Bad Boys 4 reportedly put on hiatus after Will Smith’s Oscar slap incident

Bad Boys 4 is reportedly put on hiatus after Will Smith beat comedian Chris Rock over a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith at the 2022 Oscars.

Work on Bad Boys 4 has reportedly paused to follow Will Smith beats Chris Rock during the Oscars Ceremony. Before presenting the award for Best Documentary, won by Questlove’s Summer of soulRock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith and compared her Oscars look to Demi Moore’s GI Jane. While the audience found the moment humorous, Smith did not do so after seeing his wife’s reaction. The actor then went up on stage during the live broadcast, slapped Rock in the face and told the comedian, “Keep my wife’s name out of your accursed mouth,“twice.

Viewers were amazed that Smith was not escorted out of the Dolby Theater after attacking Rock, and many were put off by the fact that he was allowed to give a speech to win the Oscar for best male lead less than an hour after the incident. Rock refused to sue after being beaten, but the Academy launched a formal investigation into the matter. The next day, Smith offered an apology to Academy and Rock on social media and recently announced his decision to resign from The Academy.


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There have been many updates over the past week regarding the infamous Oscar slap, and it now looks like Smith’s actions are starting to negatively impact his future projects. THR reports working on Bad Boys 4 has stopped as a result of Smith’s altercation with Rock at the Oscars. This news comes the same day that Smith’s Academy resigned, so it’s uncertain whether that decision will help get the film back on track.

Will Smith beats Chris Rock to the Oscars

Bad Boys for Life was released 17 years later Bad Boys 2. The film received generally positive reviews, and thanks to it was released before the launch of COVID-19, Bad Boys for Life also became one of the highest-grossing films of 2020. Shortly after the film’s release, Bad Boys 4 was confirmed be under development by Sony. The last major update given was in May 2020, when producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed that the script was being written. Since then, it seems that significant progress has been made THRThe above report also indicates that Smith had received 40 pages of Bad Boys 4 script to read.

Although Rock’s joke was in bad taste, given Pinkett Smith’s struggle with alopecia, most agree that Smith’s physical injury to Rock was not the best course of action. There was always the possibility that the eruption affected Smith’s career, but until now there had been no word that his future projects were in jeopardy. That said, it is very possible that the development will continue Bad Boys 4 will continue now that Smith has faced some sort of consequence.

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Source: THR

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