Bridgerton: The Main Cast, Ranked by Rank and Title

Bridgerton was a hit with Netflix fans when it was released in 2020. The English period drama, based on the popular Julia Quinn books, is a mesh between Gossip Girl and Downton Abbey with a hint of Reign. It is blissful, decadent, exciting and overwhelming. The plots draw viewers in and keep them trapped, salivating for the next episode and already for next season (released March 25, 2022).

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There is so much for fans to take in and digest while watching the series. To truly understand the character relationships and plot premises, viewers need to break down the status and rankings of the players in this royal life game.

Updated March 13, 2022 by Lynn Gibbs: Bridgerton introduced a number of families in London into the high society of the 19th century. Viewers watched Bridgertons prepare Daphne for femininity as she tried to find a potential man in a sea of ​​competitive women. Likewise, viewers got to know the royal family of Featherington, Bassett and Queen Charlotte. With so many high-class families searching for the same thing (love, acceptance, and security), fans could not help but wonder how they all compared themselves to their titles and rankings.

10 Title (minor) Marina Thompson

Marina Thompson and Bridgerton

Marina comes to the Featherington household to be introduced to London’s high society as a marriage material. She is a distant cousin of Baron Featherington, but has no status or title other than the distant connection.

She would be a lower ranking woman compared to the Featherington daughters and the Bridgerton girls. Her hopes of marrying a high-status man are shattered because of her untimely, hidden pregnancy. Fortunately for her, an honorable man comes to support his child and himself. Before she left London, Marina had some of the best quotes about love while waiting to get married.

9 Lady Danbury

Winner Lady Danbury

Lady Danbury was one of the best grades in Bridgerton. She is the woman responsible for picking up the pieces of a broken young Simon and raising him to be the Duke before us. Simon was still struggling, but imagine what would have become of him if this woman had not stepped in and turned his life around.

Grand Dame is a woman of power, wealth and influence, but her title does not rank her higher than many of the other women on the list. A lady is the female equivalent of a Lord.


8 Baroness Featherington

Loser Baroness Featherington

Baroness Featherington thinks she’s pretty tall and powerful. She is wise in finding solid matches for her daughters, who according to the rank of the family would have been referred to as “honorable”. She is dedicated to over-the-top fashion designs – which only she seems to think is actually “top” – and sees herself as an important guest at any high society event. Because of her perception of herself and the secrets of her family, the Baroness was one character fans could not stand.

Given Baroness Featherington’s rank, she might want to check herself and her arrogance. She falls in line behind Violet Bridgerton and feels a rivalry with the neighbor lady. Barons and their partners rank below Viscounts, Earls, Marquesses and Dukes.

7 Baron Featherington

Featheringtons live near the Bridgertons, and although the two families are well established in London’s high society, they are not of the same rank. Baron Featherington would rank below the now deceased Viscount Bridgerton.

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Baron Featherington would have ranked below many of the high society men that fans see in the series. Barons are the lowest ranking in the British nobility. As fans learned in the Season 1 finale, the Baron was part of one of the biggest scandals and is no more, thanks to his very shady business dealings. It seems that women are the ones behind the wheels these days.

6 Viscountess Violet Bridgerton

Less violet, widow Countess Bridgerton

Until Anthony takes a wife, Violet Bridgerton is the only viscountesse that fans see in the series. Daphne’s mother was elated when the Duke showed interest in Daphne, and that’s because Violet understands what a bump in rank such a marriage would allow. Her love for her family made her one of those most beloved characters.

Although a viscountess is no duchess, they are also nothing to refuse. Being the fourth highest ranking lady in the country is a pretty big deal. Ladies like Mama Bridgerton do well in their own right; just look at the Bridgerton property. Who would not want to live lavishly like that?

5 Viscount Anthony Bridgerton

Anthony smiles at Kate in Bridgerton season 2

Anthony Bridgerton is the eldest son of the Bridgerton family, and after his father’s death he becomes Viscount. In terms of rank, a viscount follows a duke, marquis and an earl. He ranks higher than Lords and Barons.

Viscounts once held a position similar to that of a sheriff and was appointed by a member of the monarchy. At the end of the first season, Anthony suggests that he should begin a quest to get married. A wedding would give fans a different viscountesse in the mix, but the new Mrs. Bridgerton would still be behind Daphne the Duchess.

4 Duchess of Hastings

Daphne in Netflix's Bridgerton

Daphne Bridgerton went from the ball of the ball to a scandalous singleton – thanks to Lady Whistledown – to a real Duchess. Daphne establishes herself as one of the highest ranking ladies in the country after her marriage to Simon, Duke of Hastings.

She falls behind the queen and any princesses, but far ahead of the other female main characters, thanks to her marital arrangement. Her soulmate experience with Simon was one of the leading stories in the series.

3 Duke of Hastings

Rege-Jean Page as Simon in Bridgerton

Behind the kings, queens, princesses and princes, Dukes is next. A duke would oversee his duchy along with a duchess’s wife. The Duke of Hastings is an essential character in Bridgerton series and he is one of the most eligible bachelors in the country. He has no desire to marry or settle down, but Daphne Bridgerton manages to capture him as her husband and fix almost all of his emotional wounds from the past. His problems with the past were the saddest parts of his character.

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As fans saw in the last few scenes of the finale, the duchy continues after Simon, the Duke of Hastings, moves on. He and Daphne welcome a son into their lives; something viewers never thought would happen.

2 Prince Friedrich

The lovely Prince Friedrich of Prussia comes to court in search of a bride that he can bring home to his homeland. While camping in the British royal house, he is of the second highest rank in the country. In his own country he would have fallen behind his parents, the king and queen. He would not be as high in status as Queen Charlotte, especially considering he is a foreigner in her kingdom, but he is right up there in the royalty chain.

He had an eye on Mrs. Daphne Bridgerton, and had she not been head over heels in love with the variegated duke; she would have had a good chance of becoming royal in Prussia.

1 Queen Charlotte

When it comes to who’s the big boss in Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte literally reigns as queen. She sits on the throne, oversees her kingdom and deals with parties and relationships of her people.

According to the British monarchy, the queen would only be outcompeted by her husband, the king. Fans do not look much to Charlotte’s second half as he is not in particularly mental health, but as he is still alive, she is only second in command by his status. As for the main characters, the real Queen Charlotte surpasses all.

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