Black Bolt has the worst superhero name … And even Marvel knows it

When Black Bolt revealed his real name to a Marvel Comics villain, he was told how lame his superhero name is in comparison.

Marvel Comics knows that Black Bolt has one of the most silly superhero names, which was made fun of clearly when Crusher Creel could not help but laugh at Inhuman for his choice of moniker. IN Black Bolt # 2, the hero reveals to Absorbing Man that his not-so-secret identity is Blackagar Boltagon, which gets a lot of response from the villain who breaks out in laughter after learning how similar his superhero name looks to it.

The world of superhero comics is a magical place filled with some of the most iconic secret identities in comics. For example, Clark Kent is Superman, Bruce Wayne is Batman, and Peter Parker is Superman. However, not all superhero names are the most creative and can give a hero’s identity away right away. In the case of Gwen Stacy, Marvel changed its name from Spider-Gwen to Ghost-Spider when her secret identity was immediately revealed in her superhero name. One of the funniest cases of a hero’s name being too close to their superhero name comes from Black Bolt – who did not even try to hide who he was.


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In the excellent 12-number Black Bolt (2017) Marvel Comics series from Saladin Ahmed, Christian Ward and VC’s Clayton Cowles, the leader of the Inhumans is trapped in an alien prison by his brother Maximus. To break free, Black Bolt (whose powers are subdued in prison) joins forces with Crusher Creel (and other prisoners) to knock down the jailer, who is holding them captive. IN Black Bolt # 2, the inhuman tells the absorbing man that he will join him and help defeat the prison guard and reveal, “Blackagar Boltagon stands with you.” But the heartfelt moment meets with Crusher Creel, who questions his superhero name and secret identity while laughing in his face.

Black Bolt Marvel Comics name

To be fair to Black Bolt, he does not really try to hide his secret identity, as he is one of the most prominent inhumans and heads its royal family. Yet the fact is that his real name is Blackagar Boltagon, and he chose the superhero name Black Bolt is quite funny and somewhat lame – hence the reaction from Crusher.

Blackagar Boltagon has not thought so much about going under the name Black Bolt, as it is about the most straightforward name he could have chosen as a superhero. But considering that Inhumans does not exactly have the most creative names (Medusalith Amaquelin goes after Medusa), it is not entirely outside the left field. However, Black Bolt’s not-so-secret identity should still elicit a bit of laughter from those who were unaware of his real Marvel Comics name.

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