Batman Beyond’s most powerful suit proves that Terry is braver than Bruce

In a scary alternative future within DC, Terry McGinnis proves he’s braver than Bruce Wayne after wearing a suit Batman would not touch.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Batman: Beyond the White Knight # 1

There are few things that scare Batmanleast of all his own technology, but in an alternative future for the DC Universe Batman Beyond suit is apparently too dangerous for even the Dark Knight to try to wear, proving that Terry McGinnis is braver than Bruce Wayne. Batman has a variety of suits for many different reasons, from his standard costume, which has several styles with similar functionality to one that is specifically designed to fight Superman himself. While Batman has never hesitated to wear these other suits in the past, DC has just revealed that one of the most famous in Bruce Wayne’s arsenal was actually never worn by him until it was passed on to his successor.


IN Batman: Beyond the White Knight # 1 by Sean Murphy, readers are thrown into a future without Batman, one where Bruce Wayne is in jail and The Batman title has been given to Gotham’s law enforcement, which triggered a repression of crime that made the city a police state. In the midst of cross-border fascist order, Bruce’s partner at Wayne Enterprises (who took full ownership of the company after Bruce went to prison) has partnered with a skilled thief to reclaim all of Bruce’s Batman technology, and the young burglar falls over something completely extraordinary.

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As he digs through the ruins of Batcave, Terry McGinnis finds the futuristic Batsuit he was always destined to wear. The classic Batman Beyond suit is exactly as fans remember, although this is brand new to Terry. When he reveals it, Bruce’s former partner, Derek Powers, is in a conversation with him all the time and guides Terry through the process of wearing the suit. Before Terry puts it on to escape some officers who were warned there was one burglary in Batcave, Powers tells Terry that this suit was specially designed by Bruce Wayne himself so he could continue to fight crime even in his old age. Powers also says Bruce never even put on the suit because he thought it was too dangerous to ever wear.

Batman will not wear his most dangerous suit.

The idea that Batman would be afraid to use his own technology, especially the one he built himself, is a bit confusing, though when readers see the suit in action, it becomes clearer why he never wore the Batman Beyond suit. As Terry wears it, he discovers that Batsuit gives him superpower, speed, and retractable, deadly claws, as shown when he accidentally seriously injures a number of officers on his escape from Batcave.

Maybe as Batman described Batman Beyond suit as being too dangerous to use, he did not talk about it being too dangerous for himself, but for those around him. Batman is adamant about not taking a life, as evidenced by the Joker’s continued existence, and Terry demonstrated on his own what kind of life-giving power this Batsuit possesses. Only time will tell if that’s the real reason for Bruce’s reluctance to ever put on his most powerful suit, but the one thing that’s clear at the moment is that Bruce Wayne was too scared to put on the suit while Terry McGinnis did not hesitate, which is why Batman Beyond suit proves that Terry is braver than the original Batman.

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