Bihar CM Nitish Kumar questions the ranking of NITI Aayog

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday called the recent NITI Aayog study which ranked the state with the lowest health infrastructure as “far from the truth and reality” and said that there had been remarkable progress in state health facilities in recent years. .

Reacting strongly to the NITI Aayog “Indian Public Health Standards -2012” report which incorporated findings in 15 states including Jharkhand and ranked Bihar at the bottom of the list, Kumar said, “This report is far from reality. Niti Aayog’s conclusions are not correct.

The chief minister said the state government has been doing a lot of work in the health sector and spending huge sums to improve existing medical facilities in Bihar. It has brought about drastic change in almost every part of the state and has opened several new medical colleges / hospitals over the past four or five years.

“There are several things that have been wrongly reported (in the Niti Aayog report) about Bihar.

You cannot compare Bihar with developed states or less populated states. How can you compare Bihar with Maharashtra? It is necessary to explain on what parameters this Aayog report was prepared ”, declared Kumar after his weekly public interaction program“ Janata Ke Darbaar Mein Mukhyamantri ”.

According to the Indian government’s public policy think-tank report, Bihar ranked last in a study on the state of district hospitals.

While the country has an average of 24 beds for a lakh of inhabitants, Puducherry tops the list with 222 beds. Bihar was at the bottom of the list with just six beds for a lakh of inhabitants, according to the study titled “Best Practices in District Hospital Performance” which was released on September 28.

Immediately after the report was released, opposition leader in Bihar’s Assembly Tejashwi Yadav criticized the Nitish Kumar government for the state’s poor health services.

“Congratulations to CM Nitish Kumar ji for making Bihar number one from the bottom,” Yadav laughed.

Tejashwi Yadav responds to brother’s claim that Lalu is being held hostage

After former Bihar minister Tej Pratap Yadav claimed his father and RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav was being held hostage in Delhi, his younger brother Tejashwi Yadav said such claims did not match to the “stature” of his father, who was once the chief minister of Bihar.

On Saturday, Tej Pratap said that despite Lalu’s release from prison nearly a year ago, he was “held hostage in Delhi” by those who dream of becoming the national leader of the RJD.

“My father is not well. There are 4-5 people in the party who saw the dream of becoming the national leader of Rashtriya Janata Dal. He was released from prison nearly a year ago but is being held hostage in Delhi, ”he told ANI.

However, in response to his brother’s allegations, the leader of the opposition in the State Assembly, Tejashwi, said on Sunday: “Lalu Ji has been the chief minister of Bihar for a long time. He even had LK Advani arrested. These things don’t match his stature.

It comes amid tensions within the RJD party, following alleged fallout between the two brothers. Tejashwi last month, in what is seen as a message to Tej Pratap, said everyone should “follow party discipline.”

Feeling marginalized in the party, Tej Pratap launched a new organization in September – Chhatra Janshakti Parishad – who would parallel Chhatra RJD, the student wing of the party. Tej Pratap is also reportedly not on good terms with Jagdanand Singh, the chairman of state unity. This had prompted Singh to quit his post. He was, however, persuaded by Lalu Prasad and Tejashwi to keep the post.