.

The cast includes Paddy Considine as King Viserys Targaryen, Matt Smith as Prince Daemon Targaryen, Emma D’Arcy as Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, and Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower.

The first season of House Of The Dragon will consist of 10 episodes. It will arrive in 2022.

squid game
Why the world is obsessed with Netflix’s Squid game: Explaining its popularity

South Korean Drama Squid Game has captured public interest globally. Within days of its release, the intense thriller became one of streaming giant Netflix’s most-watched shows. It has been number one in several countries since its premiere, and memes based on the show have flooded the internet.

“Our Greatest Show Ever”: What Netflix Said About Squid Game

The show was released on September 17. Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos said last month, “It’s only been nine days, and there’s a good chance this is our greatest show ever.” A word of praise also came from Jeff Bezos who said: “@ReedHastings and Ted Sarandos and the @Netflix team
getting it right so often. Their internationalization strategy is not easy and they make it work. Awesome and inspiring. (And I can’t wait to watch the show.) ”

What the Squid game is all about

For the uninitiated, Squid Game is a fictional survival series that requires people to participate in what looks like games that kids might play. Either they win for life in Squid Game, or they die trying. Director Hwang Dong-hyuk is happy with the show’s unexpected success. Speaking to Variety, he said, “I wanted to write a story that is either an allegory or a fable about modern capitalist society, something that portrays extreme competition, kind of like the extreme competition of life. But I wanted him to use the kind of characters we’ve all encountered in real life.

What explains the popularity of Squid Game

The show was initially developed as a movie, but was later converted into a series to better serve its purpose. People are addicted to the show and find it relatable despite the fact that it is set in a different country than theirs. Kim Pyeong-gang, professor of global cultural content at Sangmyung University, believes there is a solid reason behind the connection viewers have found with Squid Game. Speaking to the BBC, Kim said: “People, especially the younger generation, who regularly suffer from alienation and resentment in real life, seem to sympathize with the characters.”

The problem with subtitles

But even if the show becomes popular, there is a strong problem that part of the audience has with Squid Game, its subtitles. Apparently people have complained about the English subtitles in particular, saying the interpretation is lousy and the whole meaning of the show is changing due to the difference in translation.

Nonetheless, Squid Game still reigns supreme when it comes to Netflix audiences. So, given his huge success, has writer-director Hwang Dong-hyuk ever considered making a sequel?

“I don’t have well-developed plans for ‘Squid Game 2’. It’s pretty tiring just thinking about it, ”the filmmaker told Variety.

Squid Game is currently streaming on Netflix.

kota factory season one
Revisit Kota Factory as the sequel brings back Jeetu bhaiya, Vaibhav and Co

The TVF Show, Kota Factory followed the story of IIT aspirants who move to Rajasthan Training Center in Kota to fulfill their dream of entering the country’s high-end educational institute. The five-part series told the story of Vaibhav and his friends, who are neither highs nor backbenchers at Prodigy, a training facility in Kota. It was the first black and white web show that reflected the colorless and monotonous life of its characters who leave everything to prepare for the entrance exam to IIT. Starring actor Jitendra Kumar as Jeetu Bhaiya, the series has been a dormant success and is back for the second season on Netflix.

All the finer things in life need a solid foundation, as Kota Factory students and teachers well know. Here’s taking you back to the show’s first season and what worked for it.


Writers Abhishek Yadav, Saurabh Khanna and Sandeep Jain brought this series to life on a theme often explored in cinema: the life of a student. While we were previously offered a glimpse into the high-pressure lives of 3 Idiots engineering students, we were able to watch and relate to the underdogs as well. They gave an honest picture of exam pressure and the evolution of adolescent relationships. The characters here weren’t your typical Hindi movie heroes who fight to change the system, but rather ordinary characters who fight with themselves to fit into the system, like many of us.

Also, some dialogues made you think of your friends. For example, when Uday (Alam Khan) said to Vaibhav (Mayur More), “Bhai ek plan mein kitni baar palti maarega, Goa thodi na jaa rahe hain (How many times will you change your mind about a plan, we don’t ‘let’s not go to Goa)’ you couldn’t help but think of that friend who always dumped you at the last minute.

Jeetu bhaiya

Jitendra Kumar in a Kota Factory still. (Photo: Viral fever / YouTube)

Have you ever wondered why you can’t find cool teachers like Sushmita Sen (Main Hoon Na) or Shah Rukh Khan (Mohabbatein) in your classes? Well, maybe because they never existed. But Kota Factory’s Jeetu Bhaiya, played by the talented Jitendra Kumar, reminded us of this teacher who was always available to dispel our doubts, not only about studies but also about life. Those who watched the series wanted a Jeetu Bhaiya in their life that could become their flagship.

To throw

kota plant Mayur More in a Kota Factory stiil. (Photo: TVF / Instagram)

What makes Kota Factory shine among the plethora of content available on streaming platforms is its impeccable distribution. Mayur More, who plays Vaibhav Pandey, channels the anxiety, worry and frustration of a student trying to get into one of the country’s leading educational institutions. Ranjan Raj, alias Meena, gives him all his support. He plays a friend that we all wish we had. From solving Vaibhav’s physics problems to monitoring his stool, he does it all while being at the top of his game. He makes his character familiar. Alam Khan as Uday is also perfectly cast. Overall, no character on the show seems insignificant, whether it’s Ahsas Channa in a cameo or Urvi Singh in studious Meenal.

5 short and crisp episodes

At a time when OTT platforms were starting to deliver a new webcast every week, Kota Factory clicked with most viewers for its short, crisp episodes. Additionally, when Netflix and Amazon Prime Video made a hole in people’s pockets, TVF aired all five episodes of their show on YouTube and quickly caught a crowd.


The TVF program had a great production quality. From experimenting with its monochromatic tone to an ear-pleasing background score, the makers have it all figured out. Apart from original songs like “Main Bola Hey!” and “The Gentleman,” the series’ background music, which was primarily piano-based, added old-school charm to the remarkable sequences.

Bigg Boss OTT Grand Finale Live Updates
Bigg Boss OTT Grand Finale Winner Name Live Updates

Bigg Boss OTT started with 13 competitors – Shamita Shetty, Neha Bhasin, Raqesh Bapat, Zeeshan Khan, Ridhima Pandit, Karan Nath, Urfi Javed, Divya Agarwal, Akshara Singh, Pratik Sehejpal, Nishant Bhatt, Moose Jattana (Muskaan Jattana) and Douce Gaba.

Bigg Boss OTT, hosted by Karan Johar, premiered on Voot on August 8.

Priyanka Chopra
After Priyanka Chopra’s The Activist faces a backlash, Julianne Hough notes: “We are celebrities, not activists”

Julianne Hough replied to backlash over his upcoming reality series, The Activist, which also features Priyanka Chopra and Usher as judges. Produced by CBS and Global Citizen, the series brings together six activists from around the world who want to make meaningful change to universal causes, including health, education and the environment. Their success will be judged on the basis of their social media campaigns. The premise of the show itself has been criticized and labeled as callous and deaf.

Julianne posted an Instagram post on Tuesday, responding to the strong backlash. “The past few days have been a powerful display of activism in real time. Thank you for using your voices, for calling me, for your responsibility and for your frankness. I listen deeply with an open heart and mind. She also mentioned some of the criticism she received about The Activist, which she described as “performative” and “deaf to tone”. According to Julianne, some have said that “the hosts were not qualified to assess activism” because they are “celebrities and not activists”.

“I heard you say there was hypocrisy on the show because at the root of activism is a struggle against capitalism and the trauma it causes to so many people and that the The show itself looked like a brilliant capitalist enterprise, ”she added. “I have also heard you say that trying to promote one cause over another is like the Olympics of oppression and has utterly disrespected and disrespected the many activists who have been killed, assaulted and faced with various abuses in fighting for their causes. “

Julianne continued, “And because of that there is a sense of insult, dehumanization, callousness and hurt that is rightfully felt. I do not claim to be an activist and fully agree that the judgment aspect of the show missed the mark and furthermore that I am not qualified to act as a judge.

She also addressed the blackface controversy in 2013, where she introduced herself as the Beverly Hills bash as “Crazy Eyes,” a character played by Uzo Aduba in the drama, Orange Is The New Black. “Wearing blackface was a bad choice based on my own white privilege and my own white body bias that hurts people and that’s something I regret doing to this day,” she wrote . “However, the regret with which I live is pale compared to the experiences of so many people. My commitment has been to think and act differently. Not perfectly, but I hope with a more developed understanding than racism and white supremacy is harmful to ALL people, ”she said.

Admitting that she had only scratched the surface of the criticisms she had received, she added: “I always listen because it’s a messy and uncomfortable conversation, and I promise to be there for it all.

Explaining the ‘real reason’ she signed on for the show, she wrote: ‘It seems important to me to share that the original reason I signed on to this show was because I was really excited to be a part of it. something that highlights and is centered around sharing the work of activists on a larger platform. In doing so, I thought it would help educate, mobilize, and inspire people around the world to get involved in activism, as many worthy causes need attention, funding, and most importantly, the power to ‘bring real change.

“I have faith and trust in the beautiful people I have worked with will make the right choice and do the right thing in the future,” she wrote. “Not just for the show, but for the greater good. I will continue to listen, unlearn, learn and take the time to be fully present with all that you have all shared because I don’t want to just react. I want to digest, understand and respond in a way that is genuine and aligned with the woman that I am becoming.

Julianne Hough concluded: “I also understand that there is no answer I could share that would make everyone happy, however I want you to know that this is a conversation and that I am always listening.”