Premium design comes to the aquarium

Stuck at home during the pandemic, many Americans have taken in dogs or cats. Others have embarked on a more elaborate hobby for pets: luxury aquariums for the home. Something halfway between home decor, entertainment, wildlife, and pet shelters, these custom aquariums can weigh over 75,000 pounds and cost up to $ 750,000 in the high end.

“We have seen a tremendous boom in business,” said Nic Tiemens, of Infinity Aquarium Design in Los Angeles. He said demand had increased by around 400% since the start of the pandemic and was still strong. Customers who may have long wanted to splurge in a home aquarium were stuck at home and were finally ready to take the plunge, he said.

In a more typical day, he set up a high-end home aquarium every few months – now he does several aquariums each month. The company is fully booked until the third quarter of 2022. Some of these aquariums compete in size and scale with the facilities of public aquariums.

With many affluent Americans expanding or relocating, aquarium designers claim that a good portion of the demand comes from loyal customers who enhance the home of their marine life while also improving the human home that surrounds it. “Aquariums are getting bigger and bigger and homes are getting more expensive,” said Gerry Calabrese, founder and president of SeaVisions, a 40-year-old South Florida company that sets up aquariums around the world for individuals and businesses. He built domestic tanks as large as 5,000 gallons. “We have never been so busy,” he said.

An image provided shows Craig Atkins’ 1,500 gallon saltwater tank at his home in Newport Beach, California. Luxury home aquariums can now compete with public aquarium installations in size and scale, and they come with steep prices. (Infinity Aquarium Design via The New York Times)

Craig Atkins, a real estate developer from Newport Beach, Calif., Hired Tiemens to design and install a 1,500 gallon tank in the living room of his home on Lido Isle, a man-made island off Newport Beach Harbor. Atkins, an avid scuba and snorkeler who said he taught his two children to dive when he was 5, wanted to bring the feel of the sea to his home. “We’re fish geeks,” he said.

In his previous home, he had a custom tank 11 feet long – the width of a full-size sectional sofa. For his new house, he wanted to expand. Its saltwater tank is 15 feet wide – the length of the largest piece of seamless acrylic that was readily available. Tiemens said it was large enough that the living room tank could be seen the length of a football field through the glazed glass exterior of the house. “I like to say it’s in the heart of Newport Beach,” Tiemens said.

Adapting the tank into an existing house was a challenge. “I bought this house on a whim because it’s on a corner lot on an island,” Atkins said. “Then it was like, ‘How do we set up a tank? ” ” It was not easy. Atkins said the crew slept at home for a few nights, spending sleepless nights getting the tank installed on time.

First, a contractor had to install steel reinforcement in the floors to support the 20,000 pounds of weight – the water is heavy. Then they redeveloped a basement originally used as a wine cabinet into a filtration room with a capacity of about 300 gallons. From there, the salt water is filtered and pumped through six different pipes integrated into the soils. Outside there is another 400 gallon tank for water changes. The setup ensures that the tank runs silently in the living room.

The tank is filled with synthetic coral and a colorful mix of tropical fish such as angels, parrots and cowfish. “It’s like living art,” said Atkins, who said he enjoys feeding fish himself.. (They eat sushi-grade seaweed, shrimp, and krill.) Atkins said he spent about $ 125,000 on the aquarium and accompanying equipment.

The initial installation and setup is only part of what aquarium owners can expect to pay. The fish themselves can cost hundreds of dollars each or more (at the top, a masked angelfish can cost up to $ 15,000). And high-end companies say customers can pay up to $ 5,000 per month for weekly cleaning and maintenance. Tiemens, of Infinity, said a rule of thumb is to calculate $ 2 per gallon per month for maintenance, although this can vary widely depending on the type of food and medication the fish might need. (The drugs come in liquid form and are typically used in quarantine tanks to prevent disease.)

Brad Barton, an emergency room doctor in Orange, Texas, installed a custom-made tank in his new home, which was completed about six months ago. Barton said the house, which overlooks a large man-made pond on the Texas-Louisiana border, was designed around two elements: views of the water and its aquarium.

Barton has stated that he has been a lover of marine life since he was a child. By the time he was in college, he had a 125 gallon tank, which he got for free after finding it dumped in a chemistry lab. When it came time to build the tank of his dreams for his current home, he wanted something unique and custom-built to fit the space. He hired SeaVisions to design a 1,000-gallon two-sided saltwater aquarium that would replace one of his living room arches.

His fish, he said, have formed relationships with unique and fascinating personalities to watch. There is an anemonefish that feeds and plays with the sea anemone. And a leopard wrasse that goes to bed like clockwork at 7:35 pm and wakes up exactly 12 hours later. “If you think of it like a lava lamp it’s like that multiplied by 10,000,” said Barton, who declined to say what he spent on the tank, other than saying it was “a lot. “and” I could have a really cool car for the same price.

Because Barton lives in a remote area, he has yet to find a company that can regularly maintain a tank like his. daily monitoring and about 30 minutes every two weeks for cleaning.

The boom in demand for high-end aquariums has coincided with a shortage of key aquarium building materials such as acrylic, Tiemens said. Grocery stores, restaurants, salons and many other businesses around the world were using acrylic in massive amounts for sneeze guards during the height of the COVID crisis. Calabrese said the worst of the delays have passed, but supplies in general are still backed up. The time it takes to build an aquarium has doubled from around three months to six months, he said.

luxury aquarium An image provided shows a private freshwater aquarium designed by Los Angeles-based Infinity Aquarium Design. Luxury home aquariums can now compete with public aquarium installations in size and scale, and they come with steep prices. (Infinity Aquarium Design via The New York Times)

The supply of fish has also become a challenge. Some remote tropical islands have cut or restricted trade, Calabrese said, making it difficult to access some tropical fish. Yellow bristles, the staple of the brightly colored saltwater aquariums that originated in Hawaii, have skyrocketed and become much harder to find, he said. (They can now cost over $ 500 each, down from less than $ 100.) More and more aquaculture farms are sprouting up to sustainably breed some popular fish, but not all species can be bred.

Keith Poliakoff, an attorney from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, recently built a 550-gallon tank in a den area of ​​his home – an upgrade to the 150-gallon tank from his previous home. Its saltwater aquarium contains living coral, which Poliakoff says is laborious and expensive to grow and maintain, but also rewarding. (He buys captive-grown coral.) Poliakoff puts together small fragments, which eventually grow together to form a larger coral – a process that can take years. He selected reef-safe fish, including clownfish, which do not eat or hinder coral growth.

“Being able to have an aquarium where you can learn how to grow corals and how to thrive and succeed in a protected environment,” he said, “it helps others appreciate the beauty of coral and marine life. . “

The tank, designed by SeaVisions, forms the wall behind a bar area.

For those looking to set up or build an aquarium in a new home, the process ideally starts early. Tiemens recently accompanied a couple and their broker on their home search in Los Angeles.

The couple wanted a home with a living room that could accommodate a 1,500 gallon tank. They ended up finding a house with an ideal tank layout, with a bedroom and bathroom that they have since converted to aquarium filtration operations and a separate quarantine tank. He and his team used a forklift to get the aquarium into the house, then built the custom cabinets around it.

Putting a high-end tank in a skyscraper adds additional complexity. Justin Muir, owner and lead designer of the City Aquarium in New York City, said additional structural supports, such as steel plates to reinforce the floors below, are a must. But it can add tens of thousands of dollars to the cost. The rules of the condominium and co-op board of directors often dictate the size of a client. Still, he said it was possible to build a fairly large aquarium – 300 to 500 gallons, or 6 to 8 feet long – in many taller buildings.

During the pandemic, her business moved to suburban homes after many of her Manhattan customers moved to Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut. But he also has new clients. “If you’re going to be stuck at home at work,” he said, “then this is definitely the best time to start an aquarium.”

Technological advances in recent years have made maintenance easier and more precise. Calabrese said it remotely monitored many customers’ aquariums and received alerts when pH levels or temperatures were turned off.

The downside, Calabrese said, is that he’s still active. “They’ll email me at 10 p.m. on Saturday saying, ‘A fish got stuck behind a rock and it can’t get out! “”, did he declare. “People are panicking. But fish like to hide.

This article originally appeared in The New York Times.

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Tallest woman in the world says it’s good to stand out

At 2 meters 15 centimeters (7 feet, 0.7 inches) tall, Rumeysa Gelgi has always stood out.

Now officially recognized as the tallest in the world woman, she wants to use this record to celebrate the differences.

The 24-year-old, who was confirmed this week as the tallest living woman in the world by Guinness World Records, was born with Weaver syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes rapid growth among other abnormalities .

“Being different isn’t as bad as you might think. It can bring you unexpected success, ”Gelgi told reporters as she stood up proudly using her walker. This is her second world record, after being confirmed as the tallest teenage girl alive in 2014, at the age of 18.

Gelgi, who typically depends on a wheelchair or executive to get around, says she hopes to use her title to raise awareness about rare genetic conditions such as Weaver syndrome. turned to the benefits if you want it and make the effort for it. That’s exactly what I did.

The tallest man in the world, Sultan Kosen, who was 2 meters 51 cm (8 feet 2.8 inches) in 2018, is also from Turkey. Gelgi
says she hopes to meet him in person one day.

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sunscreen, sun exposure
Are you using sunscreen correctly? Here’s a dermatologist-approved list of dos and don’ts.

Summers in India are typically characterized by heat, pollution, sun exposure, dust, grime, and excessive sebum production from sweating. With the COVID-19 pandemic underway, the constant wearing of masks seems to have given some respite from sun exposure, but that doesn’t mean you can skip your usual dose of sunscreen!

Constant exposure to the sun is one of the most irreversible forms of damage to the skin. With long term sequelae, it contributes to age spots, premature wrinkles, uneven or uneven skin tone and uneven skin texture. Although prolonged exposure is not easy to cure, it is advisable to invest in prevention early on.

Remember to wear sunscreen 365 days a year. (Source – Getty Images)

What can you do to prevent the effects of a stubborn tan? Read on to find out what a dermatologist approves of.

– Do: Remember to wear sunscreen 365 days a year. UVA rays are very penetrating and can damage your skin even on rainy days and cause hyperpigmentation.

– Don’ts: Many sunscreens only contain a UVB filter, but for optimal protection you need both UVA and UVB filters. UVA rays cause maximum damage to the skin, invest in a sunscreen that contains it.

-Do: Apply sunscreen liberally to surfaces that could be exposed to the sun, including face, neck, ears, hands, arms and legs. Make a habit of wearing sunscreen when sitting in your car or at work, as the sun’s rays can pass through windshields and windows and damage your skin.

– Don’ts: Avoid using expired sunscreen. The product loses its effectiveness and will have little or no effect on sun exposure.

– Do: Use lots of sunscreen. We know it can feel like a lot on the skin when you first apply it, but give it time to absorb. The right amount would be enough to realize that you have a layer of sunscreen.

– Don’ts: avoid tanning or self-tanning products; novice tanners can do this for 20 minutes and increase each time by 5 to 10 minutes. Do not stay in the sun for more than 1.5 to 2 hours.

Remember these tips for the next time you go out in the sun!

jesy nelson
Jesy Nelson is criticized for ‘black fishing’: this is what the word means

English singer and former Little Mix star Jesy Nelson has faced criticism for ‘fishing on the black’ following the release of the video for her debut single Boyz.

“Black fishing” refers to the act of pretending to be black or mixed race, for profit, business or to raise awareness, according to “Black fishing” can be practiced in a number of ways – changing one’s appearance by appropriating the style of black people, from hairstyle to make-up. It is considered very offensive to the community.

“Blackfishing” reportedly became a buzzword around 2018 when Twitterati posted before and after photos of white models wearing dark makeup and traditionally black hairstyles.

In her latest video, Nelson is tanned and her hair is styled in wigs and braids. She wears basketball shorts and gold teeth.

However, rap sensation Nicki Minaj, who also appears in Nelson’s latest video, recently defended the singer against ‘fishing’ allegations. “You all have to stop,” she said on Instagram.

In an Instagram live, Nelson also explained that she was in a “group with two women of color for nine years”, referring to her music group, and yet the subject was never brought up earlier.

“There are a lot of women here in the United States who tan, have bigger lips. I wear straight blonde hair whenever I want, ”added Nicki Minaj, as quoted by BBC.

Nelson added, “My intention is never to offend people of color with this video and my song.”

This is not the first time that a celebrity has been criticized for “black fishing”. In January this year, Kim Kardashian received criticism on social media after tweeting a video in which her hand appeared to be lighter in tone than the rest of the body. While some criticized her for her “black peach”, others thought she was denying her real skin tone.

In 2020, singer and songwriter Rita Ora, who has spoken often of her Albanian heritage, was charged with “black fishing” for wearing her hair in braids and an Affro.

The same year, Selena Gomez was also criticized for darkening her skin during a shoot for a magazine. She also sported long braids.

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K pop
From cars to “ARMY bombs”: chip crunch creeps into the world of K-pop

As the best K-pop groups prepare to take the stage or live-stream new shows after being sidelined by the pandemic, their fans are discovering that the global chip crisis has also caught up with the world of catchy tunes, glitzy outfits and elaborate dance routines.

Glowsticks, a must-have accessory for South Korean pop enthusiasts, have become more expensive and harder to obtain due to the shortage in production of everything from smartphones to cars.

Fans of glowing wands wave during concerts and virtual events are equipped with so-called microcontrollers for power management and pairing with a phone to change color, and highlight how much compression has gone. spread in various sectors and aspects of daily life.

The price of glow sticks, used by “ARMY” or fans of the BTS mega-group and called “ARMY bombs,” has increased from $ 2 to $ 59 since October 1, said Weverse Shop, owned by Hybe Entertainment. global semiconductor shortage ”.

A fan of K-pop idol boy group BTS watches a live online concert, wearing a protective mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), at a cafe in Seoul, South Korea ( REUTERS / Heo Ran / File Photo)

“I sure hope the prices won’t be too high because a lot of ARMY and other fans can’t afford such prices either,” said Pervushina Elizaveta, an employee of an entertainment company and fan of BTS from Estepona, Spain. Fans of South Korean group SEVENTEEN will have to shell out an additional $ 3 for their glow sticks, while supporters of acts like YG Entertainment’s EXO, SHINee, Girls’ Generation and BlackPink stand no chance. SM Entertainment’s global store said EXO, SHINee and Girls’ Generation’s transoms have sold out, while BlackPink’s are out of stock on the group’s official website.

Hybe, SM Entertainment and other leading Korean entertainment companies did not respond to requests for comment. While Grammy-nominated BTS plans to perform live in Los Angeles in November and December for the first time since the pandemic, other South Korean groups are scheduling shows online. Still, fans are eager to make the most of it, with glow sticks lit and messages shared in chat rooms. “It’s a fun way to feel connected to other fans around the world, so when you enjoy a gig even from your home you can kind of be a part of something amazing!” said Starla Stafford, a fan from Chattanooga, Tennessee.


To make the pain worse, the semiconductors in glow sticks are being made using older technology and these low-end chips are currently facing the greatest shortage, said Jim Handy, analyst for the research firm. Semiconductor Market Analysis Objective Analysis. Wait times for semiconductor shipments are now up to six months, down from about two months typically, manufacturers said. “I have bulk ordered microcontroller chips in advance, hoping that the live events will return next year as the delivery time is long,” said Ashton Jungmin Choi, co-founder of FANLIGHT, a Seoul-based company that makes glow sticks for bands like BTS, EXO, and SuperM.

He said shipping costs had tripled and chips were costing 30% more than a year ago. “It’s very difficult to get a glow stick. They are always in demand and it has been impossible to get the BTS army bombs, ”said Mette Kidal, owner of All In Kpop, a Denmark-based K-pop merchandise retailer that has opened a new store in the country this month to meet sharply rising demand. TWICE fans have sold out faster than usual, Kidal said, after the girl group announced an upcoming tour in the final scenes of their new all-English single “The Feels.”

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Important points to keep in mind before using a new skin care product

When it comes to skin care, there is no “one size fits all” approach because everyone has a different skin type and concern.

But, incorporating a new skincare product into your beauty routine can be intimidating and confusing, especially for sensitive skin.

“Therefore, it is important to evaluate both your products and your goals before experimenting with new products. Here are some things to keep in mind before adding a new product to your routineSaid Arthi Raguram, founder of Deyga Organics.

Go slowly

Make sure you introduce one product at a time to see its effect on the skin. Isolate each new addition by waiting at least a month to see results. “Adding multiple products with active ingredients can be overwhelming for your skin and can cause a reaction. Plus, it would be hard to figure out which product actually works for your skin, so balance your enthusiasm and take it slow, ”she said.

Perform a patch test

No matter your Skin type that is, always make sure to do a patch test first. Products with active ingredients may cause a reaction or make your skin problem worse. Reading instructions, labels or reviews is not enough to determine the effect of the product on the skin. “Apply a small amount of the product to a less prominent area like the inside of the elbow and wait 24 hours to check for a reaction. If you have a burning sensation, the product may not be the right choice for you.” , she added.

Read also | Basic Skin Care: Some Daily Habits That Can Cause Acne

Apply in the right order

Always apply products from the thinnest to the thickest to ensure that the product is well absorbed by the skin. Usually the correct order for skin care is cleanser, toner, serum (water based), spot treatment, moisturizer, sunscreen / night cream. “Using a serum after applying a heavy moisturizer might not give you the results you want,” she suggested.

Here’s what to keep in mind before trying a new product. (Source: Getty Images / Thinkstock)

To be patient

Sometimes your skin may need a little time to get used to a new product, which can lead to rashes after using products with active ingredients. However, any potential breakout should be brief and if the problem persists, stop using the product. In addition, keep patience to see the desired results because the skin takes time to reveal new skin, removing dead skin cells and dirt.

Use product samples

Many beauty brands offer product samples for customers to test for compatibility. Start with samples before committing to their full-size counterparts to avoid backlash and save money, she advised.

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Adele talks about weight loss and body objectification “by other women”

Adele, who turned heads earlier with her remarkable post-weight loss transformation, said she was “disappointed” with the conversations around her body. The singer made the cover of both Vogue and British Vogue for their November issue.

Speaking to the magazine, the 33-year-old said her 100-pound weight loss was not about shedding those pounds but about managing her anxiety.

Adele, who wore a plunging yellow corset dress by Vivienne Westwood on the British Vogue cover, told the magazine, “It was because of my anxiety. By training, I would feel better. It was never about losing weight, it was always about getting strong and giving myself so much time each day without my phone.

Speaking about why she hasn’t shared her weight loss journey on social media, as many celebrities typically do, Adele noted that her transformation was “for me and no one else.” “So why would I share it?” I don’t find it fascinating. It’s my body.

Adele said her body has been “objectified” throughout her career. However, she was more upset by conversations other women would have had about her body.

“My body has been objectified my entire career. It’s not just now. I understand why this is a shock. I understand why some women in particular have been hurt. The most brutal conversations were from other women about my body… It hurt me, ”she said. American vogue. The singer looked spectacular in a flowing green dress on her blanket.

The Fall from the sky The singer also denied “disgusting” rumors about the type of diet and workout reports claimed she was following. On the contrary, she eats more than before, said the singer.

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Samantha Cristoforetti, Astronaut Barbie
Barbie astronaut doll takes off in zero gravity

A Barbie doll version of Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti took to the skies for a weightless flight in an effort to inspire young girls to
consider a career in space and science, technology, mathematics and engineering (STEM).

On the occasion of World Space Week October 4-10, which this year celebrates women in space, toy maker Mattel Inc has partnered with the European Space Agency (ESA) and Cristoforetti, who is currently in training for his next mission in the international space. Station next April.

As part of the project, the Cristoforetti lookalike doll reflected the preparation an astronaut must do before heading into space, traveling and floating on a weightless flight from an ESA base in Germany.

Italian European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti poses for a photo with a Barbie doll version of herself. (Courtesy ESA / Romy Harink / Document via REUTERS)

“Mini doll Samantha has done a parabolic flight before, so she already has some experience with weightlessness,” Cristoforetti, 44, said in a video statement.

“I really hope that by showing that we can create excitement for young girls in particular… maybe… these images will ignite a spark of passion in some girls’ hearts and that would be amazing.”

As part of the project, Barbie is sharing space education resources on her website and proceeds from the new Barbie Samantha Cristoforetti doll, previously a one-off toy, will be donated to the Women In Aerospace organization for a doctoral student. . stock Exchange.

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Cadbury, Cadbury new ad, Cadbury new ad gender swap, Cadbury vintage ad new version, surf lalitaji ad, Seagram's men will be men, old ads gender swap
Indian Ad-Age: Not Just Cadbury, 7 Other Classic Ads That Could Be Gender Swapped

Cadbury recently made headlines with its brilliant re-rendition of one of its classic commercials.

While the brand has retained the essence of the ad, with one of a couple praising the other for pulling off a fantastic shot at cricket, it has changed the genre. The original had a man hitting the blow and his friend dodging safety and dancing with pleasure, becoming a cult hit and helping ‘grown up’ Cadbury chocolate, which had long been seen as, well, ‘kid stuff’. The new version had a girl hitting the punch and her male friend doing the same dodge and dance routine. It was a brilliant rendition that also reflected the changing times we live in, shattering stereotypes that, ironically, had been reinforced by the ads themselves.

Which makes us wonder if other famous commercials might get a slight genre change as well. Yes, the brands behind these themselves may have published more gender equality campaigns since, but imagine the impact some of those iconic ads would have if women donned men’s shoes. Or men in their sandals.

Well, here’s a look at seven iconic Indian ads that could get a gender-focused makeover:

Surf: From Lalita ji to Lalit ji?

Few represented the typical Indian housewife driving legendary bargains like Lalita ji did for Surf in the ’80s (read our review of this classic campaign here). She was basically a person who looked for bargains in everything and haggled the prices at every opportunity, but literally drew the line at Surf. Because Surf was beyond negotiation and not about price. It was a brilliant strategy to counter the rise of the price-savvy Nirma, but hey, it conformed to the stereotype of the housewife in many Indian minds.

So maybe it’s time to have Lalit ji, a super savvy finance whiz who won’t be fooled or ripped off by anyone or anything when he’s shopping for his house. But yes, he too draws the line of bargaining for surfing. Because it’s a good investment you know.

Ericsson: Could “One Black Coffee” become a real dinner party?

Oh yeah, the legendary ad that highlighted how small an Ericsson phone could be (hell, that would make the iPhone 12 mini gigantic). A young woman in a restaurant looks at an elderly man and speaks. The old man thinks – after a period of initial disbelief because she’s so beautiful and he’s definitely going gray – that she speaks and can’t believe when she says “Join me for dinner” . He walks over to her table, only to see her withdraw her hand from under his head. With a phone in it. She looks at the gentleman and says “Black coffee please.” Ouch!

Well, we don’t think it would be entirely fair to totally reverse that (honestly, we weren’t too comfortable with the ad casting shade at an age group), but maybe a very young student and his teacher would make a nice change. And maybe they could go out for dinner.

Maggi – ‘Bas Do Minute’ is always the answer, but now daddy is giving it away!

Men may have been shown making Maggi, but the bond between Maggi and mom has been pretty strong. In fact, as we noticed in a previous article, the ‘made my mother’ factor was very heavily emphasized to make Maggi acceptable to the Indian public – after all, would a mother ever serve her children anything? who could harm them, even from a distance? No, we won’t get into a nutritional debate here, but maybe it’s time to have an ad where a girl runs from a playground to her dad and says “Daddy, bhookh lagi hai. “And he smiles and answers:”Low, do a minute?

Pepsi – Do you have a Pepsi, my lady?

Perhaps one of the most beloved commercials of the ’80s saw Aamir Khan brave nature, lock doors, and more to gift his lovely new neighbor (Mahima Chowdhury) a Pepsi. When he manages to get her one, the bell rings and she says “that must be Sanju”, which makes Amir wonder if the girl whose life he risked for Pepsi already has a boyfriend, Sanju. turns out to be another gorgeous young lady. . Sanjana (Aishwarya Rai), and of course, she wants a Pepsi too, giving Aamir the prospect of doing the whole damn glove all over again. (read more about this in our analysis here.)

The ad remains a classic (it’s an adaptation of a US ad on similar lines) and well, it would be great to have a knight errant girl defying the elements for a Pepsi while a pair of gentlemen play the damsel in distress. And it would be super cool if the boy, after getting his Pepsi from his rescuer, answered the ringtone saying “This must be Ammu”, and while the lady wonders who could be that girl on the horizon, Aamir Khan. come. Well, we have the right to be creative, right?

Raymond: It’s time for “The Complete Woman”

One of the most stylish commercials of the ’80s and’ 90s was Raymond’s iconic “The Complete Man” ad campaign. Accompanied by soft music, the campaign showed men of different ages acting like gents in the truest sense – reading books to the elderly, playing with puppies, saying sad farewells to students… and much more. It was beautiful and touching, and honestly defied the stereotypes of the macho man of that time.

Raymond has clothing for women, so it would be amazing if there could be a similar series around women, showcasing their lesser-known strengths. In a gentle way, and yes, we insist on the same music on the piano.

Asian paints: cream shade Mera wala, says the guy!

Asian paintings ” Cream shade Mera Wala The ad featuring a woman obsessed with a shade of paint and leading her husband to fight in the process made it clear that Asian Paints had a very wide range of colors. It also reinforced the stereotype of the henpecé husband and “all women do is worry about colors”. So maybe it’s time for a man to have a color crisis and his friend dig it for the capricious. And yes, he can totally rock her top by demanding the perfect cream shade as well – perfectly acceptable. Pink would be even better – it’s been linked to women for far too long. After all, colors matter to men too, you know. After all, he was a man who said, “They can have any color they want as long as it’s black.

Seagram Imperial Blue: Men will be men, and thank goodness women will be women

Seagram’s Imperial Blue ad campaign, with its emphasis on men who look longingly at women and often put on false fronts to impress them, has sparked many feminists. And even some men, with a number of men unhappy with the implication that all men behave the same (no, we’re not getting into a #PasTousMen discussion here). Maybe a slight change in gender stress would help. But instead of women looking at men with unfulfilled desire (which is just the reverse of a not-too-nice coin, in our opinion), it would make more sense to show women just doing their own thing instead. to be the subjects of the male gaze. Stuff as simple as walking out of a room to feed a dog, sitting with a kitten on a date to watch TV, going for a walk in the hills with just air for company … if men will be men luckily women will be women even without them.

A little radical? May be. But as Bob Dylan sang: ‘Times are changing‘.

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Skinny House, boston Skinny House, Skinny House story
Boston’s famous Skinny House sells for a good price

Boston’s famous Skinny House sold for a good price.

The town’s North End home went on the market in August for $ 1.2 million, and the deal was made Thursday for $ 1.25 million, according to Zillow.

The house “received several offers and struck a deal for an above-listed price in less than a week,” real estate agency CL Properties posted on Facebook.

The four-story house built in 1862, according to a plaque on the facade, measures approximately 1,165 square feet (108 square meters) – though it is about 10 feet (3 meters) wide at its widest point and tapers at the rear for approximately 9.25 feet (2.8 meters).

It has two bedrooms and one bathroom and includes a private patio with views of Boston Harbor. The house has no front door. Instead, residents enter through a side door.

It was last sold in 2017 for $ 900,000.

It is also known as the Spite House, according to the plaque. According to local tradition, two brothers inherited land. When one of them joined the army, the other built a large house which occupied most of the land. When the brother soldier returned, he built the skinny house to block his brother’s view and sunlight.

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