BJP MP Manoj Tiwari injured to protest Delhi ban on Chhath celebrations, hospitalized

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Manoj Tiwari was hospitalized on Tuesday after being injured during a protest near the residence of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal against the ban on Chhath celebrations in the national capital.

BJP chief Rahul Trivedi said Tiwari was injured during the protest due to the force of the water cannons and was rushed to Safdarjung hospital. The BJP deputy was reportedly injured in the ear.

BJP deputy Manoj Tiwari was hospitalized at Safdarjung hospital. (Express Photo)

The BJP protested against the Delhi Disaster Management Authority Ordinance Banning Chhath Celebrations in public places and river banks in preparation for the Covid-19 pandemic. In a decree dated September 30, the DDMA also banned fairs and food stands during festivals.

However, Delhi’s BJP fought back, saying it would celebrate Chhath puja (at ghats) and that the three companies (MCD), all led by the party, would arrange for it.

Delhi BJP chief Adesh Gupta at a press conference with Tiwari at the party office in Pant Marg on Monday said the celebrations would follow Covid-19 protocols. Tiwari said, “The Delhi government allowed the swimming pools to open but banned the Chhat Puja. People who hold Chhath Rapid only have water up to their knees during the festival and Covid guidelines also say the disease is spread through the mouth and nose, not the knee. “