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YouTube Music will become audio only for non-premium users

YouTube Music will soon be audio-only for free users and will no longer play music videos alongside audio. The platform recently announced via a detailed article that videos on YouTube Music will soon become exclusive to YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium subscribers.

Free users who don’t subscribe to any of these plans will also miss out on features like on-demand music selection and unlimited skips.

YouTube Music will, however, continue to allow free users access to dedicated surround mixes on the platform. These include mixes for training and travel with advertisements. The publication, first spotted by 9to5Google Also states that if free listeners have uploaded songs to the YouTube Music app, they can continue to play them anytime, on demand.

Here is a detailed list of features that both free and paid users will be able to experience.

Free users:

Listening to music in the background

Random play of custom mixes (made just for you!)

Find the perfect mood mixes for activities like training, on the go and more

Explore millions of songs and thousands of playlists, for free

Premium subscription users:

Listen to songs on demand

Watch videos on YouTube Music

Skip tracks an unlimited number of times

Enjoy YouTube Music Ad-Free

The new changes are expected to be rolled out for the first time in Canada on November 3 of this year. Thereafter, we can expect the changes to occur in other regions, including India. It remains to be seen what YouTube and YouTube Music’s long-term plans are for the other regions. More details on this are expected to be revealed shortly by the company.

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Sevenaire’s new Smart Table can act as a speaker, wireless charger and power bank

Sevenaire has launched a “Saturn Bluetooth speaker table”, which can also be used as a table and speaker. This is a three-legged bedside / cafe / side table, with multi-functional features.

The smart table comes with a 360 degree wireless bluetooth speaker. It can also act as a power bank as well as a wireless charger. The Saturn Bluetooth speaker table is priced at Rs 26,499 and can be purchased through Amazon. It is available in two color options including dark walnut and light ash wood.

This unique product has premium real wood veneer and high quality heather fabric upholstery. The 88W unit comes with six speakers, including two tweeters, four subwoofers and four bass radiators to give you surround sound.

The speakers are mounted all around the table and protected by the fabric. Users can control the music with buttons placed on the speaker. In addition, there is also an Aux port, which will allow you to connect any other audio device.

The Sevenaire Saturn speaker table also has smart features. It has a Qi wireless charger on the top that can charge your latest Samsung, Apple or Google smartphone by simply placing it on the table in the marked area. In addition, you will also find two USB ports for the power bank, which can charge almost all your devices, including smartphones, headphones, smartwatches and other devices.

This Smart Table has a built-in 6,600mAh battery, which the company says can give you up to 10 hours of continuous playback. The brand also says this product is great for any indoor or outdoor space.

“It pairs well with your bedroom, living room, yard or office, you name it. It’s an amazing combination of art and technology, with contemporary design, with stereo sound and deep bass, ”Sevenaire said.

Rajasthan HC stays arrest of Twitter CEO, refuses to quash FIR against him
Square CEO Jack Dorsey says he wants to build bitcoin mining system

Square Inc CEO Jack Dorsey said on Friday that the fintech company is looking to create a custom, open-source silicon-based bitcoin mining system for individuals and businesses.

This would add to Square’s existing bitcoin-focused projects, including a venture to create an open development platform, like
as well as a hardware wallet for cryptocurrency.

“If we do this, we will follow our hardware wallet model: build in the open in collaboration with the community,” Dorsey said in
a tweet. A team led by Square’s head of hardware Jesse Dorogusker will study the conditions required for Square to take over the project to
build a bitcoin mining system.

In her Twitter thread, Dorsey also said that silicon design or chip design is too concentrated in a few companies, which leads
supply constraints. Square shares rose about 1% in extended trading.

Bitcoin topped $ 60,000 on Friday for the first time in six months since China’s crackdown on trade and mining, as hopes grew that U.S. regulators would allow an exchange-traded fund (ETF ) ultimately, a decision likely to pave the way for
greater investment in digital assets.

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Scientists simulate life on Mars in Israeli rock crater

From the gate of the expedition base, a few small steps to the left passes an autonomous rover. A few giant steps to the right is a set of solar panels. The landscape is rocky, hilly, tinged with red. By design, he looks like Mars.
Here in Ramon Crater in the desert of southern Israel, a team of six people – five men and one woman – began to simulate what it will be like to live for about a month on the Red Planet.

Their AMADEE-20 habitat is nestled under a rocky outcrop. Inside, they sleep, eat and experiment. Outside, they wear fictional spacesuits equipped with cameras, microphones and self-contained breathing systems.

“Our motto is to fail fast, fail cheaply and have a steep learning curve. Because for every mistake we make here on earth, we hope not to repeat it on Mars, ”said Gernot Gromer, director of the Austrian Space Forum.

The Austrian association is leading the project with the Israel Space Agency and the local D-MARS group.

A number of recent Martian probes have captivated astronomy fans the world over with robotic rovers like NASA’s Perseverance and, for the first time, the Ingenuity helicopter, offering glimpses of the planet’s surface. But a manned mission is probably over a decade away.

With AMADEE-20, which was due to take place in 2020 but has been postponed due to COVID-19, the team hopes to bring new information that will help prepare for this mission when the time comes.

“The habitat, right now, is the most complex and modern analog research station on this planet,” said Gromer, standing next to the 120-square-meter (1,300-square-foot) shaped structure. two large connected yurts.

The six team members are constantly being filmed, their vital signs monitored, their movements inside tracked to analyze favorite places to congregate. All to better understand the human factor, said Gromer.

Outside, other engineers and specialists are working with a drone and a rover to improve autonomous navigation and mapping in a world where GPS is not available.

In total, they will perform more than 20 experiments in fields such as geology, biology and medicine and hope to publish some of the results once completed.

“There are six of us working in a tight space under a lot of pressure to do a lot of testing. There are bound to be challenges, ”said Alon Tenzer, 36, wearing the spacesuit that carries around 50 kg (110 lbs) of equipment. “But I trust my crew that we can overcome these challenges.”

Polygon Network overtakes Ethereum in terms of active user base

The Polygon network has overtaken the popular Ethereum Blockchain network in terms of user base with more than 566,516 active users registered on the platform, a Polygonscan research report revealed on October 2. On the other hand, Ethereum’s tally stood at 527,158.

Data Etherscan shows that the number of active addresses on the Polygon network has increased by 168% in the last 30 days, while the number of Ethereum has only increased by 0.6%. This is the first time that the number of users of the Polygon network has exceeded that of Ethereum.

Ethereum is an open source, public blockchain network that allows people to send cryptocurrency to anyone for a fee. This blockchain network had led the charge against competitors when it came to user interactions in crypto games. However, new figures have revealed that more users are interacting with the Polygon chain rather than the Ethereum mainnet.

How did Polygon overtake Ethereum?

Ethereum suffers from slow transactions and at times high transaction costs have prevented users from interacting with the coin. Meanwhile, on the Polygon network, the transaction fees are much lower and also offer high security.

According to Spencer Noon, a cryptocurrency venture capital fund, the adoption of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and NFT-based fantasy games have fueled the growth of Polygon’s user base. “Since July, traders on Polygon OpenSea [the NFT marketplace] were multiplied by 45.5 and NFTs sold by 17.5, ”Spencer said in the network’s Oct. 2 report.

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Google will not fund sites, YouTube videos that deny climate change

Alphabet Inc’s Google will ban ads and stop funding media that contradict scientific consensus on climate change, another attempt by the internet giant to root out environmental plots it has nurtured for years.
The new ban applies to ads that Google places online, as well as websites and YouTube videos that serve Google ads. It includes any content that denies human contributions to global warming or treats “climate change as a hoax or scam,” Google said in a blog post Thursday.

Google, the biggest seller of digital ads, has been criticized for letting companies looking to debunk or deny climate change buy search ads. On Google-owned YouTube, inaccurate climate videos have been viewed more than 21 million times and have frequently served ads, according to a 2020 study by nonprofit Avaaz. The report prompted Congress to reprimand Google, which also touted its environmental record.

Why climate science isn’t going viral on YouTube

Earlier this week, Google released several green features for search, maps, and other services. In recent years, YouTube has tried to stop recommending climate deniers to viewers. Facebook Inc. has taken similar steps on its platforms.

For the new ad rule, Google said it consulted with experts from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The company will begin enforcing the ban in November.

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Android 12 source code released, update for Pixel phones could come later

Google made the source code for Android 12 available today. However, the Android 12 stable update for qualifying Pixel devices is still not available and could arrive at a later date. The new Android 12 update brings better personalization and privacy features to phones, including a new Material You design language.

With the source code for Android 12 now open, various OEMs can now use the Android 12 code to embed their own Android skins. Check out the tweet below.

Android 12 is expected to arrive in various 3, 4, and 5 Pixel series phones at a later date, as well as a number of devices supported by brands such as Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, and others.

Android 12: What’s new?

Android 12’s biggest differentiator is the new Material You design language which completely dresses the phone according to the wallpaper you apply. Colors will also make their way to the notification shade, lock screen widgets, and Google’s proprietary apps. Third-party apps could also support Material You in the future if the developer so chooses. The new interface is also rounder than before.

Android 12 also gets a redesigned top notification tray with more rounded corners as well as larger, more colorful quick settings buttons. There are also a number of new privacy settings in Android 12, including a unified privacy dashboard where users can track all permissions and data accessibility items in one place.

There is also a new lock screen in Android 12 with the date, local weather, alarms and notifications now in the upper left corner. The new interface receives a large centralized clock which now occupies the entire display. Check out our in-depth review of Android 12 here.

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LinkedIn is testing paid online events as a potential new money generator

LinkedIn is testing the idea of ​​letting users bill for virtual events hosted on its platform, potentially creating a new money generator for both the social network and its users.

The test involves a small group of users, and the company has not decided to roll it out more widely, the Microsoft Corp division said in a statement on Monday. LinkedIn is always exploring the approach, including how much, if not something, it will collect from hosts.

The move would build on the growth of LinkedIn Events, a program that has seen participation increase during the pandemic. Twenty-one million people attended one of the platform’s events in 2020, the company said.

“We continue to learn from member and customer feedback and are testing new ways to improve the experience,” LinkedIn said in the release. “As part of this, we are exploring payment options in the Events product based on feedback from event planners.”

LinkedIn, which began offering in-person and online event planning through its platform in 2018, has refined the system during the pandemic. It added native live video streaming last year to better handle virtual event hosts. Earlier this year, LinkedIn began offering hosts the ability to advertise their events.

The company said it was exploring other new features – beyond charging money – to make it easier to organize events.

LinkedIn’s plans were revealed inside hidden code in a beta of an upcoming update to the company’s iPhone app. The code refers to managing payments, selling tickets, and generating revenue as a host. He also cites the possibility for users to purchase tickets. “By leaving this event, you will lose your message and your ticket will not be refunded,” reads a message intended for the system. “If you have any questions, please contact the organizer.

Code discoveries predicted future functionality from Robinhood Markets Inc., Peloton Interactive Inc., Facebook Inc., Square Inc., and large corporations.

LinkedIn’s plan was previously reported by TechCrunch.

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Google and Indian antitrust watchdog argue in court over leaked probe

Google accused India’s competition regulator in court on Friday of being a “habitual offender” by disclosing confidential information about cases it was reviewing, a charge the watchdog dismissed.

The Times of India and Reuters reported on Saturday that an investigation by the Indian Competition Commission (ICC) found that Alphabet Inc’s Google had abused the dominant position of its Android operating system in India, illegally using its “huge financial muscle” to hurt its competitors. .

In an unusual move on Thursday, Google took the ICC to the Delhi High Court, saying in a statement it was “protesting the breach of trust” and “to prevent any further unlawful disclosure of confidential findings.”

In the nearly hour-long court showdown on Friday, Google attorney Abhishek Manu Singhvi accused the ICC of repeatedly leaking information, claiming it had done so “to give a bad impression. reputation to a dog in advance and then hang him by these selective leaks “. He asked the court to tell the ICC “the leak cannot go on for a minute longer”.

CCI’s attorney, India’s Additional Solicitor General N. Venkataraman, denied the allegations, fighting back that the US tech giant was trying to derail the investigative process and challenging government authority without evidence. “A charge is brought against a government agency. Not a word in this whole affidavit showing how we did it and where the evidence is, ”Venkataraman said, requesting the rejection of Google’s case.

“How are we responsible for everything that has been said in this court? Judge Rekha Palli noted the submissions of both parties in an order and scheduled another hearing for Monday. Google declined to comment after the hearing, while the ICC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The antitrust authority ordered the investigation in 2019, saying Google appeared to have leveraged its dominance to curtail the ability of device makers to opt for alternative versions of its mobile operating system and force them to preinstall them. google apps.

The investigation found that the mandatory pre-installation of apps “amounts to imposing unfair terms on device makers” in violation of India’s competition law, according to the 750-page report, which is not public. The report, seen by Reuters, also found that the company had leveraged the position of its Play Store app store to protect its dominance.

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Amazon India Launches Prime Video Channels: What It Means, The Price Of The Add-On Subscription, And More

Amazon announced “Prime Video Channels” for the Indian market to provide users with access to a distinctive list of content from different video streaming services. The e-commerce giant launched the service with eight OTT platforms, which is made available to all Prime members at discounted prices.

Amazon has confirmed that it plans to add many more channels to the platform. The Prime Video channel service is already present in a few countries outside of India, and Amazon has over 350 OTT partners around the world.

Amazon launches Prime Video channels in India: what does it mean?

This service is basically an add-on subscription of popular OTT platforms and users will be able to stream content from them on the Amazon Prime Video app in India. The same service will also be available on the official Amazon website.

By providing access to different OTT platforms in one place, Amazon makes it easier for customers to avoid juggling multiple usernames, passwords, and billing due dates.

“With Prime Video Channels, all premium content subscriptions are managed within one destination – the Prime Video apps and website,” the company said.

The new service currently offers a total of 8 OTT channels, including Discovery +, Lionsgate Play, Eros Now, DocuBay, MUBI, hoichoi, manoramaMAX and Shorts TV. If you don’t want to access content from other OTT platforms, you can just watch Amazon Prime content without paying extra.

But, you will have to pay extra if you want to watch the content of these channels. As part of the launch, all Amazon Prime members will be able to benefit from OTT subscriptions at special prices.

Users will also be able to use IMDb’s X-Ray feature and a single consolidated watchlist and download library for offline viewing. Subscribers will also have the ability to manage data usage and much more across all of their premium channel subscriptions.

Prime Video Channels Subscriptions and Prices in India

All Prime members will be able to access Discovery + by paying Rs 299 per year. It covers subgenres such as Science, Adventure, Food, and Lifestyle.

The DocuBay subscription will cost Rs 499 per year. This service offers documentaries from all corners of the globe in a variety of categories. It should be noted that the original price for this service is Rs 999, but Amazon Prime members get a 50% discount on annual subscriptions.

There is also a 25% discount on the Eros Now subscription, so customers will be able to purchase its subscription for Rs 299. This price is for an annual subscription and users will be able to access over 12,000 original episodic movies and series. premium. , music videos and more. This service offers content in 13 languages.

The Hoichoi subscription will cost Rs 599 per year. It is also a video streaming platform, which features Bengali language content including popular series like Hello, Byomkesh, Eken Babu, etc., as well as a huge library of movies including world premieres, classics and blockbusters.

Amazon also offers a Lionsgate Play subscription for Rs 699 per year. The service offers thousands of hours of premium content, including award-winning premieres, billion dollar franchise movies, frenzy-worthy box sets, and popular titles like John Wick: Chapter 3, Wrath of Man, and Moreover.

The manoramaMAX, which is priced at Rs 699 per year, is the OTT platform that originates from the home of MM TV Ltd, the Malayala Manorama group’s TV channel. It includes a variety of programming ranging from entertainment content that comes on Mazhavil Manorama, originals to news and infotainment content broadcast by Manorama News channel.

Those who wish to access MUBI will be able to get it for Rs 1,999, the price of one year. This service focuses on classic and arthouse cinema. The price of the ShortsTV subscription starts from Rs 299 per year. This service will offer the best shorts from around the world, including Oscar nominated shorts.