Ahmedabad: two groups from the same community clash during Eid-e-Milad celebrations

Police booked 11 people after a clash broke out between members of the same community in Jamalpur in old Ahmedabad on Monday.

Police said two groups clashed in the Abdalvad area of ​​Jamalpur around midnight Monday for playing drums on the occasion of Eid-e-Milad. Several police control room (PCR) vans were dispatched to disperse the crowd. Four people were injured in the clash.

Police sources said the clash took place between two groups loyal to Aslam Abdal (32), a rickshaw driver, and Aasif Hussain Saiyyad (42), a builder, respectively.

“My eight-year-old son and his friends were playing drums as part of the Eid-e-Milad celebrations, when Aasif’s son came out of his house and began to abuse the children. When I objected to his behavior, he started attacking me, ”Aslam said in his complaint. A counter-complaint was also filed in the incident.

Police said FIRs had been filed against both parties under Articles 323, 337 and 294 (B) of the Indian Penal Code.

“Police teams rushed to the scene and dispersed the crowd. Three people were taken to the VS hospital for treatment. We have two defendants in custody at the moment, ”said a police official from Gaekwad Haveli Police Station.

The state government has allowed a maximum of 400 people to be part of the Eid-e-Milad juloos (procession) this year.

Vadodara court judicially arrests two people detained in Lucknow in “forced religious conversion racketeering”

A court in Vadodara took Bastard Cheikh, the managing director of the AFMI Charitable Trust, and Umar Gautam of the Islamic Da’wah Center in Delhi in judicial custody on Saturday. Both were previously in judicial custody in Lucknow after being arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) in an alleged case of “forced conversion racketeering”.

Lucknow police escorted Sheikh and Gautam to a court in Vadodara, following a court instruction to present them to Vadodara in connection with a case filed by Vadodara police. The Vadodara court has now ordered the city police, who have brought an action against the two for alleged embezzlement of foreign funds to the tune of Rs 20 crore as well as hawala transactions amounting to Rs 60 crore, to file a request for pre-trial detention with a view to official police custody. of the accused.

On Saturday, following instructions from the Vadodara court to produce Sheikh – a resident and businessman of Vadodara – and Gautam in court, Lucknow police arrived with the two defendants, who were taken into custody. at Lucknow Central Prison after their arrest. by UP ATS in July. Vadodara Police Commissioner Shamsher Singh said police approached the local court after officers from the Special Investigative Team (SIT) were unable to secure pre-trial detention of the two defendants. ‘a court in Lucknow in September. Singh said: “Sheikh and Gautam were produced in Vadodara in court proceedings after police from Vadodara approached the court. Since the two defendants were in judicial custody in Lucknow, the local court ordered the UP police to produce them here so that the Vadodara police could request custody and continue the investigation into the alleged hijacking. of funds under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) as well as AFMI hawala transactions.

Deputy Police Commissioner, Crime, DS Chauhan told indianexpress.com: “SIT officials are in court. We will file the referral request through the special prosecutor this evening. If the court allows a night hearing, we will immediately request the removal of the two accused. “

Singh added that Vadodara police have also written to the Directorate of Enforcement (ED) to examine the money laundering aspects of remittances. Stating that a case falling under the relevant sections of the Money Laundering Prevention Act (PMLA) may soon be closed by the ED, Singh said: “We have asked the ED to look into the laundered funds, which also indicate tax evasion. The ED is already investigating the case (filed by UP police) and it is possible that a money laundering case will be brought against the accused.

In July of this year, ED raided the office of the Islamic Da’wah Center and the residences of Gautam and other co-defendants in the UP ATS case. Singh said that although the Vadodara police case has “aspects in common” with the case filed against Sheikh and Gautam in Lucknow, the Vadodara town police are primarily investigating AFMI transactions. Singh said, “We are investigating a track of money from funds embezzled by the trust. Some of the foreign funds received by the trust for a specific use were diverted for other activities, while the rest of the money was channeled through Dubai via hawala transactions. Most of this money was used for building mosques in different states as well as for other activities, including providing legal aid to anti-citizenship protests.

According to Vadodara Police, 14 foreign trusts have deposited around Rs 19 crore into the AFMI trust account since 2017. At least Rs 10 crore has been embezzled from the trust’s FCRA account for allegedly funding the Da ‘Islamic center. wah of Gautam and Fatima Charitable. Confidence.

Sources said the AFMI has received funds from several foreign Islamic trusts. These trusts include the Gujarati Muslim Association, based in the United States, the Y Mamdani Charitable Foundation, Retail Global Fashion, Human Concern International, Ismail Ibrahim Kadujmar, based in the United Kingdom, Excel, Majlis-e-Al-Fala Trust, the Firdaus Foundation, Bacchon Ka Ghar and Australia. based at MYL Limbada, among others. While the Gujarati Muslim Association transferred 7.44 crore rupees to the AFMI Trust, the Majlis-e-Al-Fala Trust transferred 2.06 crore rupees. Vadodara police also alleged that Sheikh embezzled funds to build 100 mosques in seven states across the country, and also provided legal aid of Rs 60 lakh to defendants of the Delhi riots in 2020 as well as anti-CAA protesters. by Shaheen Bagh in Delhi.

Vadodara police reserved Sheikh and Gautam under Articles 153A, 201, 406, 465, 467, 471, 120B and 114 of the Indian Penal Code.

Earlier in August, Vadodara police also arrested an employee of the AFMI trust’s Muslim medical center located at Panigate in Vadodara for allegedly destroying a USB drive containing compromising details of the trust’s financial transactions.

Surety of accused in case under freedom of religion law: Gujarat HC refers to suspension of provisions, SC observation on exercise of powers

Gujarat High Court, while granting bail to four defendants as an interim measure in joint petition by plaintiff and defendants for consensual annulment of first FIR filed under the law of 2021 on the Freedom of Religion (Amendment) of Gujarat, refers to an order issued in August by a division bench that suspended the application of several articles of the amended law.

The court also referred to an observation by the Supreme Court on the need for higher courts to exercise their powers under the Constitution.

The reasoned order released on Thursday referred to the ruling in the Arnab Manoranjan Goswami v Maharashtra State et al. Case that “the High Court is to exercise its power under Article 226 of the Indian Constitution to grant a provisional bond with prudence and circumspection, knowing And in fact “.

“In the light of the aforementioned law established by the Apex Court and taking into account the particular facts and circumstances of the case, more particularly, the settlement reached between the husband and the wife…, the applicants established a prima facie case for interim relief a relief in the form of a bond… ”, noted the court of justice Ilesh Vora. The accused will be released on execution of a personal bond of Rs 10,000 each.

The FIR was deposited at the Gotri police station in Vadodara two days after the entry into force, on June 15, of an amendment to the Gujarat religious freedom law. Listed caste and tribe (Prevention of
atrocities) Law.

The defendants included the complainant’s husband, her in-laws, her sister-in-law, the husband’s uncle, a cousin and a maulvi who celebrated the nikah. While the in-laws and sister-in-law were released on bail earlier, the husband, his uncle and cousin and the maulvi remained in judicial custody, nearly four months after their arrest.

Another woman, accused of plotting to house the couple in her home, has also been protected from any arrest by the court.
Two petitions were filed with the HC, requesting the cancellation of the FIR, with one petition comprising the complainant and the other seven accused as petitioners, represented by lawyer Muhammad Isa Hakim, and the second petition presented by the friend of the accused couple, represented by lawyer Hitesh Gupta.

As stated in the court order, the couple got to know each other via social media in 2019. “… Due to their intimate relationship, they became aware of the identity, character, details of the family and the religion of the other, ”the court said. records.

The couple agreed to marry under the Special Marriage Law following their respective religions, before which they were married by “nikahnama” in the presence of their parents and family members. They also declared their marriage under oath with an affidavit stating that the “marriage was without any force or constraint and beyond their free will”.

“Subsequently, due to minor and insignificant problems… between accused # 1 (the complainant’s husband) and the informant, the informant… went to the parental home. On 06.17.2021, the offending FIR was registered at Gotri police station, Vadodara, alleging that the accused had forced sex, taking obscene photos of the informant, causing a forced miscarriage … forced to convert by force his religion and used caste insults. She also alleged that there was a conspiracy among the accused to commit the offenses, ”the order reads.

The applicants jointly requested the rescission of the FIR’s consent primarily on the grounds that the husband and wife issues were “small and insignificant… which were resolved and… they wanted to continue their matrimonial and marital relationship”.

The applicants also argued that in view of a settlement between the couple, the applicants “have good prima facie evidence and, therefore, if the requested interim bail is not granted, they will then suffer irreparable loss and damage through deprivation of their personal freedoms… ”The court has now upheld the request for November 29 for a new hearing on whether the FIR should be quashed or not.

Gujarat: government appoints staff for new ministers

Formal orders were issued on Wednesday appointing personal secretaries and other staff of newly appointed ministers and ministers of state in Bhupendra Patel’s government.

Staff members who populated the chambers of ministers in Vijay Rupani’s government had left Swarnim Sankul, after the former chief minister and his team resigned last month.

The staff who were appointed on Wednesday include private secretaries, additional secretaries and assistant secretaries for 24 ministers in the new government. Civil servants will receive the same salaries and allowances as in their home departments or offices.

Gujarat: Chief Justice Aravind Kumar takes office

Chief Justice Aravind Kumar took over the Gujarat High Court on Wednesday after being sworn in at Raj Bhavan’s office, Gandhinagar, administered by Governor Acharya Devvrat in the presence of executive, legislative and judicial members.

Taking office in a division bench on Wednesday, comprising Chief Justice Kumar and Judge RM Chhaya, the Gujarat HC First Court has heard cases relating to criminal appeals and miscellaneous claims, letters patent, civil claims. special calls and on first calls. Chief Justice Kumar takes office after 26th Chief Justice Vikram Nath of Gujarat HC was elevated to the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Justices MR Shah and Bela Trivedi, Chief Minister of Gujarat Bhupendra Patel and other State Cabinet Ministers, Judges of Gujarat HC, Bar Members and Chief Secretary Pankaj Kumar were present at the swearing-in ceremony.

Supporting the 27th Chief Justice of Gujarat HC, Chief Justice Kumar (59) registered as a lawyer in 1987 and practiced in Karnataka Civil Courts, Magistrates Courts, Appeal Courts and the High Court of Karnataka. In 1999, he was appointed Additional Permanent Adviser to the Central Government to the High Court of Karnataka and member of the Regional Direct Tax Advisory Committee in 2002. He was also Permanent Adviser to the Department of Income Tax and was appointed Deputy Solicitor General of India in 2005.

Gujarat: four cops suspended a few days after the seizure of alcohol during a raid

About 40 days after the Directorate General of Local Crime (LCB) of the Morbi District Police raided the village of Sundargadh in Halvad Taluka and seized a large quantity of locally made alcohol, four officers from the station Halvad Police Force were suspended.

The four suspended agents are Yogeshdan Gadhvi, Jyapalsinh Jhala, Vikram Shihora and Harpalsinh Rathod.

“An investigation was opened against the four after other agencies carried out a law enforcement-related raid on the jurisdiction of the Halvad Police Station,” a police officer from Halvad said on Sunday. Morbi to the Indian Express.

A few days ago, police chief Vinesh Kharadi was suspended after Munna Sarla, a resident of Dighadiya village in Halvad Taluka, allegedly hanged himself in the toilet at the police station while in custody on September 29. Munna was arrested by Halvad Police for allegedly murdering her older brother Mukesh following a land dispute on September 23.

Inspector Prakash Dekavadiya, who was in charge of Halvad Police Station, Deputy Inspector PG Panara and eight other officers were also transferred on Saturday. The stay orders came a day after Sandeep Singh, deputy inspector general of the Rajkot channel, visited Halvad police station on October 8.

Police identify father of child found abandoned in Gandhinagar

A day after a toddler was found abandoned outside a Swaminarayan gaushala in the village of Pethapur near Gandhinagar, police identified the child’s father on Saturday.

The 8-10 month old child was then taken to Gandhinagar Civil Hospital. Interior Minister Harsh Sanghavi went to the hospital on Saturday to inquire about the child. According to the police, a certain Sachin Dixit, a resident of Sector 26 of Gandhinagar town, was the father of the child.

Police said Dixit had lived with his wife at the address for 10 years and was from Uttar Pradesh. “Preliminary inquiries indicate that the child was not born to Dixit’s wife,” Sanghvi told media. Police said Dixit left for Rajasthan on Saturday.

“We have followed them and they are coming back from Kota,” Sanghavi said.

LLB student rape case: Vadodara court sends main accused CA to 9 days in police custody

The AC, who was also charged with forcing the survivor to form physical relationships with “investors” while working with him as an intern for the land link, failed a power test – a procedure mandatory for all rape accused – conducted at Gotri Medical College and SSG Hospital. He will now be taken to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital for further testing.

The main accused was arrested Thursday evening from Palitana, 19 days after the FIR was filed at Gotri police station on September 19.

Vadodara police had requested 14 days in custody from the CA on the grounds that investigators needed to recover the spy camera allegedly installed in the survivor’s room to film the act as well as to investigate whether he had also forced the victim to establish physical relations with other investors, including the co-accused who was a former administrator of a temple in Pavagadh. The court accepted the grounds and granted nine days in police custody until October 16. Police, however, have yet to begin investigating the CA as he was under a potency test from the time of his arrest.

DS Chauhan, deputy commissioner of police, told The Indian Express that police spent about nine hours attempting to take semen samples from the accused. “We referred him first to Gotri hospital, then to SSG hospital. But doctors were unable to collect his semen sample. Sometimes it can be due to anxiety and stress that the accused fails the potency test. In this case, the accused is also elderly. We will now take him to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital for testing, ”Chauhan said.

He added that the police were also tracking various places where the AC had taken refuge during the 19 days he was on the run. The accused told police he was traveling in rented taxis from town to town as he escaped arrest.

A total of three defendants have been held in the case so far, including the CA and the former temple trustee.

The third defendant, a city businessman, allegedly helped the second defendant to escape and tried to negotiate a settlement with the survivor after the incident. All of the accused were convicted under IPC Sections of sexual harassment, assault or use of criminal force with intent to undress, rape by a parent, guardian or teacher or person in a position of trust or confidence. authority over woman, rape by a man in a position of control or domination over a woman, repeatedly raping the same woman, unnatural sex, injuring with poison, willfully injuring, criminal intimidation and crime in the presence of an accomplice.

Jignesh Mevani: Will he overthrow the government which believes in Manusmriti and not in the Constitution?

Claiming that his presence will further motivate marginalized sections of Gujarat to vote for the Congress party, MP Vadgam Jignesh Mevani said that in the 2022 elections in Vidhan Sabha, the party would overthrow the government which “believes in Manusmriti and not in the Constitution”.

Mevani, who arrived in Ahmedabad after joining the party in Delhi, said: “The Congress Party had led the struggle for independence hence the idea of ​​India with values ​​of unity in diversity. , secularism, equality and socialism emerged. It is only the Congress party that can save our Constitution and our democracy… with this clarity of thought, I joined the party.

The independent MP for Vadgam constituency in Banaskantha recently joined Congress with former JNU leader Kanhaiya Kumar in the presence of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

Pointing out that the seat margin between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress in the previous legislative elections was 10 to 15, Mevani, 41, said: “I hope that if all the top leaders, members of the Congress and people across the spectrum who are aligned with our ideology… come together, we can remove this government that believes in Manusmriti and not the Constitution.

The leader who arrived to an enthusiastic reception from supporters of his Vadgam constituency and workers of the Gujarat Congress, the Indian Youth Congress, the Mahila Congress and the National Union of Students of India (NSUI) in Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan in Paldi of Ahmedabad, said: “The BJP ruled for 27 years in Gujarat, however, the common man saw no development. Hundreds of small and medium industries have closed, young people are unemployed… At least 15% of the population of Gujarat are poor and marginalized CBOs to the limit… what do they have in the Vibrant Gujarat model? I joined Congress to represent them.

Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) Chairman Amit Chavda, GPCC Working Chairman Hardik Patel, Opposition Leader Paresh Dhanani and Former GPCC Chairman Bharat Solanki were present at the event to congratulate Mevani .

To technically join Congress, Mevani must resign as an MP. “I also said earlier that officially I have not yet been a Congressman because I will first have to resign as a Member of Parliament. I will do so in the coming months, ”Mevani said.

Asked about his role in the Congress party, Mevani said he would initially focus on the party’s registration campaign.

“I will raise the issues of inflation and unemployment to mobilize people. I will travel to the districts and talukas of Gujarat to register people in the party. With my presence, young people will be motivated to join the Congress. There is a lot of excitement in the congressional office today, it was the same when we also held a press conference at the congressional office in New Delhi, ”Mevani said.

Mevani, who raised the issues of manual cleaning and the death of sanitation workers in industries, came into the spotlight earlier after leading an unrest against the alleged flogging of Dalits at Una of Gir Somnath in 2016.

When asked what difference he would make to the lives of sanitation workers if he were chosen in power, Mevani said: “Within the party framework, there is enormous leeway to work for. marginalized communities and make their voices heard on their issues… I will continue to do this. We are exploring technology to get rid of manual cleaning by replacing humans with machines. “

When asked if he thought the BJP was targeting the AAP more as a main opposition in Gujarat politics than Congress, Mevani said, “Let them do their jobs, we’ll do ours.”

Asked about the internal cracks of Congress in the Punjab and the dissent of the G 23 – the group of 23 senior leaders who wrote to Sonia Gandhi to demand internal reforms within the party, Mevani said: “If a party has been around for 130 years , it is obvious that people come and go… what is important is to concentrate on those who arrive, to welcome them without offending those who leave.

AMC puts more brakes on unvaccinated SMCs: 100 pc of eligible people receive the 1st dose of Covid vaccine

The Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) said on Tuesday it had covered 100% of its eligible population with the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Meanwhile, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation decided to further restrict access to private spaces and facilities for citizens who did not take the first dose of the vaccine.

Surat civic body has administered 34 36,213 first doses to date while 16,61,844 citizens are fully immunized in Surat city. According to SMC data, Rajkot Munici-pal Corporation has covered 96.20% of its vaccine-eligible population with the first dose, administering 10.35 lakh first doses against the target of 11.42 lakh.

The Vadodara municipal company administered 13.51 lakh of first doses against the target of 15.09 lakh, thus covering about 90% of its vaccine-eligible population. Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation has covered around 89% of its 4.43 lakh vaccine eligible population with the first dose.

The health department of MSC’s Deputy City Commissioner, Dr Ashish Naik, said: “We crossed the people targeted in the vaccinations for the first dose. We will now work on increasing the numbers for the second dose of vaccination. We worked on the strategy, to achieve the target that we first worked on by carrying out camps in the residential companies, then we extended our reach to factories in the diamond and textile industries and opened centers in the factories. . We then opened centers in the city’s textile markets and finally we launched the “Knock the Door” campaign, in which our watchmen visited every house in the city and checked if residents over the age of. 18 years old had taken the first dose or or second dose. “

Meanwhile, AMC announced in a press release that citizens visiting private places such as shopping malls, movie theaters, clubs, shopping complexes, party grounds, hotels, restaurants, venues religious, tourist sites, large corporations will not be allowed to enter these premises if they have not taken the first dose. These premises will also remain prohibited if a person has not taken the second dose when they are eligible for it.

The AMC on September 21 introduced a similar rule, denying unvaccinated citizens access to public equipment and facilities. The AMC managed to cover 97% of its vaccine-eligible population of nearly 48 lakh with the first dose and fully immunized nearly 50% of the city’s population, although in absolute numbers of doses administered, l ‘AMC leads the rankings with over 67 lakh doses administered to date.