BTS and Coldplay Release Official My Universe Video, Proving Love Transcends Borders. To concern

BTS and Coldplay’s Anglo-Korean collaboration, “My Universe,” has created waves since its release on September 24. And now, fans of both popular bands have a reason to rejoice as video for the song was released in a live premiere today. He was greeted with feverish excitement, as fans flooded the live commentary section with applause.

In the video, the two groups demonstrate the power of love, despite coming from “different worlds”, so to speak. Due to the pandemic, most have lived in isolation and are cut off from loved ones, and can only meet virtually – a sentiment portrayed in the video, with most members only appearing as holograms. We also see a plethora of colorful characters, adding to the intrigue of the video. Chris Martin takes viewers on a psychedelic journey as he travels through the universe. The song ends with the two groups singing and dancing in different geographic locations, to show that they are still connected.

During the documentary on what happened behind the scenes of the song, Chris Martin praised BTS, especially Jungkook. “It’s very special to me that the most popular artists in the world speak Korean and are like a bunch of brothers, not from the West. It gives me a lot of hope, in terms of thinking of the world as one family. So of course when you see who they are and their songs, it’s really a message of oneness and being yourself, ”he said.

BTS chief RM had said he wrote the lyrics, imagining the day he could find ARMY. “Chris said this song is very personal to him because part of him is frustrated that Coldplay can’t perform live in a concert. I thought about how to make this relevant to BTS. Since the lyrics say” You are my Universe “, this song should definitely be dedicated to ARMY. I wrote the lyrics imagining when we will find ARMY again.