Odisha teacher case: police say murder planned

A day after the arrest of the key accused in the murder of the teacher case, Odisha Police said the murder was planned in advance. They also confirmed that the skeletal remains were those of the deceased. The remains were collected along with the teacher’s personal effects from a stadium under construction in Kalahandi on Tuesday.

The case sparked outrage, with the BJP calling for a 12-hour shutdown on Wednesday.

Northern range DIG Deepak Kumar told Bolangir: “The main defendant buried the teacher’s body in the school playground before burning it. The pit to hide the body was dug earlier and filled with mud early on October 9. The family of the deceased filed a complaint against the accused, alleging that she mysteriously disappeared after accompanying him in his car to Bhawanipatna on October 8. Kumar said: “We have sufficient evidence to suggest that the murder was planned in advance.

Police to seek Interpol’s help in locating suspect in DRDO spy case

As part of a further investigation into DRDO’s Integrated Test Field (ITR) spy case, Odisha Police will now seek Interpol’s assistance in investigating the fate of the alleged woman. hired the five contract workers to disclose confidential information.

Additional DGP, Crime Directorate, Odisha Police, Sanjeev Panda told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday that an image of the woman had been obtained along with footage of her during video calls with the ‘accused.

“It’s a set procedure that since the woman was using a UK number to get in touch with the accused, we will have to seek help from Interpol. The photographs and videos match these, so we’ll start to investigate the matter further, ”Panda said.

In addition to contacting the accused, investigations also revealed that the woman had hacked the cell phone of one of the accused for eight months and stole information related to ITR Chandipur.

Earlier investigations into the case revealed that one of the five defendants received 38,000 Dubai rupees in two installments. Police have not yet determined whether the money was transferred by the suspicious woman.

Police said the woman first befriended the accused via Facebook and lured them in with marriage proposals.

She posed as a resident of Balasore and also video called two of the defendants, police said.

The defendants are currently accommodated at the Crime Branch headquarters in Cuttack. The five people arrested in the case include Sachin Kumar, a driver in Chandipur DRDO, Basanta Behera, an AC operator, Hemanta Kumar Mistri, a diesel generator operator, Tapas Ranjan Nayak, an employee at the main gate of ITR and SK Musafir, a CA Operator.