Ayakashi Triangle’s English translation skips Manga’s Risque Chapter 74

Ayakashi Triangle’s English translation officially skips its 74th chapter, in which fans speculate that censorship of risky content is to blame.

Warning: contains spoilers for Ayakashi Triangles Chapter 74!

Shonen Jumps mangaserie Ayakashi threesome just released its 74th chapter, but it seems the content turned out to be too controversial for English publisher Viz Media, which skips the chapter completely.

Ayakashi threesome is a romance / comedy manga by Kentaro Yabuki, and has been to run into Shonen Jump since June 2020. The story uses the common set-up of dangerous demonic creatures (here called Ayakashi) that roam the world, which can only be stopped by skilled ninjas. The protagonist of the story, Matsuri, is cursed by a powerful Ayakashi who transforms him into a girl until the curse can be lifted. Curses that change a character’s gender are not particularly unusual in manga, either Ranma 1/2 probably the most famous example. Ayakashi threesome, however, has become known for pushing boundaries, with ample nudity and intimate contact as the basis for many of his jokes.


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The 74th chapter, which was published on January 3, has been deducted from the publication of both Viz’s Shonen Jump app and Shonen Jump‘s parent company Shueisha’s online Manga Plus. The only statement from Ie is a confirmation on the series’ website: “Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 74 will not be published on Shonen Jump.” However, Chapter 74 was released as usual in Japan last weekend, and a look at the Japanese version of the chapter will quickly explain why. The content of the chapter is based on the supporting character Lucy Tsukioka, who examines Matsuris “disappearance,” sniffs around his home in search of clues. Living with the female Matsuri is an Ayakashi named Rochka, but Lucy’s strong disbelief in their existence makes it impossible for her to see Rochka in her natural form. Rochka transforms, but Lucy sees her disappear and reaches out, only to end up groping for Ayakashi.


Although there is a little more to the chapter, it seems to exist primarily as fan service, opening with a scene of hot springs, and about a third of the chapter’s total page length consists of partial or full nudity, albeit mildly censored. The characters ‘status as high school students probably contributes to Viz’ reluctance to publish the chapter, and the questionable content simply fills too much of the chapter to be cut or removed, making omission the best option. For many manga, the quantities collected are (referred to as tankobon in Japanese) is often uncensored, so content like this can definitely drive the sale of paperbacks – especially relevant as the seventh volume of Ayakashi threesome was set for release the next day. This can pose a bigger problem when it comes to locating the volume in the end, but for now at least the chapter is gone from the English translation of the manga.

The line between adult comedy and sheer teasing can be blurred even in American productions, but the manga’s focus on younger characters is often what leads to censorship during localization. If manga creators at major publishers have any guidance on what is acceptable and what is not, it has never been published, and often it can feel as if a successful series can get away with far more than a new one, as f .ex. controversial manga Cheat Slayer which was canceled after a chapter. For release in the West, at least, Ayakashi threesome has found the limit of what is acceptable, but whether this discovery will affect the future content of the manga is a question that only time can answer.

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