“You can either leave something for people or leave something for people”: Viola Davis

At Barnard College, actor Viola Davis spoke zealously. “You are a graduate of a school whose mission is to give you not only a diploma, but a sword. Either start to wield it or put it away as a topic of conversation. Because there is a ceiling to success. Now everyone is telling you this is what you need to hit, this is the best of the best you can have in life. And then you hit it and then comes disillusion, exhaustion, isolation, impostor syndrome and loss of passion. Because no one is talking about the real end cap, the real cap – and that’s important, ”she said.

“This life for something bigger than yourself is a hero’s journey. This response to your call, to adventure and to travel with mentors and allies, and to face your greatest fears, where you will die or your life as you know it will never be the same again. And then you grab the sword, the insight, the treasure. The hero at this point must put all the celebrations aside to prepare for the final battle. The way back. The Way Home is when the hero returns to the ordinary world, where he must choose between his personal goal and that of a higher cause. The reward? Your gift to the ordinary world?… It’s the Holy Grail, the elixir, ”she continued.

And then answered the question she had shared with them. “So, hands up, what I’m saying is that on this day of your genesis, your leap, your beginning, your mark in your history, maybe your elixir is simply this one: that you can either leave something to people or you can leave something in people.

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“It is our actions that define who we are”: Cory Booker

Speaking to students at the University of Pennsylvania, author and politician Cory Booker passed on several words of wisdom. “So I confessed to you, when I graduated from college I felt like I knew a lot and now that I’m about double your age, I don’t trust that as much as I know. In fact, I am a person who believes that I am struggling, like all of us. The beautiful thing that I realized is that we are all in this fight together. We perceive that there are differences between us, gaps and chasms, but we are much more united, much more indivisible, much more involved in a larger common struggle than we think ”, he said. declared.

“And so what I would like to do very briefly today is confess to you two things that I struggle with and it’s really two stories, one of someone from history that I admire. and the other is maybe one of my best mentors ever. The person in the story is a short story, I don’t even know if it’s apocryphal or not, but it’s is a point that I am struggling with and it is a story about Mahatma Gandhi, ”he said.

He then spoke about Gandhi, recalling a story he heard and concluded: “In fact, in truth, more than a big speech that you have prepared for yourself, more than a big goal or a big dream, more that a great fight, more than our race, more than our religion, it is our daily actions that define who we are, they define us. I began to learn in my life that perhaps the greatest thing that one can do on any given day is really just a little act of kindness, decency, love, a show of love. moral imagination or creative compassion.

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“What can you do to change the life of just one child? “: Maggie Doyne

American philanthropist Maggie Doyne supported the education of 200 orphaned children and also established a center and a school for women in Nepal, among others. Recalling her journey in a Goalcast video compilation, she said her journey began when she was 18, when she realized she knew “very little” about herself.

“So I packed a backpack with very little personal belongings and decided to go around the world. I had never really traveled, nor left my country. All of a sudden my whole world opened up, ”said Doyne, from New Jersey.

“There is so much to learn and experience outside of a four-walled classroom,” she noted, recalling an incident where she met a Nepalese orphan who won $ 2. to feed his family. “I saw every piece of her in me and I was devastated. I thought what we did as humans is have our children live that way. I kept reading and discovered that there were 80 million children like her. But I met a girl called Hema who greeted me saying: ‘Namaste Didi, and I was like, what if you start with just one girl? What can you do to change the life of just one child? She said.

She eventually decided to build a home for orphaned children in Nepal with her savings from babysitting, as well as donations from local and global sources.

“The world will change when our children and women go to school. They will have fewer children. They are raising better families, educated children. Diseases are falling, poverty levels are falling. Communities change. I want to create a world that we would like to see every day. And we have the power to do it, ”she explained.

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