Best Build for Volatile Rounds (Season 16)

Anyone who has played Destiny 2 in season 16 knows that it’s the season of Volatile Rounds,

Anyone who has played Fate 2 in season 16 knows it’s the season for Volatile Rounds. In almost every PvE activity, players are required to watch at least one person rock one Funnelweb SMG i Elden Ring, grabs Wells of Light and blows targets into the air with empty rounds. While there are plenty of builds out there that can easily trigger volatile rounds for players’ invalid weapons, there is a Warlock building that surpasses almost all other volatile builds in the game due to the amount of easy wells that players can generate, while using it.

By combining the right shapely armor mods with some of the new void fragments, players will be able to generate wells constantly as well as keep their volatile rounds up as long as possible while using their Warlocks. This building is centered around Warlock’s Voidwalker Subclass, but more specifically Scatter Granades and the new Void 3.0 Fragment ‘Echo of instability.’ To accomplish this build, players also want to get their fingers in a good roll with the exotic glove ‘Nothing Mannicles’, which gives players another scatter grenade charge and adds tracking to the grenade projectiles. This is all that players need in terms of exotic armor and underclass fragments.


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The most important part of this build is the well mods being used, as well as the Echo of Instability void fragment. This fragment will trigger volatile rounds at each grenade kill, which can be combined with the well-created mod ‘Elemental Ordanace’ to create even more empty wells to trigger volatile rounds using the seasonal artifact mod ‘Vtalie Flow’ on another piece of armor . Players will want to upgrade their discipline stats as much as they can to recharge theirs Fate 2‘s empty grenades as quickly as possible. All of this combined with the seasonal ‘Font of Might’ mod to increase the void damage on void well pick-up makes this an offensive beast in PvE.

Best Build for Volatile Rounds in Destiny 2 (Season 16)

Volatile round fragment in Destiny 2


  • Kinetic Anyone.
  • Energy- Funnelweb (with Adrenaline Junkie).
  • Heavy- Threaded needle.

Armor Mods:

  • Helmet- Font of Might.
  • Gloves Reaping Wellmaker (invalid armor only).
  • Breast- Volatile flow.
  • leg- Elementary Regulation.
  • Class of goods Elemental Time Dilatation (Stasis armor only).

Void Fragment:

  • Fragment- Echo of instability (the rest is up to the player).

Exotic armor:

  • Gloves No Mannicles

All of these combined provide the most deadly volatile round combination possible. In addition new Stasis energy towards ind Fate 2, Elemental Time Dilation allows players to stack the time-limited benefits of well-created mods, including Font of Might and Volatile Flow. This allows players to keep stacking 15 second volatile rounds through wells they have made with grenades or kills to an ability using the Reaping Wellmaker. The invalid linear fusion rifle, Threaded Needle, is also handy due to the constant void damage that players will receive through their wells.

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