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‘That’s kind of squid’: popular Korean TV show’s Amul gets a boost online

Say the Korean survival show Squid game has become a worldwide sensation would be an understatement. As the Netflix show takes social media by storm, brands around the world are trying to capitalize on its popularity. Indian dairy brand Amul, which featured the show in one of its latest commercials, has joined the movement.

From Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos mentioning it to popular video game Assassin’s Creed sharing an online meme, the hit survival drama TV series has created a buzz in every corner. So, it was time for Amul, who is known to feature hot topics in his cartoons, to join the conversation.

While Dalgona candies may be synonymous with the captivating spectacle, the dairy brand has replaced it with their signature butter toast. Sketching the iconic scene starring veteran actor Lee Jung-jae, who plays Seong Gi-hun on the show, Amul gave a touch of butter to an otherwise tense moment.

Although the on-screen portrayal of the masked men in pink jumpsuits arouses fear among the attendees, in the cartoon version, they can’t help but smile when they see the buttery delight. “Debt game? The text read on the cartoon nods to the show, where 456 debt-ridden contestants compete in deadly versions of kids’ games for a big cash prize.

Continuing their love for puns and puns, the cartoon also added “Amul – It Squide Nice (That’s pretty cool)” to praise the captivating show.

While the dystopian thriller is quite grotesque and different from the popular Korean romantic drama, its popularity has skyrocketed in India, as has the inspired memes by this.

Earlier, Kerala Tourism used the same scene and swapped dolgona candies for banana chips!

Things got interesting when Netflix India got involved in a friendly joke and asked if they could get an “Achappam out of the mold”. Of course, the National Tourism Service was up to the challenge and impressed everyone with perfect rendering!

The Korean drama, released in September, has become a fan favorite not only in India but among viewers around the world for its mind-blowing twists and captivating narrative.

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Scrapped Air India plane remains stuck under pedestrian bridge near Delhi airport, video goes viral

When it comes to planes, people may think they are flying high in the sky or parked in a hangar inside the airport. However, in a video that went viral, a plane was seen on a highway, stuck under a bridge, leaving passers-by and internet users amused.

In a video that got everyone talking online, an Air India carrier without its wings was seen stranded under a pedestrian bridge, as cars and buses passed by. The unusual sight of the huge stationary plane was filmed near Delhi airport on the Delhi-Gurugram highway in the middle of the night.

The video showed the nose of the plane and half of its body had gone through, however, the plane got stuck near the wing area below the deck.

Watch the video here:

As the video began to circulate widely, it left many people confused as to how it got there. Soon, the national airline clarified that the plane had been written off and scrapped. The incident occurred during the transport of the scrapped aircraft, which was sold.

“Air India has no connection with the aircraft under any circumstances,” the airline said in a statement.

However, even though the airline said it had nothing to do with the plane, that didn’t stop the jokes on social media.

However, this is not an isolated incident. Earlier in 2019, a similar incident occurred in West Bengal when another old Air India plane got stuck under a bridge while being transported in a truck.

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After idli popsicles, chocolate and strawberry dipped samosas go viral

The idli popsicles that have gone viral recently have had several takers, but that can’t be said for the latest internet food fusion fad.

Social media users across the spectrum were taken aback after watching a viral video that shows samosas dipped in sweet chocolate and strawberries, and netizens reacted to the bizarre merger with a mixture of recoil and confusion.

Expressing his shock in words, industrialist Harsh Goenka tweeted the video with the caption: “Seeing the idli lollipop circulating on social media was ok, but this one.” The video has garnered over 24,000 views so far.

In the 18-second clip, a person is seen showing off varieties of samosas, which include versions dipped in chocolate and strawberry flavors and a third variation with a sweet jam filling inside. The last one presented is a desi samosa with a tandoori paneer stuffing.


Clearly unhappy with these merger attempts, many have turned to social media to voice their opinions. One user even wrote: “What no cheese? Is it even a legitimate street food? “

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Viral photo of idli with ice cream stick leaves foodies divided online

Giving innovative touches to traditional dishes and cuisines is nothing new and is a practice followed by chefs around the world. However, the fusion food trend is going a bit too far these days. The latest to join the list is idli popsicle!

After butter chicken golpappe, a photo of “idli ice cream” took social media by storm and started a serious conversation online, leaving foodies divided. In the image that has gone viral, the round, chewy idlis have a usual makeover – shaped like a bar of chocolate, tucked away in an ice cream stick. But what really left everyone unsure was the big stick of idli dipped in sambhar!

While the origin of the dish is not yet known, people who share it online have credited it with being innovative food technology from Bengaluru.

As the image began to circulate on social media platforms, it kicked off a series of online debates, with some praising it as a creative and practical solution, others just wanted to cherish their favorite breakfast as is.


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Bhopal street vendor offers free ‘pani-puri’ to celebrate daughter’s birth

Delighted to have been fortunate enough to have a daughter, a street vendor in Bhopal gave people free ‘pani-puri’ to welcome her baby and send a message to society to celebrate the birth of a daughter and don’t not discriminate between boys and girls. “Beti hai, to kal hai (the future is possible with girls),” said Anchal Gupta, who runs a ‘pani-puri’ center in the Kolar district of the capital of Madhya Pradesh, in his message to the people while offering them the free spicy snack. cost on Sunday.

“The birth of the baby girl is a dream come true for me. Ever since I got married I’ve always wanted a girl, but first I was lucky enough to have a son two years ago, ”the 30-year-old seller said Monday.

The man said God had blessed him with his daughter on August 17 of this year. Yesterday was my son’s second birthday and I decided to celebrate it by announcing the birth of my daughter by offering free pani-puri to the people of Bhopal and giving them the message that ‘beti hai, to kal hai, ”said the man, who is a Class 8 dropout.

The seller said he served ‘pani puri’ worth Rs 35,000-40,000 for free on Sunday, but that didn’t matter to him as the joy of having a daughter was more than anything else.

Large numbers of people flocked to bustling Kolar from Sunday afternoon to evening to have the “pani puri” at the Gupta booth, and many of them congratulated him on the birth of his daughter and her decision. to celebrate it with the gesture of offering the free snack.

Some eyewitnesses said people don’t even follow COVID-19 protocols, including the standard of maintaining social distancing while enjoying the free snack.

Gupta, whose two other brothers are engineers while he has been in the “pani puri” business for almost 20 years, said his wife had graduated and planned to set up a sewing center (for sewing and embroidery) for her, but the birth of their daughter has now delayed the plan. “But, I will open a shop for her after a while so that she becomes (financially) independent,” he added.

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“What a comeback”: Internet users celebrate India’s first victory over England at the Oval in 50 years

The Indian cricket team left fans ecstatic after winning the fourth test by 157 points as they took a 2-1 lead in the five-game series against England at the Oval on Monday.

After England captain Joe Root was sacked by Shardul Thakur, India reclaimed six wickets, securing a victory over the home side which collapsed to 210 on the final day. Thanks to this, the Indian cricket team recorded their first test victory on the iconic oval pitch since their historic triumph in 1971.

Celebrating the victory after 50 years, netizens burst into joy as they praised the Indian cricket team, especially the efforts of the bowlers. While many shared videos of the final wicket, others tweeted the hilarious reactions from Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli. Netizens also took the opportunity to share memes and jokes while praising the Indian team’s game against England.

Here, take a look at some of the many reactions shared online.