Bombay: 61-year-old man dies after Kalbadevi building collapses

A 61-year-old person died on Sunday after a four-story building collapsed in the Kalbadevi neighborhood, south Mumbai.

The deceased has been identified as Sundara Saw. He was taken to JJ Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead.

According to local residents, Saw was talking on the phone when the dilapidated building number 5 in Khanderaowadi, which is owned by the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA), crashed into him.

Local BJP representative Aakash Raj Purohit said major tragedy was averted with the evacuation of the building after part of the toilet collapsed on Sunday evening. “After part of the toilet fell, the fire department and the police were called. There were about 20 workers inside the building and all of them were evacuated by firefighters. In addition, a family from a neighboring building has been relocated for safety, ”Purohit told

He added: “However, around 10:30 pm, a person was sitting next to the building while talking on the phone. The whole building collapsed and he got stuck inside the debris. He was rescued and transferred to JJ Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead.

Khanderaowadi Building Number 5 was over four decades old. “The building was only used for commercial purposes. It was mainly frequented by Bengali laborers who worked in local jewelry making units, ”the corporator said.