AEW vs WWE: “With CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, the wheels have turned, plus an era of attitude”

In his first game in over seven years, CM Punk defeated Darby Allin at AEW All Out on Sunday in his hometown of Chicago. In a thrilling atmosphere with loud chants for both athletes, Punk’s debut became quite a contest.

In the end, it was the straight superstar who won after reaching the GTS. After the match, Sting and The Best in the World shook hands in respect.

Bryan Danielson joins AEW

Bryan Danielson, previously known as Daniel Bryan in WWE, made his All Elite Wrestling debut on the same day. This put an end to speculation about his future in professional wrestling.

After the event, Bryan opened up about his decision to quit WWE and sign with AEW: Love There, so it was a really tough decision.

“The offer WWE made to me, they were going to let me do other stuff on the outside, but, I hate to say that, Vince sometimes. He and I have a great relationship. I love him, I love him Sometimes he’s overprotective with me I want to be able to push my limits.

Adam Cole joins AEW

Former NXT star Adam Cole made his stunning debut on AEW All Out after Kenny Omega beat Christian to retain the AEW World Championship. Adam Cole also opened up about his WWE contract expiring: “Oddly enough, believe it or not, I was also surprised. Yes, I felt like it was like six months later. So it was a surprise to me. It was a surprise to them. “


AEW has always been ahead in the scoring battle with WWE, particularly in the target demographic of 18-49 years old. WWE, meanwhile, is continuing its family orientation strategy. WWE is TV-PG while AEW is TV-14. However, industry experts point out that this gives AEW greater creative freedom. Sparks have already flown between the two wrestling brands. Take, for example, Matt Hardy, who apparently shot WWE after AEW All Out when he tweeted, “How we all feel after tonight’s absolutely WONDERFUL #AEWAllOut 2021 event. @AEW kill him! Said Matt Hardy. He also posted a GIF of his match with Sammy Guevara on AEW, where he said, “The competition is in the mud. I like to see it.

Kurt Angle, another former WWE Superstar spoke on the Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast and highlighted the differences between AEW’s and WWE’s target audiences.

“I think the shareholders put a lot of pressure on the big man and told him ‘keep everything PG rated.’ Outfit him more for the younger ones, that’s where the merchandise is. WWE, their theory is, “If the kids watch it, the parents watch it too. And the parents are going to pay for the merchandise for the kids, and they are going to pay to go and see the events. So they have the right theory on it, but they lose them. young adults. The 18 to 40-year-old WWE was in the Attitude Age, that’s more of the leadership of AEW right now. They swear on the air, they lift their middle finger. It’s more an attitude Attitude Era, says Angle.