Boris Johnson could win next election, the minister claims, the Tories’ poll is the lowest against Labor since 2013

Boris Johnson could win the next parliamentary election for the Tories, a minister has said, despite calls on the Prime Minister to resign.

Northern Ireland Minister Brandon Lewis supported Mr Johnson in the face of condemnatory polls and calls from Tory MPs for the Prime Minister to resign after he admitted to attending a rally in No10 during the first Covid lockdown.

“I personally believe the Prime Minister is the right person to be Prime Minister,” Lewis said Sky News. “I think we will be able to move forward and win a general election.

“We have work to do. We have to deliver on exactly what the Prime Minister set out to do, which are some of the biggest key reforms that address issues the country would have liked to have addressed years ago, such as health and social care. issues in Northern Ireland that have not been addressed for decades.

“This is someone who wants to deal with it and do it in a way that delivers for everyone in the UK and that’s why I think he will win the next election.”

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It comes as the latest poll shows that support in the Tory party is markedly declining.

A study regarding The times of YouGov, which was performed before Mr Johnson’s apology at PMQs, brought Labor a 10-point lead ahead of the Tories for the first time in nearly a decade.

The poll put the Tories at 28 percent, with Labor ahead at 38 percent – their biggest lead since December 2013.

Labor rose one point while the Tories were down five points.

Sir Keir Starmer was far ahead in terms of who would become the best prime minister. Just 23 per cent said Mr Johnson would, while Sir Keir was at 35 per cent.

Johnson’s approval ratings are at the lowest level yet.

The survey also showed that 60 per cent of the population thought Mr Johnson should resign, including 38 per cent of those who voted for Tory in the last election.

It also found that only six per cent thought the prime minister had been honest in his answers to questions about the alleged parties.

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