The next CM in Rajasthan will be one of the people’s favorites: Vasundhara Raje

Top BJP leader and former Rajasthani chief minister Vasundhara Raje said on Friday that the next state chief minister would be the people’s favorite person.

When asked for her reaction to the number of candidates for the post of chief minister in Rajasthan, she said: “It doesn’t happen just by wishing it. What people want is more important ”.

She added that all communities should be loved and that only the person who will receive their love in return will be able to reign.

Calling Congress a “sinking ship,” Raje said this was what she saw given the situation and internal feuds within the ruling party.

Earlier, she met with BJP leaders and workers at the Circuit House and urged them to prepare for the upcoming elections, both in Rajasthan and Lok Sabha.

“I asked all workers to prepare because we have to sound the trumpet for the elections of 2023 (general elections) and 2024 (general elections). I told them to come out in force, ”she said.

Raje had come to Jodhpur on Thursday for a two-day visit to pay tribute to the mother of Union Minister Jal Shakti Gajendra Singh Shekhawat and former Minister of State Mahipal Maderna after their deaths.

While at the Circuit House, she interacted with party workers and held meetings with local leaders on BJP prospects in Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s home district.

Gehlot represents the Sardarpura constituency in the Jodhpur district.

Rajasthan: Cong MLA protests at the police station

Jodhpur police ordered an investigation into the circumstances of a dharna organized by a congresswoman and her husband inside a city police station, demanding the release of a relative who was among those arrested for drunk driving.

In an alleged video clip of the incident, which took place at the Ratanada police station on Sunday, Shergarh MP Meena Kanwar is heard saying, “The kid is from my house … Everybody’s kids drink this. does not matter if the child has consumed little). “

The video clip, which has gone viral on social media, shows the MP sitting on the floor of the station with her husband Umaid Singh, who is also Congress leader.

The member described the parent as his brother-in-law’s son. Police sources said the parent was not a minor and was later released.

The BJP opposition has targeted Congress on the incident. Sharing the video clip on their Twitter account, the party’s state unit posted: “Shergarh MP is threatening the police in the police station himself… If Congressmen don’t care about the legal system, what can we expect from the government?

DCP (Jodhpur East) Bhuvan Bhushan said: “The incident dates from Sunday. We have ordered an investigation into the incident. We will not be able to say more about the incident until the investigation is complete.

“I want strong action against the police. The child is my brother-in-law’s son. He was not drunk. He was returning from a function with two of his friends, ”said the deputy.

Wiretapping case: Delhi police sends new summons to CM Gehlot’s OSD

Delhi Police sent another summons to Rajasthan Chief Minister’s Special Duty Officer Ashok Gehlot Lokesh Sharma in connection with the wiretapping case.

Sharma was invited by Delhi Police to report to her office at 11 a.m. on October 22, as part of the FIR tabled by Union Minister Jal Shakti Gajendra Singh Shekhawat on March 25 this year, where Sharma is accused. In his complaint, Singh had charged Sharma and others with criminal conspiracy and “unlawfully intercepting telegraph signals (telephone conversation)”.

Earlier, Sharma had been summoned by Delhi police on July 24, but ignored him. In his response at the time, Sharma said he could not travel for “personal reasons” for the next two weeks but could appear afterwards. He had said that if there was an “emergency” and if the Delhi Police wanted to speak to him within those two weeks, he would be available by videoconference at an appropriate time and if any information was needed from him they could. send questions. However, Delhi police have not issued a summons so far. Sharma has yet to take a call to see if he will travel to Delhi this time.

Meanwhile, the case was also pending before the Delhi High Court, where Sharma had prayed for the annulment of the FIR; the High Court had suspended any enforcement action by Delhi police against Sharma until further notice. The next hearing in this matter will take place on January 13.

The criminal branch of the Delhi police had also summoned the chief congressional whip Mahesh Joshi, asking him to appear before it on June 24. Joshi called it “political malice, undue pressure” and “challenged” Shekhawat to give voice samples in the Case. He skipped the summons citing several reasons, including the pending High Court case.

Last year, the leak of audio tapes allegedly involving a Gajendra Singh, Sanjay Jain, as well as Congressmen Bhanwarlal Sharma and Vishvendra Singh led to a political crisis in Rajasthan, with the then chief deputy minister , Sachin Pilot, leading a 19 Congress rebellion. deputies. Of these, with the exception of Vishvendra Singh, Joshi had named three others in his complaint to the ACB.

Following the Indian Express report in March which said the government had agreed to tapping phones during last year’s political crisis, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shanti Dhariwal had, during a debate in the Assembly, practically agreed that the clips were shared by Sharma.

Defending the CM OSD, he said, “If Lokesh Sharma gets something and streams it on a WhatsApp group, what sin has he committed? Don’t you do it too And why shouldn’t he send?… You say he made it viral, why shouldn’t he go viral? You say Lokesh Sharma made the cuts. Give proof. “
A few days later, Shekhawat filed an FIR against Sharma in Delhi.

University of Rajasthan promotes 205 as professors amid concern

DESPITE more than one letter from the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the state government expressing concern over the allegedly “illegal” promotion of teachers at the University of Rajasthan, 205 current and retired teachers have been promoted by her as teachers.

In an order dated September 25, after a hastily called meeting of its union that many members abstained from, the university promoted 107 serving associate professors and 98 retired associate professors – some of the 272 who ‘she had appointed on an ad hoc basis, without any selection process, to fill vacancies.

On August 12, Professor RL Meena, a government candidate for the union and the university’s selection committee, first brought the matter to the attention of the UGC, noting that the university was unaware its 2018 teacher appointment regulations, which replaced the 2010 standards on the same. The UGC then wrote to the University of Rajasthan asking for an explanation, followed by a letter from the Secretary of State for Higher Education, NL Meena.

“The matter is within the knowledge of the government. We are looking at it, ”NL Meena told The Indian Express, adding that the university appeared to have“ interpreted ”the UGC guidelines.

Defending the promotions, Vice Chancellor Rajeev Jain said: “Whatever we have done, we have done it in accordance with the 2010 regulations and their subsequent amendments. UGC also says (this) can be done. We did not adopt the 2018 regulation, but in the times to come we will adopt it. “

To avoid giving “difficulties” to certain faculty members already with a view to promotion under the existing rules, section 6.3 of the 2018 UGC rules had given the possibility of promotion within the framework of the program. professional advancement according to the standards in force. It had indicated that this option could be exercised up to three years from the date of notification of the new regulation.

In her letter, Meena wrote that the university is “conducting the selection process” for promotions neither in accordance with the 2010 nor 2018 regulations, and that the career advancement program option expired on July 17, 2021 (three years after the 2018 standards were notified).

Jain, however, claimed that the state government had allowed the university to grant promotions under the program until September 30. “We got the extension in August,” he told The Indian Express.

Meena also pointed out that the 2010 and 2018 regulations state that for promotion under the Professional Advancement program, a candidate teacher must be enrolled and in active service at the university / college on the date of review by. the selection committee. This should have prevented retired teachers from taking it into consideration.

The UGC first wrote to the university on Aug. 27, with the subject “Illegal selection process for promotion under the Teacher Advancement Program”, asking it “to consider the question seriously and to make comments as soon as possible ”.

The university continued to hold selection committee meetings until September 12.

Subsequently, the UGC wrote again to Vice-Chancellor Jain on September 22, telling him that the regulations and amendments issued by the UGC “are of a binding nature and cannot be ignored at any time.” He again asked the university that promotions “may be carried out in accordance with (the) UGC regulations”.

On September 24, Secretary Meena wrote to the university with a “recommendation to proceed according to clear instructions” issued by the UGC.

The next day, the university promoted 205 to professor.

According to Meena, even the Union meeting held that day involved several violations. Besides Meena, Congressman Amin Kagzi and Prof. Alpana Kateja left the meeting, while Sandesh Nayak, College Education Commissioner and Governor Candidate Dr Rajesh Singh, among others, stood at the difference.

Meena said that according to the statutory provisions, six people are required to meet the quorum for the union meeting. After he and the others left or did not attend, the six who remained included Dr Dilip Singh, a candidate under consideration for promotion. So he should have been disqualified from attending the meeting, Meena said.

Meena also wrote a letter to Governor Kalraj Mishra, the chancellor of state universities, noting this.

One official said that given the topic of the meeting, “some members chose to stay away from the meeting, which was called on very short notice anyway.”

Kagzi said he demanded that the meeting follow High Court orders regarding promotions as well as government directives and recent letters. “We do want more teachers, but I wanted the process to be reviewed. It should be transparent and in accordance with the law, ”said the congressman.

Rajasthan Changes Law, “Misbehaving With Tourists” Now Recognizable Offense

Misconduct with tourists, especially touts, is now a recognizable offense in Rajasthan, with repeated offenses not giving rise to caution.

The Rajasthan Tourism Trade (Facilitation and Regulation) (Amendment) Bill, 2021, has a new section, 27-A, in the 2010 law. The article is defined as “Known offenses: all offenses punishable in under this law must be known and liable to a bond. “

In addition, subsections 3 and 4 of article 13 of the 2010 law have been made knowable and cannot be the subject of a bond. Article 13 deals with “the prohibition of certain acts and activities in tourist places, areas and destinations”, which prohibits bragging, begging and peddling of items for sale in or around any tourist place. Subsections 3 and 4 deal with repeat offenders. Presented to the Assembly last week, the bill was passed by voice vote late Monday.

The main purpose of the bill is to prevent touts around tourist sites, with Minister of State for Tourism Govind Singh Dotasra stating that “the earlier law was not intended to disturb beggars, and neither is it. now ”, referring to the 2010 law and the current amendment.

The touts, known locally as lapka, often mislead and force tourists to shop – usually at exorbitant prices in collusion with establishments, earning a commission in the process. Tourism is a key industry in Rajasthan – the state saw 5.2 crore of domestic tourists and 16 lakh of foreign tourists in 2019.

Responding to debate on the bill in the assembly, Dotasra said the 2010 law was introduced to ensure that tourists have a good experience in the state. “However, the law did not specify whether the penalty provision was knowable or not, or whether it was subject to bail,” Dotasra said, adding that tourist police stations had been set up in Jaipur and Udaipur.

Dostara referred to a case filed under this law, in which an FIR was registered in 2016 and a challan filed. The defendants Mohammad Hanif Qureshi and Kailash Saini went to court and in January 2017 the High Court of Rajasthan quashed the FIR on the grounds that the offenses punishable under subsections (1) and (2) of Section 13 of the 2010 Act are not specifically provided for in the Act as knowable.

“Following the HC order, the police were unable to file an FIR, and the court could not take any strict action. However, the police and the Tourism Ministry have taken action against touts and action has been taken against 208 touts in 2018, 462 in 2019, 194 in 2020 and 102 in 2021. But since the crime is not knowable, a complaint is filed in court and the accused is dismissed after paying a fine. Consequently, the file was not kept and the recidivism of the crime could not be proven. But that would no longer be the case, ”Dotasra said.

Sachin Pilot supporters flock to his residence to welcome him on his birthday

Supporters of former Rajasthani deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot stormed his residence on Tuesday to welcome him on the occasion of his 44th birthday as a sign of strength.

A group of his supporters, named the Sachin Pilot Fans Club, also posted a 57-second video projecting Pilot as the future leader of Rajasthan, presenting his vision for the state without making any reference to the Ashok Gehlot government.

The Rajasthan development video reflects Pilot’s aspiration for a greater role in the state. It was released on Monday on the eve of his birthday and is being broadcast on social media.

Pilot started his day by offering prayers at Khole ke Hanuman temple on the way to Delhi. Many of his supporters from various parts of the state arrived at his residence and greeted him on his birthday.

MPs from the pilots’ camp including Mukesh Bhakar and other leaders were present at the residence.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehot, CPC Leader Govind Singh Dotasra, BJP State Chairman Satish Poonia and other leaders also wished Pilot his birthday.

“I wish you a very happy birthday @SachinPilot ji. May you be blessed with happiness, good health and a long life,” Gehlot tweeted.

Pilot supporters had organized a planting campaign in all 200 ridings across the state on Monday to mark its anniversary.