CBSE provides clarification via video on the type of MCQ that will be requested in Class 10 and 12 advice in Quarter 1

The CBSE published the Acad Circular – 88/2021 September 29, 2021 to host webinars to explain Competency-based questions for science, math, social science and English in detail. The webinars proved to be very interesting and extremely informative for students and teachers alike, as CBSE experts discussed what to expect in the upcoming first quarter exams. Never before has such clarity been given via video webinars to everyone on board the exams.

We attended these webinars and some very useful information will follow below on what type of MCQs will be asked of the tips from the first session and how to answer them. So please read until the end so you don’t miss out on such a critical update.

CBSE Circular Acad – 88/2021 Inviting Teachers To Attend Webinars On Developing Competency-Based Questions

Panelists from each webinar explained how questions are formed around the competency-based education system. The CBSE has made it clear that to move away from rote learning and concept aggression, the Q1 Q1 jury exam will be heavily competency-based.


There is a myth among students and teachers that a skill question involves some sort of paragraph or case study followed by MCQ, which is not true. In class 10 science (or subjects in class 12 science), a multiple choice test was taken as an example (screenshot below) to explain how a stand-alone technical process or diagram will be given to test analytical skills and student reviews. This is called the proficiency test.

Image-based MCQs to test high-level student skills, as discussed in the CBSE scientific webinar held on October 5, 2021

This style of questioning (MCQ) is scattered throughout the Semester 1 sample CBSE document provided. There is a mixed type of simple (but process-oriented) MCQ, picture, board or situation based on the high level skills given in the sample document and the board paper will be heavily based on these skills testing multiple choice questions.

It is suggested that Educart Examples of paper books for class 10 and Class 12 at term 1 are the only books prepared in collaboration with CBSE experts to actually include all of these proficiency test MCQs. Teachers and students should only seriously consider these books for specific practice.


In the Mathematics Webinar, the panelists had a lot of discussion about the parameters used to create different types of multiple choice questions (diagrams and cases) for the 1st semester exams. As in the example below, students should be able to remember, think, analyze and apply their knowledge, hence apply the skills.

Diagram-based MCQs to inspire students to use the skills discussed in the CBSE Maths webinar held on October 6, 2021

This distinction of asking a quiz style math question can be considered basic, but many teachers get the wrong approach in their pre-boards and unit tests. It should be noted that most books on the market have also not closely studied the document provided by the British Council and the competency-based MCQ guidelines for the CBSE Sample Paper.

Again, examples of Educart paper books for Class 10 and Class 12 Math is 100% updated in accordance with these seminar guidelines on the type of CBE (Competency Based Education) type MCQ that will be requested.


Finally, we have quickly reviewed the Webinar in English, just to give an idea of ​​the type of MCQ that will be required. We have chosen the MCQ writing skills discussion (screenshot below) to suggest MCQs based on the typical format, like free closing, letter subject, how a letter should start, etc. WILL NOT be requested.

MCQ writing section to inspire students to use the skills discussed in the CBSE English webinar held on October 8, 2021

Instead, the process of arriving at a response through creative thinking and connecting logics would be tested. The same logic applies to the English Basic Class 12 MCQs for all reading and literature sections.

For detailed practice, CBSE Educart’s latest paper sample books Class 10 English and Class 12 Basic English Course are uploaded as the most accurate resources for practicing these types of upcoming MCQs for the first trimester board exams. We hope the article is helpful. Please watch the online seminar (links given at the beginning) for more information.