Batman’s Penguin Car Chase blows all previous Batmobil scenes out of the water

Batman’s Batmobile scene, in which Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight chases Penguin (Colin Farrell), is the best car sequence in any Batman movie.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Batman.

When Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight chases Colin Farrell’s Penguin, the result is Batman‘s Batmobile scene becomes the best in Batman movie history. Any new Batman movie is likely to incorporate – and be judged on – several of the character’s most inherent elements, from costume to supporting character to, of course, the car. The Batmobile has been a core part of the character since his early comic days, but it’s on screen where it can really shine. All movie versions of Batman have had their own Batmobile, wildly varying in style and size, be it the gadget-filled, Futura-inspired car from Adam West; Michael Keaton’s long, super cool powerhouse; the more silly, more toy-like Batmobiles from the Joel Schumacher era; or the big, menacing, tank-like vehicles powered by Christian Bale and Ben Affleck’s Batmen.


Robert Pattinson’s is no different by once again modifying the Batmobile, though this time, like much of director Matt Reeves’ vision, it’s a more grounded, undressed approach that fits with a character in his second year as Caped Crusader. Gone are the thoughts, in comes a heavily modified muscle car. Pattinsons Batmobile fits perfectly with his version of the character with few frills (at least relatively speaking) and instead a sense of brutal efficiency for this Batman’s form of revenge, and this is best seen in the sequence in which he hunts the penguin.

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Batman‘s Batmobile scene not only joins the pantheon of other amazing car sequences in Batman movies – the museum’s escape in Batmanthe car’s snow-covered entrance Batman returnsTwo-Faces trap in Batman forever, Jim Gordon drives the Tumbler in Batman beginsthe destruction of the same vehicle in The Black Knightand the brutal assault in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, to name a few of the best – but beats them all. With the car emerging from the darkness, bursting into life and a high-speed chase, culminating in the defeat of the penguin and Batman emerging from the flames, it stands as the most exciting and amazingly shot Batmobile sequence in any Batman movie.

Why Batman’s Batmobile Scene is the Best Ever

Colin Farrell as Penguin in the Batman Batmobile hunting scene

The greatness of Batman‘s Batmobile scene begins with the opening, the first full revelation of Pattinson’s vehicle in action: like its driver, it lurks in the shadows before throwing itself over its prey like a monster from a horror movie roaring into life with a sound, which, especially in IMAX monitors, is deafening. It’s the kind of pulsating moment the Batmobile deserves, an introduction worthy of its history, and things only continue at that level. With its fascinating, non-stop chase through a rain-soaked Gotham, Batman mixes his noir influences with thrillers from the late 19060s / early 1970s such as. Bullitt and The French connection along with a dose of modern superhero blockbusters that lead to a cacophony of sound and some blistering, ingeniously choreographed action designed to make the heart run as real as the cars Penguin and Batman driving.

What really sets this apart from the others, though, is not just its incredible action, beautiful cinematography, or ridiculous sound design. Instead, it’s about how all of these elements come together, how they all serve the story and, most impressively of all, how they reflect who this Batman is. The car chase characterizes Dark Knight perfectly: the way he strikes fear into his enemy’s heart from the shadows, the sheer tireless intensity of his hunt for Gotham’s villains, the combination of wisdom, willpower and do-it-now. -takes an attitude that makes him both the world’s greatest detective and a man they call on the street “Revenge,” and as he emerges from the flames of that shot to the head, it cements his position as a mythical figure, an almost impossible hero who cannot be fought. Batman‘s Batmobile scene is the best ever because it is such a pure distillation of Dark Knight as a whole.

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