Gangster convicted of extorting Mohali businessman

Mohali police convicted gangster Sandeep aka Kala Jatheri on Friday for allegedly making an extortion call to a town businessman. Kala Jatheri is a notorious criminal and is wanted by police in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi for extortion, murder and attempted murder.

Police said that after the new case is registered, district police will initiate the process to bring Jatheri on production warrants.

The plaintiff in the latest case, Kudratdeep Singh, told police he operated a brickyard and was a farmer and received a call on October 8.

The complainant told police that the appellant introduced himself as Kala Jatheri and asked him to spit out 1 crore rupees, failing to do so, which could lead to dire consequences.

“He threatened me and asked me not to inform the police. The appellant asked me to give him money or face the consequences, ”alleged the complainant.

Based on the complaint, the district police convicted Kala Jatheri under Articles 506 (criminal intimidation) and 387 (anyone who, in order to commit extortion, puts or attempts to cause a person to fear death or serious injury to that person or any other) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) to the Phase VIII police station.

Kala Jatheri is a notorious criminal and was arrested by Delhi Police in July of this year. Jatheri is known to be a close associate of another Punjab-based gangster, Lawrence Bishnoi.

Jatheri and his gang are active in the National Capital Region (NCR) and are involved in murder, attempted murder and are also known to be involved in property grabbing incidents.

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Mohali district notified 95% of its dengue cases in 45 days

With more than 800 cases of dengue reported in the district, Mohali has become notorious again. However, no cases were reported on Sunday.

According to doctors, about 95% of the total cases reported this year have been in the past and a half months, which worries the health department.

“About 350 cases were reported last month, along with eight deaths. This is a huge number, as the Ministry of Health is still dealing with the effects of Covid-19, ”an official said.

Officials also added that most of the cases have been reported in Mohali (town) which has become an epicenter of the spread. One official said: “We have identified the vulnerable spots, especially the chic areas like Phases VII and IV, and MC (Municipal Corporation) teams have started to scramble those areas.”

Asked why the disease is spreading in these areas, a health official said that as many paid accommodation is located in these areas.
areas, tenants use desert coolers. A number of larvae were found in the coolers. Fr

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Dengue control: 1,36,665 houses identified in Mohali, larvae found in at least 4,957

The MOHALI district administration, since March of this year, has inspected a total of 1,36,665 houses and other locations for mosquito breeding and found larvae in as many as 4,957 properties, with challans being immediately issued to all violators, officials said. .

As of Monday alone, a total of 91 suspected dengue cases were reported in the district. District immunization officer Dr Vikrant Gupta said of those 46 cases it has been confirmed while adding that five deaths have been reported due to the vector-borne disease so far.

On Monday, a 30-year-old woman succumbed to the disease. Doctors said the victim, identified as Ramrati, belonged to Matour.

According to Mohali’s civil surgeon, Dr Adarsh ​​Pal Kaur, teams of health workers check coolers, refrigerator trays, jars, empty tires, boxes and other containers during their door-to-door check. -door, with emphasis on investigation, fogging, and awareness campaigns in some of the high-risk areas – Phase 7, Balongi and Dera Bassi – from which several cases of dengue had been reported in recent days .

“A total of five teams are investigating Balongi these days. Dengue is spread by several species of female mosquitoes of the genus Aedes, mainly Aedes aegypti. The larvae of the mosquito that spreads dengue fever can turn into dangerous mosquitoes within a few days. Usually people think that if it is a bit cold, the dengue mosquito will not breed. But the truth is, the Aedes aegypti mosquito breeds even in this season. Therefore, people should be more careful, ”Kaur said.

Symptoms of dengue fever can include a high fever, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint pain, and a characteristic rash. Recovery usually takes two to seven days.In a small proportion of cases, the disease progresses to more severe dengue hemorrhagic fever, resulting in bleeding, low blood platelet counts and leakage of blood plasma, or shock syndrome. dengue fever, where blood pressure is dangerously low. occurs.

Dr Adarshpal Kaur called on people in the district to cooperate in preventing dengue fever and said the health department alone is making continuous efforts in this direction. “It was only with the help of the inhabitants of the district that we were able to free Mohali from dengue. There is no set season for the spread of dengue, but generally it is most prevalent from July to November, so caution is advised even in October and November, ”Kaur said.

Mohali Police File Status Report on Sedition Case Against 23-Year-Old Jagtar Hawara

Mohali police on Thursday filed the situation report in a 23-year-old sedition case against Jagtar Singh Hawara, who was convicted of the assassination of former Punjab chief minister Beant Singh. The situation report also mentioned the name of a suspicious woman.

Police told the court they had gathered more evidence against Kulbir Kaur Dhami and would soon file an additional challan in the case. The court has set November 22 as the next date to hear the case.

In the situation report filed on September 21 in the court of civilian judge Mukesh Kumar Singla, police said Jagtar Singh Hawara was being held in Burail prison. He further stated that he could not be released from prison in accordance with the provisions of article 268 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC). The situation report indicated that since Hawara could not be released from the prison, the challan could not be submitted.

However, Hawara’s lawyer Jaspal Singh Manjhpur claimed he was being accommodated in Tihar prison. “Hawara is accommodated in Tihar prison while the situation report submitted by the police indicates that he is in Burail prison. The lawyer told The Indian Express that 23 years have passed, but the police situation report says they want to further delay proceedings in the case.

Hawara’s production warrants were first issued on April 4, 1999, for April 28 of the same year by the Court of First Class Judicial Magistrate (JMIC) Mandeep Singh Dhillon in Kharar, however, after police of the district neither put Hawara on production mandates. nor arrested in this matter.

Hawara, along with six others, was sentenced under Articles 124-A (sedition), 153-A (promoting enmity between different groups on religious grounds), 225 (Resisting or obstructing legal arrest another person) and 511 (Punishment for attempting to commit offenses punishable by life imprisonment or other prison terms) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) in FIR number 31 registered on June 13, 1998, at post Sohana Police Station.

Mohali MC sees great drama over land allocation to cattle ranchers

Great drama was observed at the meeting of the Municipal Corporation House after opposition advisers raised technical questions regarding the allocation of land to cattle ranchers in area 91-74.

When the meeting began around noon, opposition advisers led by Gurmeet Kaur objected to the MC’s decision to allot 3.54 acres of land near the landfill. The councilors demanded that the MC should allocate the land to ranchers on a permanent basis.

Opposition councilors objected that they wanted a response from the mayor, not councilors. Congressional advisers showed signs showing stray cattle in an attempt to highlight the threat of cattle roaming the city.

In the meantime, the resolution was passed unanimously to provide rentable land for owners of livestock and pet ranchers.

Municipal company commissioner Kamal Garg proposed an amendment to the resolution to lease the land instead of a lease which was accepted.

No male opposition adviser attends the meeting
Advisers from the Azad group, including Sukhdev Singh Patwari and Harpreet Singh Samana, who first raised the issue of land allocation, did not reach the meeting. The councilors had taken the lead and raised the issue. The Azad group, which has 13 advisers in the MC house, raised the issue of land allocation, calling it a scam.

Apart from this, another agenda item regarding the development of a children’s park with JCT as part of the Amrut mission and for the development of a park in phase 9 of the industrial zone also been adopted.
After the meeting, Mayor Amarjit Singh Jeeti Sidhu, while answering questions from the media, said he would ensure that opposition and ruling party advisers do not create a din
to the House but address
the chair.

177 cases of dengue this month put the Mohali administration on alert

Mohali has reported a total of 213 dengue cases so far, according to available data, of which 177 have been reported this month alone, raising alarm bells among district administration officials.

Health service teams, in response, accelerated checks in vulnerable areas, with particular emphasis on increasing the rate of misting.

Dengue is a tropical disease transmitted by mosquitoes and caused by the dengue virus. Dengue is spread by several species of female mosquitoes of the genus Aedes, mainly Aedes aegypti.

Meanwhile, at the direction of Mohali’s Deputy Commissioner (DC), Isha Kalia, a joint team of health officials and those from the municipality, began to carry out a dengue campaign in different offices in the complex. administrative district.

Deputy Commissioner (L) Tarsem Chand said a special dengue fever campaign has been launched in the administrative complex to eliminate the larvae. He said that during the journey, roofs, flowerpots and containers with water were checked.

Chand also urged the population to ensure that puddles of standing water do not form anywhere as they can prove to be a breeding ground for dengue larvae. He called on the population to observe Friday as a dry day to free the district from dengue fever.

The ADC said the administration was fully equipped for the prevention and control of dengue and other diseases and that all logistics – including chemicals and equipment – had been put in place to deal with the any situation. To sensitize the masses, the administration is already carrying out information, education and communication (IEC) activities in the neighborhood.

Dupé ‘: 200 investors protest after builder closes office and’ disappears’ in Derabassi

AT LEAST 200 investors gathered on Thursday at a Derabassi housing project site in Mohali and launched a loud protest after discovering the builder’s office was locked and staff were missing. Protesters said they were duped and the project builder fled after taking their hard-earned money.

Protesters gathered outside the Athens Project in Derabassi, developed by Gupta Brothers and Promoters, on Thursday and staged a dharna. The agitators alleged that they invested their life savings to buy a house only to find out that the builder had duped them and ran away with their money.

Protesters claimed that more than 4,500 people had invested in projects developed by the Gupta Brothers and Promoters Group in Kharar, Zirakpur, Derabassi. They also alleged that the owners of Gupta Builders Private Limited Group had taken out loans on buildings under construction and that in most projects the beneficiaries never took possession of their properties.

Amit Gupta, one of the investors, said he had met one of the owners of the Gupta Brothers and Promoters group, Raman Gupta, who assured him that the company was fixing its problems and would respond to any questions. investor concerns before September 30. Gupta Brothers and Promoters has been involved in the development of seven projects, which include commercial projects as well as housing projects.
On Thursday, some investors also gathered outside the group’s office in Zirakpur and found that the office was also closed there.

Gupta Brothers and Promoters under scanner

At least three FIRs related to real estate fraud have been registered against the owners of Gupta Brothers and Promoters Group in Chandigarh. In one of the cases, the owners succeeded in obtaining interim protection from a local court, but they have not yet joined the police investigations. Two of the FIRs were registered with the Economic Offense Wing (EOW), the UT Police, and a third case was filed with the Police Station in Sector 34. The Gupta Brothers and Promoters Group is headquartered in sector 34, Chandigarh.

SP (city, EOW) Ketan Bansal said, “We have three cases registered against Gupta Brothers and Promoters Group in Chandigarh. They are sought after in our cases.

The reserved owners of Gupta Brothers and Promoters Group have been identified by police as Pardeep Kumar Gupta, Satish Kumar Gupta, Anupam Gupta and others. Sources indicated that in addition to the three FIRs against the builders, some complaints are also pending against them at the police station in Sector 34. Sources added that, as the group was headquartered in Sector 34, the investors and the builders’ customers often lodged their complaints with the area police station, PS 34. The last FIR against the builders brothers was registered on August 31 by a certain Anoop Kumar. Sector 15, who accused them of committing fraud of Rs 47.50 lakh under the pretext of providing him with residential land.

Accessibility, priority delivery of social assistance schemes, according to newly appointed Mohali DC Isha Kalia

Access to the public and the delivery of government social protection programs are top priorities for Mohali (DC) new Deputy Commissioner Isha Kalia.

Kalia replaced Girish Dayalan on Tuesday, who was transferred following an administrative overhaul.
Emphasizing the grievance mechanism, the new DC said each district needs a different approach and will prioritize issues accordingly to address people’s woes.

She added that the responsibility will be ensured of all the agents regarding their work. Speaking about the strategy to thwart the likely third wave of Covid-19, she said she would thoroughly review the district’s action plan and take precautionary measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

She insisted on delivering development projects on time and said laxity will not be tolerated. She added that accountability will be demanded from district officials to speed up infrastructure works and other development projects.

Prior to that, Kalia received honor guard from a contingent of Punjab police and she also inspected the parade at the district administration complex. Previously, the IAS officer for the 2009 batch was appointed director general of school education (DGSE). She also served additional functions as Secretary of Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) and served as Special Secretary, Department of Health and Family Welfare and Deputy Commissioners of Hoshiarpur, Fazilka and Special Secretary, Water Supply and Sanitation and Additional Director General, Punjab Investment Promotion Office and Secretary Member of the Punjab State Women’s Commission.

Punjabi University closes regional center during phase VII

The University of the Punjabi has decided to close its regional center in Phase VII of Mohali, with university authorities blaming its decision on a decreasing number of students.

Students at the center were urged to travel to other colleges, after which the students held a protest at the center on Thursday.

The protesting students said university officials asked them to move on to Phase VI Government College or Patiala colleges. The students also claimed that there were previously five teachers, but now the university administration has asked all teachers to stop coming to the Mohali Phase VII center and report to Patiala.

When contacted, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Punjabi, Dr Arvind, said the decision to close the regional center was taken due to weak patronage among the students. He added that at present, the centre’s student population is ten percent below the minimum number required for the center to remain operational.